How to apply regidron for dogs: manual

Time to time all dog owners are faced with the problem of loose stools in your pet. This negatively affects the health of the animal, which is suffering from dehydration and intoxication. The most common cause of acute diarrhea is an excessive flow of fluid into the intestine. This disrupts the normal balance of secretions of the mucosa and increases the amount of water in the rectum. All this eventually leads to chronic diarrhoea. Many veterinarians recommend regidron for dogs, which normalizes all processes in the intestine.

When assign regidron dogs

Rehydron is a tool that restores and corrects the acid-alkaline balance, which was disrupted by the withdrawal of electrolytes in diarrhea and vomiting. Part regidrona included glucose, it supports salts and citrates at a normal level. The drug has no side effects if taken therapeutic dosage. The indication for use is diarrhea different etiology. When diarrhea is accompanied by continuous vomiting, increase the dosage.

Causes of diarrhea in dogs

Very often the indigestion begins in dogs quickly and suddenly ends. But sometimes the diarrhea becomes chronic and then it should be considered as a disturbing signal, which indicates problems in the body. The causes of diarrhea are many, to deal with accurate diagnosis can veterinarian after passing a series of tests. The main reasons a dog has diarrhea:

  1. Poisoning – food, drugs, chemical reagents. Happen if the dog is free range and she has access to the waste dumps.
  2. Viral diseases – enteritis, distemper. Very serious illness, from which Pets a high percentage of mortality.
  3. Intestinal parasites – parasitic infestation can cause severe lesions of all organs and systems.
  4. Allergic to dry food and canned food – all is more common in Pets. In dry food and canned food do not have those substances which help digest food, and often food, so to speak, lie in the stomach.
  5. Chronic pancreatitis is mostly a lot of dogs of small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and toy Terriers. Although the shepherds, too often there is a failure in the functioning of the pancreas.
  6. Feeding your pet from the master's table – the stomach of the dog is very gentle and can not digest fat and flavored with spices food.

If the diarrhea in dogs seen streaks of blood, it immediately needs to get to a veterinary clinic!

The smaller the dog, the faster it happen the metabolic processes, and, therefore, dehydration occurs in a short time. In severe diarrhea the doctor prescribes an IV with restorative solutions and recommends regidron for dogs.

Types of diarrhea in dogs

Common causes of disorders in pet can be divided into two groups:

  1. The failure of the intestine – comes from poisoning or parasitic infestation.
  2. Infectious diarrhoea – the cause of the disorder become viruses and bacteria. This type of diarrhea is difficult to treat.

When the diarrhea became chronic, no explanation for this, we can assume that disruption of the pancreas. Accurate diagnosis can doctor after a series of tests and examinations using ultrasound.

If within several days the diarrhea does not stop and became a constant, then the animal should be taken to consult a veterinarian.

All types of diarrhea can have more serious consequences than it might assume the owner of the dog.

Aid for dog diarrhea

For the persistent diarrhea in a dog before consulting a doctor, she needs to give first aid. All actions of the owner must be clear and consistent.

  • Dog limit intake of any food, even diet, about day. At this time, you can give clean water, which should always stand in a prominent place;
  • To compensate for fluid loss in the body, the dog gives a solution regidron. The solution volume is calculated from the weight of the dog is drinking up to two liters. Accurately calculate dosage will help instruction manual that is in each package regidrona;
  • Dog measure temperature and visually examine it. If the temperature is normal and no symptoms of poor condition no, pet continue to unsolder regidron.

When the body temperature of the dog is raised and there is a discharge from the nasal passages and eyes, then she needs to see a doctor!

  • After the solution regidrona give the dog any sorbents that contribute to the cessation of diarrhea. It can be activated carbon or APSCO.
  • A day later, you can give the dog a decoction of rice, or yogurt with a small amount of fat.
  • After cessation of diarrhea to pet a few weeks need to give bifidobaktery that restore intestinal flora, or bifidokefir. Medications bifidobacteria can be bought in the pharmacy at the veterinary hospital or in a regular pharmacy.

In addition, you can brew any herbs that have astringent properties. It can be blueberries, St. John's wort or sage. The animal is unlikelyalone will drink herbal teas, so they forcibly inject with a small syringe.

Treatment of diarrhea in a veterinary clinic

Dogs suffer dehydration and intoxication. Particularly difficult to tolerate infection puppies and young dogs. They have a pretty receptive organism, and the immune system is not formed properly. It was from these individuals, even a simple diarrhea can quickly cause death. The treatment is carried out only in a hospital, stages of treatment:

  • if dehydration is pronounced, the veterinarian enters regidron to the dog intravenously. In addition, administered a glucose and ringer solution, they take the General intoxication and strengthen the body;
  • when in Calais there are streaks of blood or bright blood, prescribe medications which normalize blood clotting;
  • antibacterial therapy is carried out only in the case that its necessity is undeniable.

In any case, cannot begin to give the dog antibiotics for diarrhea only then that they advised a friend or acquaintance!

Features feeding dogs with diarrhea

Before beginning treatment dog diarrhea should remember not changed in the previous days feed or feeding regime. Persistent diarrhea can develop if pet is abruptly transferred to a new diet or added to dry food food.

Veterinarians agree that natural food is much healthier than dry food and canned food.

Based on this, you can try to change a dog's diet, in many cases, this stops the diarrhea.

After the diarrhea the dog should translate into a balanced diet, which will help the animal to recover quickly and to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract in the future. The diet should be varied and include meat and dairy products, cereals, vegetables, fruit. You should carefully monitor your four-legged friend on walks, he doesn't pick up and eat. This bad habit can lead to poisoning and parasites.

To care for your pet responsibly and not to miss even the slightest symptoms of disease. The key to good dog health is good care, and if the pet is healthy, and the owner is happy.