How to give the dog activated charcoal dosage

If your faithful friend defecates several times a day, however, his feces is thick enough, it is the norm. When the dog chair quickens, it becomes thin, watery, hence this diarrhea. The disorder may occur for various reasons. If such violations the owner should take urgent measures to restore the health of your pet, so he must know how to give the dog activated charcoal to eliminate unwanted effects.

The causes of the disorders in your pet

If a dog has diarrhea, the origin of this disease may lie in the following:

  • a wrong diet or eating missing products;
  • a sudden change in the usual menu (go with the dry "soldering" to full meals and Vice versa).
  • getting into the bowel obstructions that cause imbalance;
  • worms and chemical poisoning;
  • infectious diseases;
  • allergic reactions;
  • the lack of microelements and vitamin;
  • mechanical damage of organs zhtk, incorrect operation;
  • Oncology.

If the disorder in your pet due to the presence of one of these States, we urgently need to adopt appropriate measures to eliminate such violations. Otherwise, regular bowel movements can cause dehydration and death of the dog.

Activated charcoal: appointment

This drug is a powerful absorbent, effectively eliminating any harmful substances, gases, alkaloids and salts of heavy metals from a living organism. Dogs for poisoning, allergic dermatitis, the disorder it is prescribed by the vets as a first aid in the suppression of pathology. The drug made non-toxic, no side effects and easily excreted from the body in 8 hours.

The dosage of the absorbent is determined based on the weight of pet, 10 kg tablet (as per instructions).

You can give the dog the drug in the following ways:

  • put a black tablet on the tongue, opening the mouth of the animal, and endorsing it closed until then, until you swallow the "bait";
  • crumble to powder, mix with a small amount of liquid feed and give before meals;
  • activated charcoal is crushed, add a little water and pour into the mouth of the pet.

The indications for the drug

Tablet black coal are used in the following cases:

  • loose stools, indigestion;
  • bloating;
  • the increased acidity of the stomach;
  • chronic severe renal failure;
  • liver cirrhosis, viral and chronic hepatitis;
  • atopic dermatitis, bronchial disease (asthma);
  • household chemical poisoning;
  • in preparation for the x-rays;
  • the poisoning of medicines.


Under certain circumstances, activated charcoal is not recommended:

  • bleeding stomach, ulcers of the digestive tract;
  • if you are allergic to the substance.

Before you give the dog the absorbent, should start to consult a veterinarian, after all the banal symptoms of poisoning may indicate the presence of more dangerous diseases.

Signs of severe poisoning

If you should think about the application of absorbent if the devoted friend observed similar symptoms:

  • severe vomiting with bile and foam, and blood impurity;
  • increased salivation;
  • disorder;
  • changing color of urine;
  • fast heartbeat, shortness of breath;
  • decrease/increase of the normal temperature;
  • cramps and sharp reaction to light;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • changing the hue of the mucous membranes of the nose and dryness.

The main symptom of poisoning – all selections have an unusual, unpleasant odor. But activated charcoal can dogs or not, will only answer the vet, but in extreme cases it is needed.

What to do in case of poisoning of a pet

To assist the pet in the presence of disorders need first minutes. So the first thing to do is to purify: to stop the spread of toxic substances and their accumulation.

Before giving the absorbent, it is necessary to conduct a range of procedures, namely:

  1. To cause a gag reflex, placing it deep in the mouth finger, then push slightly on the tongue (you can use a small amount of salt).
  2. To wash out the stomach of the dog: a light solution of potassium permanganate (liter) and pour the pet force. You can use the bottle of plastic – to put a standard neck in the corner of the mouth and pour the prepared solution for education vomiting.
  3. Now you can give the dog the "black coal" – grind a few pills (depending on weight) in 0.5 glass of water. Then induce vomiting is impossible. The procedure is repeated several times.

If in case of an emergency in the first aid kit will not find activated charcoal, then come to the aid of chicken eggs: proteins (1-3 units) the ability to collect and excrete toxic substances from the body, but of course they are not as effective.

Wash the intestines with diarrhea will help a cleansing enema of a weak solution of potassium permanganate. If the cause of the disturbance, vomiting in dogs is not installed,laxatives should be avoided.

In case of poisoning of a pet should take as soon as possible to the vet or call a doctor at home. Moreover, to limit the treatment of the above procedures is not recommended, despite improvements.

In an emergency one activated charcoal will not do as subcutaneously as soon as possible to inject 2 ml of the active substance – atropine – to prevent absorption of toxic substances and diuretic drug "Lasix" as shown in the instructions. At the same time the dog is fed a light solution of regidron: ½ Cup per hour.

Disorder curable

If the dog was tormented by the diarrhea, the first question that arises from the owner what to do and how to fix the disorder without resorting to radical methods. To start is to determine the time of violations: chronic, short or long. Then to identify the cause of the pathology which is precisely can only be a veterinarian. Short bouts can be eliminated in the home with the use of activated carbon.

At the first sign of gastrointestinal disorders – vomiting, diarrhea, an urgent need to provide first aid to the pet. Activated charcoal is a good absorbent tool that will help in an emergency. But the main treatment can be prescribed only by a veterinarian.