How to induce vomiting in cats at home

Statistics say that the most common cause of death in Pets (cats and dogs) is poisoning. Judge for yourself, animals are not always aware of what you are doing. And even a superb sense of smell won't save them from intoxication. Cats can taste carelessly left the medication, to eat poisonous plants or eat the mouse that was poisoned with rat poison. Of scenarios a lot! And in all of them you must act immediately. The first thing to do when poisoning is to induce vomiting. Already here, many face difficulties. Indeed, human to wash out the stomach easily, but the cat will not be forced to shove his paw in his mouth. And yet, how to induce vomiting in cats at home?

Cases when to induce vomiting must

In fact, the vomiting is the cleansing of the stomach. It is necessary in the case when the body of pet you need as quickly as possible to eliminate the influence of toxins. Therefore, the challenge of vomiting, the first measure in the vast majority of poisonings.

There are several situations where empty stomach cats need urgently, as it may depend on her life.

  1. Poisoning poisons from rats, mice or cockroaches. This is the most common cause. Here your pet will encounter a diversity of toxins capable of killing him within a few hours. The animal eats the poison, as it has an attractive smell. If you or your neighbors decided to declare war on pesky rodents or insects, then watch your pet carefully.
  2. Quite often the owners of household plots use of arsenic for weed control. Here lies the greatest danger for a pet. The fact that arsenic poisoning rarely occurs with visible symptoms and noticeable changes occur only when something is done too late.
  3. Detergents – another danger for cats. But there can not induce vomiting! In case of poisoning with such substances you must immediately go to the vet, which will help your pet with their knowledge and skills.
  4. First aid kits have people in our country often smell of Valerian root. This smell drives cats crazy. Therefore, there are cases when the animal gets to first aid kits and eats any medication.
  5. Strange as it may sound, cats are attracted by the smell of antifreeze. They are happy to try and... poison. Vomiting in this case you need to call immediately.
  6. Particular tastes. You've probably heard from friends or were a witness of how a pet eats chocolate or cucumbers. It can be very dangerous. For example, just one tomato eaten can cause death of the pet. When a cat eats something inappropriate, it is necessary to wash out the stomach.

Symptoms of intoxication

You need to understand in which case vomiting should be called. Carefully monitor your pet and take timely measures. The symptoms depend on the substance that had poisoned the animal. We only list the most common ones.

  1. Foam at the mouth, increased salivation.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Bleeding from the nose and gums, redness of the eyes (signs of poisoning cats with rat poison).
  4. Drowsiness.
  5. Convulsions.
  6. Increased activity.
  7. Clouding of consciousness.
  8. Weakness.
  9. Indifference to everything happening around.
  10. Deterioration of coordination.
  11. Dilated pupils.

It is not necessary to wait for all symptoms at once. Even one should be enough to alert and take appropriate measures before it is too late.

Methods gastric lavage in the cat

Veterinarians advise to use a few correct ways. Here you will find it easier than dog owners (you don't run the risk of being injured by sharp teeth).

  1. A means to induce vomiting. Sold in the drugstore, but not in free access. It is recommended to apply only with the permission of the veterinarian, as it is in itself incorrect use poses a risk to the health of the animal. This is the surest method, but it is not always available simple townsfolk.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. The dosage depends on the cat and its weight. Can be used in several portions. Check the dosage with a specialist, as this is an individual indicator.
  3. Ipecac. Another medication that is intended for gastric lavage. Sold in pharmacy free access. Its advantage is natural ingredients. The dosage should also check with a specialist.
  4. Salt and salt solutions.
  5. Potassium permanganate.
  6. A large amount of water. This is the safest and surest way to wash out the stomach. It is recommended to drink with a syringe without the needle. However, in some types of poisoning water the pet is not in any way, so you have got to be alternatives.
  7. The phosphide. It is a separate component that is added to rat poison. He has a very unusual mechanism of action. If it enters the stomach there is a rapid chemical reaction which releases large amounts of toxic gas. In this case, gastric lavage cats need fresh air to not be poisoned.

So the cat wasn't struggling, wrap it in a towel and ask a second person to hold. So it will be much easierto wash out the stomach pet. Now you know how to induce vomiting in cats, and can apply this knowledge in practice.

Induce vomiting the kitten in the same ways, but the dosage should be much smaller than for adult cats. Remember that the kitten was a delicate creature.

Everyone knows that the best treatment is prevention. So try to prevent toxicity, not to deal with the consequences.

  1. Watch carefully what eats a cat.
  2. Hide your pet from poisonous and medicinal plants. Cats have a habit of biting plants, so they can be poisoned.
  3. When you are battling rodents or insects, place poison in places where the bait will pull out a mouse, rat or cockroach, and a cat can't. During derately don't let pet on the street, so how can he find the poisoned animal and eat it. A pack of poison also keep in some Cabinet away from the ubiquitous pet.
  4. First aid kit keep away from the cat.
  5. In advance, consult with your veterinarian and acquire all necessary means to fight against poisoning in particular and to treat diseases in General. Verify all dosages and methods of application of medicines.

Carefully monitor your cat and take care of her health, that it pleased you with their company daily.