Flower rhododendron (Azalea): poisonous or not

Fans of indoor plants needs to remember that among the suitable crops are poisonous instances. Of course, none of the adults will not try flowers on the taste, because they are bought for decoration of the apartment. But if the house has children or cats, toxic plants become dangerous. The list of these plants is the beautiful Azalea.

What is the danger of Azalea

This herb is a member of the family Ericaceae. Pot culture is called Azalea, and subgenus rhododendron. Both the correct name. "Azalea" is translated as dry. Before blooming it is really dry shrub with small, rough to the touch leaves. Its remarkable flowers, simple or double variety of colors, which is also fragrant. It blooms in the winter, which gives it extra charm.

It is because of beautiful, fragrant flowers in room culture so widespread. Join her room collections, give to friends, bring to the office, placing in the most conspicuous place. Lovers homemade flower create entire collections of this beautiful plant, which blooms long and 2-2.5 months.

So Azalea is poisonous or not? Leaves, stems, flowers of this plant contain juice, which is poison – glycoside andromedotoxin. When it is ingested, severe poisoning occurs, so the pots with a beautiful culture placed in areas inaccessible to children and Pets.

In the early XX century botanist Regel talked about the fact that honey decorative azaleas pungent taste, but not life-threatening. But still there is a perception about the danger of honey and nectar which are somewhat exaggerated. About potted azaleas should not be afraid, because we are not going to use it for food or to gather nectar.

Do not place pyshnotsvetuschy beauty in the bedroom. The aroma of the flowers is strong and rich, can cause dizziness. If a long time not to air the bedroom (or any other room), it is possible to lose consciousness, as the plant contains a narcotic substance. But even the faint aroma of threat for Allergy sufferers. Therefore, if the house there are people who are sensitive to odors and substances from the pot culture will have to give.

Signs of a poisoning with poison azaleas

Often there are cases of poisoning with poisonous plants with children and cats. They love to taste everything that is unsafe, if the flower is in an accessible location. The venom affects the heart and nervous system and has effects on the muscular system. Even skin contact causes irritation.

If poisoning experience the following symptoms:

  • burning in the mouth;
  • profuse salivation;
  • irritation of eyes and nose;
  • weakness and shortness of breath, which becomes frequent and superficial;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • abdominal pain and diarrhea;
  • cramps and intestinal colic, paralysis of the limbs;
  • heart disorder: heart palpitations and weak pulse.

Poisoning resembles gastroenteritis due to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. If time does not help, it is possible coma and death. Therefore, it is necessary to call an ambulance, even if the poisoning is not strong. The diagnosis can be made in the presence of the vomit pieces of the plant. Treatment first use of the adsorbent and laxatives, and then mucous and enveloping.

Among the rhododendrons there are many poisonous species. A poisonous substance refers to neurotoxins, which is characterized by a General narcotic effect. At first he stimulant effect on the nervous system, then depresses it. Hitting the heart muscle, a substance able to disrupt cardiac function. It is dangerous and can lead to death.

Tips for maintenance of plants

Before you buy any bedroom culture, it is important to know its biological features and content features. And, of course, it is important to have an idea whether its composition of toxic compounds. It is advisable to follow a few simple rules:

  1. When you have small children or you are the owner of Pets, it is better to abandon poisonous azaleas.
  2. If the plant has already been acquired, put it out of reach of children.
  3. Cats at the expense of leaves to quench thirst, so they in the bowl should always be water.
  4. When transplanting or pruning plants take precautions: use gloves and a gauze bandage.
  5. Ventilate the room during flowering of culture, otherwise the scent can cause dizziness or fainting, especially if you have several types.

From rhododendron to produce a diaphoretic and narcotic drugs. It is used for making soap and tanning substances.

Poisonous indoor plants account for quite a lot. All of them are decorative due to leaves or flowers, decorate our home, making it cozy. But we should not forget that the little people of the house all taste. For the child's body this can be especially dangerous. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new room culture for his collection, such as Azalea.