How to wash out the stomach in a cat home

Gastric lavage is a medical treatment technique which should possess all the people, with Pets. In acute poisoning, it can save the life of the animal. In this article, we covered how to wash out the stomach of a cat in the home, what are the indications and contraindications for this procedure.

The main indications for cleansing the stomach of the cat

Gastric lavage cats often performed in emergency situations. Cats are less susceptible to poisoning than dogs. They are more picky eaters, they rarely eat rotten and spoiled, but still acute intoxication and poisoning they are quite common, you should be ready to their development. Below are the main indication for emergency gastric lavage at home:

  • Food poisoning may occur due to the use of animals expired food or meat. Dry food almost do not change their smell and taste when expired, the animal is able to eat. Check the date of manufacture of all food products that give to your pet.
  • Poisoning with household detergents. Some cats are attracted to the odors of solutions with bleach, various chemicals.
  • Intoxication drugs may develop in the case of abandonment of medicines available in the animal. Cats can smell like the fragrances that are added to medicines, for example, menthol, Melissa, Valerian.
  • The development of adverse reactions, allergies, after eating animal products against worms. These drugs can be toxic for your pet. The rules for their reception, and dosing should be discussed with your veterinarian.
  • Cat eating rodents poisoned with rat poison.

Please note that if the animal does not live in the apartment and in the private sector, it can poison different poisons. Such toxicity is the most serious and often lead to the death of a pet.

The main symptoms of food poisoning in cats

The symptoms of food poisoning in cats develop within the first 4-6 hours, after consumption of poor quality, spoiled food. The speed of their growth depends on the type of toxin and the amount ingested. In kittens symptoms faster.

The symptoms of food poisoning in cats:

  • repeated vomiting is eaten, bile, mucus or gastric juice. Animals who are sick, constantly smacked his lips and licks;
  • multiple and profuse diarrhea. The stools may be frothy, streaked with blood and mucus, have a fetid smell;
  • a reduced activity of the pet. Cat constantly lies, not walking around the house, plays;
  • anorexia a lack of appetite;
  • hyperthermia. In food intoxication, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees;
  • respiratory failure. It is frequent, more superficial, like shortness of breath;
  • tachycardia – rapid heartbeat, it develops as a result of dehydration and pronounced intoxication syndrome. With increasing body temperature 1 degree the pulse is accelerated by 10-15 beats/min;
  • in severe intoxication, possible convulsions in skeletal muscle, disturbance of consciousness pet.

Due to repeated vomiting and diarrhoea causes severe dehydration, which becomes dry, visible mucous membranes, flow into the eyeballs.

In some cases, is forbidden to wash out the stomach

There are situations in which gastric lavage of the animal is strictly prohibited. First aid in such cases is to be a veterinarian soon after the appearance of the first symptoms of disease. Contraindications self-gastric lavage include:

  1. Gastrointestinal bleeding, which can develop as a result of poisoning cats with rat poison or the use of detergents, various chemicals. This state is characterized by the appearance of vomiting and diarrhea black. For internal bleeding the animal not to wash stomach, to give any drugs or drink. These can all increase bleeding.
  2. Poisoning with acids or alkalis. In this disease the elimination is conducted through the probe at a veterinary clinic.
  3. Disturbance of consciousness pet. In this case, self - washing can lead to choking on vomit.

The method of cleansing the stomach at home

To wash out the stomach of the cat correctly is not difficult. In doing this, it is not necessary to regret and to stop the manipulation, seeing that she does not like. You have to understand that doing the cleansing of the stomach cavity for the welfare of the animal, and at the moment it depends on you his life.

To have my stomach pumped at home need a syringe to 20 ml water of room temperature and salt. Pour the cat by syringe (without needle) 40-60 ml of water into the mouth, then with your finger apply a little salt on her tongue. Salt will cause vomiting, and stomach to detoxify. This procedure can be repeated several times.

Remember that gastric lavage animals prohibited on the basis of the solution of potassium permanganate. This substance can cause burns to the mucous membranes of the esophagus and cause severe intoxication.

What else can help your pet in case of acutepoisoning

With the development of the first symptoms of poisoning should wash out the stomach of the cat. But this procedure is not enough when providing first aid.

After cleansing the stomach, you should:

  1. To make a cleansing enema. For its implementation you will need baby pear, with a volume of 50 ml. Enema should be done on a simple room temperature water. Conduct should be 2-3 times before the advent of clean wash water intestinal.
  2. To give the animal sorbents. You can use a simple activated charcoal. Crush half of one of the coal and dissolve it in 5 ml of water. The resulting solution enter the cat's mouth using a syringe without a needle.
  3. To use pet with plain water. Every 15 minutes put him on 5 ml of liquid through the syringe.

After rendering first aid should immediately take the cat to the veterinary hospital. There the doctor will conduct the examination and the examination will prescribed treatment. For some time you will need to bring the cat to the clinic for IVS and inspection, feed him according to the painted doctor diet, medication.

To confirm the diagnosis and detect complications may be required to conduct General and biochemical blood analysis, bacterial culture of feces, ultrasonic examination of internal organs.

Gastric lavage is an important treatment procedure in cat poisonings. The rules need to know all the people at home who have live Pets. The elimination is carried out using a syringe on 20 ml of plain water. To use potassium permanganate to treat animals is prohibited. Besides cleansing the stomach, with the development of acute poisoning should do a cleansing enema, give pet sorbents and drink. After rendering first aid cat must be attributed to the vet for a checkup. To self-medicate is very dangerous.