How to do an enema to the dog at home

Some dog lovers absolutely do not assume that their Pets can need a standard enema. Usually, this action is familiar to those owners whose dogs eat everything and do not disdain waste from a nearby garbage. Of course, to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract can take laxatives, but sometimes still preferable to the enema. How to do an enema to the dog at home for the first time will show and tell you veterinarian. The vet will also explain when this procedure is extremely necessary.

Types of enemas

Depending on the purpose of all enemas are classified in three types:

  • Cleaning – appoint them for rinsing the rectum, softening the stool and struggle with constipation. In addition, through cleansing enemas relieve the effects of intoxication and poisoning. Solution that is injected into the colon, is calculated using fast withdrawal and its absorption into the bloodstream is undesirable.
  • Medicinal – used for input into the gut of solutions of drugs, biological products or herbal concoctions. These enemas are calculated on what the solution should be absorbed into the blood stream, so the water should stay in the rectum for about 20 minutes. Enema with drugs used for the treatment and prevention of dysbiosis and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the intestine.

Often apply therapeutic enema is not recommended, as disturbed intestinal microflora.

  • Nutritional – this type of enema is recommended to enter nutrients for sick dogs through the rectum. The solutions are injected very slowly through the IV. Now this kind of enemas are rarely used, because there are alternative types of feeding critically ill animals.

When a dog is prescribed an enema

Veterinary doctors recommend an enema with different severe conditions in dogs. Indications for enemas are diseases:

  • a blockage of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • severe poisoning and intoxication;
  • persistent constipation.

With all these diseases seems to be possible to give the dog a laxative medicine, but it is not so good as it might seem at once. Laxatives strictly forbidden to give pregnant and whelping bitches and animals in the stage of exhaustion. Laxatives of any kind can't give four-legged friends who have chronic diseases of the digestive system. In addition, these drugs cannot be given if there is suspicion of a foreign body in the stomach.

Even when a dog has no obvious contraindications to the use of a laxative, you still need to go to the vet for advice.

Often an enema is needed at a newborn puppy who has a gippy tummy or constipation. This happens if the bitch is not looking for puppies, or they are weak. Instead of a syringe using a disposable syringe without a needle. The baby lay on the floor, on the diaper, and carefully pour about one tablespoon of water.

The enema for puppies, you can only use clean boiled water if other treatment not prescribed by a veterinarian.

What solutions are used for enemas in dogs

To stimulate the intestinal mucosa, or to apply different cleansing liquids.

  • A solution of soda – relieves spasms and lowers acidity.
  • Water with the addition of glycerin or soap – well it stimulates the intestinal wall, causes the body to work.
  • Clean water – a simple washing of the intestine, in the case of constipation or toxicity.
  • Warm mineral oil – used to relieve inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

Mineral oil cannot be replaced by sunflower oil or olive oil, as vegetable oils are absorbed into the mucosa.

  • Water with added salt activates the intestinal wall, slightly lowers blood pressure.
  • The emulsion of fish oil with water – used for chronic constipation.
  • Decoction of chamomile – removes manifestations of inflammation, clears spasms and relaxes well.

What will I need for enemas dog

Before doing an enema to the dog at home, you need to prepare all the elements necessary for this medical procedure.

  • Rubber pear – selected according to the size of the dog. For small breeds it is possible to take the syringe 100 ml, for dogs of medium size need a syringe to 300 ml, but for large individuals use a mug Esmarch volume of about one liter.
  • Water at room temperature or slightly warm medicinal solution.

For washing the intestine you cannot use hot water, to avoid absorption of toxins in the intestinal mucosa!

  • Vaseline or baby cream, to lubricate the tip of a syringe.
  • The big basin.
  • An old towel or rag.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Muzzle.

Instead of the pelvis you can use a normal bathroom, there put pet at the time of the procedure.

Enema dog house

To deliver enema dog is not difficult, important to follow this sequence of actions:

  1. Put hands on disposable gloves for hygiene.
  2. The dog wear a muzzle, and if the dog is small, then it is possible to tie the mouth with a soft cloth.
  3. Pet put it in the bathroom or put his hind legs in a large bowl, so that the rear part was completely over capacity. You can lay the dog on its side, it is morepreferred but not always feasible.
  4. Rubber syringe or a tip from a mug Esmarch boil for several minutes.
  5. Further, the tip of the syringe smeared with vaseline or baby cream to facilitate the introduction into the anus.
  6. Raise the dog's tail and a neat, sequential movements administered tip. It should be introduced without haste and effort.
  7. After that, begin to slowly pour water or medicinal solution.
  8. After the liquid is filled, the syringe is removed and a well-pressed tail for a few minutes, to prevent water leakage.
  9. Then you can wear a special diaper for dogs or quickly bring the pet outside for defecation.

During the entire procedure with a dog kindly talk and occasionally stroke. This is done to ensure that she was frightened and did not do any sudden movements that could hurt. Even if done after the procedure the dog much better, four-legged friend is still better to show the doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The intricacies of the procedure

To make the dog a colonic at home properly, it is necessary to pay attention to some points.

  • If the veterinarian was recommended to do an enema pet after surgery, it is necessary to clarify the scope, composition and temperature of the poured liquid.
  • Large volumes of water do not pour into the intestine – this can lead to injuries of the intestine and other complications.
  • If the water is not poured at the slightest pressure on the syringe, the dog urgently needs to see a doctor – it may be the first sign of obstruction.

When in doubt or something is unclear, you should seek the advice of a veterinarian or an experienced breeder. They need to tell about the health of dogs and the reasons that prompted to supply four-legged friend an enema.