How to induce vomiting in dogs at home

Sometimes our Pets need help. Unlike people, they can't exactly say that they have hurt, or to describe what they feel. The dog will just whine at all or will lose mobility without any external signs of problems. However, if the dog was not involved in fights with other individuals, nobody was hitting and it is never hit, then the most common problem in dogs are food poisoning. Even the most well-behaved and trained dogs can pick up something on the street and sometimes it happens that the favorite food of the animal suddenly stops him.

The main problems of dog foods

Often it happens that the problem of supply, the owner says only the next day. The experience of many breeders shows that the condition of the dog's stomach can affect almost anything. Often, the poisoning caused even a simple change of feed. Of the six dogs almost always one will pull from the new feed. But fortunately in this case the reason is known and does not cause concern.

Much rarer are cases of ill health in animals without apparent reason. And the first thought that comes to mind is host - "something you ate". And own experience the dog owner shows that in this case the correct solution would be to gastric lavage. Measure in many ways extreme, but very effective. And indeed provoke the animal vomiting - a very dubious activity unless the owner does not know that it was not a food the dog ate, there's no delay.

Why cause vomiting in dogs and natural causes vomiting

When an animal ate something, the consequences can be far worse than from the change feed. For example, the dog may have eaten poison, scattered on the street, or a few pills, which for some reason was able to get it and that obviously did not go in her favor. In this case it is better not to hesitate and to proceed immediately to the lavage of the stomach of the animal.

However, it happens sometimes that the animal feels a desire to vomit without the above reasons. For example, sometimes you can deal with the fact that the animal suddenly vomits bile. Of course, to take the animal to the vet for an examination worth it, especially if you do not help the next clue. Most often vomiting bile in dogs provoke a strong urge to eat. Enough to feed the animal, especially if it refused to eat yesterday. But the repeated refusal of food is already a bad sign, you need to go to the doctor.

Another cause of vomiting in dogs are bones that they gnawed on the eve. It so happens that the bone is retained in the stomach and does not pass on, then the dog will get rid of it in an alternative way. If vomiting the animal found the remains of bones, it is likely this was the cause. But if the dog is already vomited twice, then gastric lavage can be useful.

How to induce vomiting

If the dog while walking in front of the host ate something that is not worth it, and the reaction to stop the dog is not enough, you need to act quickly. First, there are 3 ways on how to induce vomiting in a dog at home. They are all connected to give the animal something.

These means are:

  • half a teaspoon of salt. The most common and well-known option (also available). The amount of salt may vary as to the age of the dog and its breed. Salt is necessary to put the dog on the tongue, it is enough wide open mouth of the animal. It is necessary to watch, that it did not spit out and not swallowed salt immediately. Such actions will lead to irritation of receptors of the language, which in turn will cause an attack of vomiting in an animal;
  • a solution of potassium permanganate. Contraindicated some species, instead of the expected result you can kill dog, however, many veterinarians advise not looking to cause an attack of vomiting. Breed should be the same as for humans. The dog should be forced to pour about 3 liters (depends on the breed, for example, in Spitz 3 liter does not pour), then within a few minutes the dog will start an attack of vomiting;
  • a solution of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Mentioned in many sources, but as dangerous as potassium permanganate, is not suitable for all breeds. Peroxide, before giving it to the dog, diluted with water in ratio of 1:2. Such a solution, even for large breeds only 1 tablespoon. To give it must be no more than three times with an interval of 5 minutes. Usually after the first dose, the dog begins to vomit, but there are exceptions.

This is the list of the most common and available means to induce the gag reflex in the dog. Many animals do not want to provoke retching. However, when the situation requires, these funds can always be found at hand.

How to induce vomiting in puppies

Stomach puppy more delicate, and not always the bait after mother's milk is beneficial. Puppies have the same means as for adult dogs. However here it is necessary to take into account the difference in weight. If the adult shepherd is 3 tablespoons of potassium permanganate will not harm, here's the puppy should be given ¼ of a teaspoon to cause the same effect. In General, gastric lavage puppies have very delicate moment – not always exactly what you need. Yes, puppies are treated even more carefully thanchildren, therefore, it is unlikely that such an extreme measure necessary.

The most common exception is when the puppy swallows something that can not digest, which is why there is obstruction in the stomach, frequent hiccups, an animal trying to flatten the tummy. In this case, it is necessary to give a few spoons of paraffin oil – it could save an animal's life. Many breeders have lost puppies who had similar, and a 100% guarantee that mineral oil does not.

Whether it is necessary to resort to such measures

If the risk of inaction far exceeds the risk from the actions themselves – definitely worth it. However then you should not forget about the most important details: if no special education – counseling mandatory. Some breeds of dogs do not respond well to any treatment, especially with improvised means, so before yourself to take action, you should at least phone consult with the vet. In the worst case, when the dog picked up the poison on the street, time to take her to the vet just won't, because the need to act quickly.