What to feed the dog after poisoning

Poisoning in dogs is a very serious problem with her at least once in life faced every dog owner. The main cause of poisoning is that the dog, following intuition, looks for food on the street. And those food scraps that the dog can find around the garbage cans or under the Windows of multi-storey buildings, can hardly be called safe. If the owner does not keep track of your pet, dog poisoned, treatment and rehabilitation will be long. At this time, it is important to know what to feed the dog after poisoning.

What can poison a dog

Stomach purebred dogs are very sensitive, so even the usual human food can lead to food poisoning. Dogs can not tolerate fragrances, dyes and other chemicals. To prepare food for dogs is necessary quality products, as expired ingredients lead to severe poisoning.

The owner should know exactly what to feed your four-legged friend. Also food poisoning can be poisoning by drugs, poisons, acids, alkalis and poisonous plants – these cases should only be treated by a veterinarian. After recovery of the pet doctor will give recommendations for treatment, feeding and care.

Why do I need to diet after poisoning

In severe poisoning injured mucous layers of the gastrointestinal system, it disrupted the work of the pancreas and liver. During fasting from the blood actively removes toxins that are products of decay, and all shells in this time of intense heal. Moreover, inflamed liver is not involved in the digestion of food and, therefore, full-fledged fights toxins and inflammation. During fasting four-legged friend give to drink plenty of clean water and sorbents that are prescribed by a doctor.

Within days after diarrhea and vomiting shows a starvation diet.

The food in the first days after poisoning

A day after the active phase of poisoning begin slowly feeding the dog. The first food should be easyto stomach, it could easily recycle. A list of products for the recovery period may be as follows:

  1. The second broth – the meat give to boil, then drained the water and poured clean. This soup is less oily and rich;
  2. Vegetable broth – beets and carrots cleaned and boiled on a slow fire, then infuse;
  3. Viscous porridge – grits are boiled in a large volume of water until fully cooked. You can use barley-chaff;
  4. Lean ground beef – fit chicken breast, veal or lean beef.

Received into the stomach and intestines the food must quickly be degraded and not to create a stagnant environment. At this point, the stomach and intestines are very vulnerable, producing enzymes at a normal level yet, and the liver can not cope with the huge amount of nutrients.

Diet diet for dogs

Easy food for dogs is fundamentally different from conventional human food, as these animals are carnivorous. So what you can still feed your pet if poisoning to food is completely digested? The allowed foods list looks like this:

  • meat – veal, beef, lean beef;
  • lean chicken without bones;
  • viscous cereal with low-fat broth – made from buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.

A few days later in the dog's diet add the following products:

  • chicken eggs – fresh or cooked:
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • the liver, preferably beef;
  • marine fish boiled;
  • cooked vegetables – carrots, beets;
  • in a limited number butter.

The meat of fish is ground in a meat grinder or in a blender and boiled on a steam bath. You should get something like meat paste. Chicken protein better recycled stomach boiled, but the yolk is added to food raw, but only if there is confidence in the high quality of the eggs. The same can be said of the liver when it's fresh and not infected with parasites, I suggest raw, otherwise boil it well. Porridge can be cooked with vegetable broth – it makes the food more balanced and nutritious.

In a limited number begin to include food in butter and other fats completely removed from the diet of the dog. In a small volume to give a variety of raw foods that promote the secretion of gastric juice, increase of beneficial flora and improve the intestinal peristalsis.

Veterinarians do not recommend dog food after poisoning include porridge semolina, millet, barley and barley. They are all heavy and hardly processed. However, if four-legged friend loves these cereals, they may be mix with light cereals in equal proportions.

To improve peristalsis, in violation of the chair give the dog some fresh squeezed juice from carrots.

The feeding regime for poisoning

If poisoning is not only important to feed your dog the right foods, but also to observe a certain mode:

  • It is advisable to start to feed your dog four to five times a day, how to feed puppies. To give food you need fractional and small portions.
  • Between feedings needed to sustain the break of not less than two hours that the food has time to fullyto digest.
  • If the dog never suffered from overeating, it itself is easy to set up your feeding schedule.
  • After feeding the rest of the cooked food needs to be put in the cold, but before the next meal to heat the desired portion.
  • All food for dogs needed a little salt, salt is a source of minerals.
  • Clean water should be poured in a deep bowl and stand in a prominent place.

Proper diet for dogs is calculated as follows: two parts meat, one part vegetables and cereals. Feed the puppy and whelping bitch that way – three parts meat to one part vegetables and cereals.

As soon as the pet recovers, you can return to the usual twice-a-day food intake. On the recommendation of a veterinarian is still some time to give absorbents and probiotics to restore normal gut flora. Probiotics can be purchased in the pharmacy at the vet, but it's perfect and medicines for people. Instead of a probiotic to offer dog low-fat bifidokefir, which is 2-3 days, fresh yogurt can be very weak and irritate the intestines.

It is forbidden to give the dog in case of poisoning

After poisoning the dogs is forbidden to consume products that are completely contraindicated carnivores. The list looks like this:

  • confectionery products that contain a lot of sugar;
  • bread, pasta, potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates;
  • all legumes;
  • pork in any form;
  • cooked bone.

At the time of the rehabilitation period from the diet completely exclude raw bones, raw vegetables and all kinds of fruits. Suspend the intake of food supplements and vitamin complexes, except those that have been prescribed by a veterinarian. Prohibited feeding dogs all kinds of canned food and food from the table owners. In addition, it is not necessary to give food that can cause poisoning in dogs. All offal – tripe, udder and kidneys also for a time removed from the diet.

Milk in its pure form give the puppies to produce four months. For adult dogs milk is a food which is hard to digest.

Do not give dry food and dog food

At a time when the gastrointestinal tract is recovering after the poisoning, the dog is fed only freshly prepared food and natural food. It is forbidden to give a specialized dry food, it irritates the gastric mucosa, contains preservatives and is bad for the intestines. It is impossible to give a sick pet and dog food. In addition, they contain flavorings and preservatives, this food does not include live enzymes, enzymes and regulators of the digestive system. Dog food can be offered to the dog only in exceptional cases.

How to protect your dog from poisoning

There are a few recommendations from experienced breeders that will help protect four-legged pet from poisoning:

  • Dogs are not allowed to walk near the garbage cans and landfills with food waste. If the path passes by such places, the better to catch the dog on a leash;
  • Do not give the dog expired products, even if they were stored in the refrigerator.
  • It is not recommended to feed four-legged friend from the master's table. People eat more spicy foods and spices which are gentle on a dog's stomach to digest unable;
  • Medicines and household chemicals should be out of reach from the dog's curious nose.
  • You can't abuse the foods that can cause allergies and toxicity.

A few weeks after the poisoning of the pet can return to the usual diet. In the future you need to carefully watch what you eat a pet dog and protect it from poisoning. Like their four-legged friends and they will tell you the same.