How to wash out the stomach of the dog in the home

Dogs are animals that like to taste. They can eat the spoiled food, to pick up something on the street. All people who live in the house dog need to know the rules of getting your stomach pumped at home. This treatment may depend on the life of the animal. In this article, we covered how to wash out the stomach of the dog in the home, as well as indications and contraindications for this procedure in situations in which you should immediately seek help to the veterinarian.

Indications for lavage of the stomach of the dog

Lavage of the stomach of the dog is performed, if necessary. This procedure is quite unpleasant for the animal, but in the case of poisoning with chemicals or poisons she saves his life. The following are the indications for its implementation.

  • Food poisoning. Dogs can eat rotten and rancid meat, they are not picky and not picky about food. So always check freshness of food and feed, which feed your pet. Some owners see that their dog can eat ruined food, gave her expired products that are lying around in the fridge. This can not be done.
  • The dog ate something on the street while walking. In recent years, many cities have intensified hunters, people who are specifically laid out poison for dogs.
  • Keep your pet muzzled, the only way you can be sure of its safety.
    Use dog medicines, chemicals, detergents which were left in an accessible place for it.

The symptoms of food poisoning

Clinical manifestations of food poisoning in dogs develop over the first 6-12 hours after eating bad food. Their severity depends on the amount eaten and the type of toxin or bacteria that caused the poisoning.

Please note that in case of poisoning with poisons, medicines or chemicals symptoms can develop within the first 10-30 minutes. Such conditions are very dangerous for the pet, can lead to a quick death.

Below are the main signs and symptoms of dog poisoning.

  • Lethargy and lack of agility dogs. She lies, refuses to play and run.
  • Anorexia a lack of appetite. Pet does not touch the offered food. He can only drink water.
  • Vomiting, which may be profuse and repeated. Vomit may contain food residues, mucus, gastric juice and bile. When the poisoning may develop black or bloody vomit, which indicates the beginning of gastro-intestinal bleeding.
  • Diarrhea. The stool can be liquid, frothy, fetid, and streaked with blood. For internal bleeding, it becomes black.
  • Tachycardia – rapid heartbeat.
  • Violation of breathing, it becomes frequent, heavy, may develop shortness of breath.
  • Cramps all over the body develop in case of dehydration or when damage to the nervous system poisons.
  • Disturbance of consciousness, the dog ceases to respond to your voice and touch may develop deep coma.

Technique of gastric lavage

In order to wash out the stomach of the dog, you need to pour it in the mouth 150-250 ml of water. The volume of liquid depends on the weight of the pet, the higher it is the more water will be required.

For small dogs you can use a syringe 20 ml (without needle), and for large animals – baby pear to enemas with a volume of 100-200 ml.

To wash out the stomach need plain water at room temperature. After the Gulf of liquid in the mouth of the pet need to provoke him vomit. If you are not afraid of the dog, push her tongue with his fingers. You can also pour it on her tongue a pinch of salt. Effective is flushing, in which the dog was able to pull out.

Remember that the use of potassium permanganate in dogs is strictly prohibited. It can lead to severe intoxication and burn the esophagus and stomach. Benefit from it no.

In some cases, to wash out the stomach of the dog at home contraindicated

There are situations in which it is strictly forbidden to wash the stomach of the animal, these include:

  • vomiting black or red. For gastrointestinal bleeding to give the animal to drink or induce vomiting is forbidden. Such actions can strengthen the blood loss;
  • poisoning with acids or alkalis. In this type of intoxication, the elimination is carried out using the probe with the vet;
  • the consciousness of the animal. If the dog is lethargic, poorly responsive to stimuli, pour it in the mouth the water is dangerous, it can choke.

Please note that washing the dog is not possible in the case of aggressive behavior. If a pet growls and grins at you, you are afraid that he will bite you, don't risk your own health. Take him to the vet.

Appeal to the vet

In case of any poisoning the animal should be given to the veterinarian. Only the doctor can assess the condition of the animal, make a diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Seek doctor for help immediately after the occurrence of the first clinical manifestations of the poisoning. If the symptoms appeared in the night and in your city - clinic, wait until the morning, before going to the doctor swipe of cleansing the stomach, put the peta cleansing enema, give him to drink sorbents and water.

Veterinarian will prescribe treatment and will tell you when to come in for IVS and injections, write out a diet and drinking regime. The dog is in a serious condition can be left for several days in the hospital, in-patient treatment.

Gastric lavage – a procedure that can save the life of the dog in case of poisoning. The procedure should own all pet owners. Rinsing is carried out on the basis of plain water at room temperature. After first aid, pet should be immediately taken to a veterinary clinic for examination and treatment.