How to make a cat enema at home

We all are very worried about their Pets when they are sick. In such cases, the trip to the vet is urgent. But sometimes circumstances require first aid by the owner. A fairly specific topic – constipation in cats. It brings the pet is suffering. How to deal with it? You should answer the question how to make a cat enema at home. Business is not easy. It will require patience and some skill, but the result will be a partial or full recovery of your pet. We present a simple and effective instruction, armed with which, you will certainly cope with the problem.

When need enema

Initially, it is important to determine if the cat constipation. There are several signs:

  • General lethargy;
  • frequent visits to the toilet with no result;
  • meowing in an attempt to empty the bowel;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • the decrease in body mass.

Palpate the belly of the cat with the above symptoms. If you feel something hard and large, in most cases enema becomes a necessity.

Don't confuse constipation with urolithiasis. The latter poses a great danger to your pet, as it can quickly lead to death. Immediately take the cat to the doctor if the cat had urinating over the past day.

Should not be abused! Enema cat in the home is permitted only for the treatment of lung constipation. If after 2-3 days of use enemas constipation persists, further treatment the pet must be under the supervision of a veterinarian. Any symptoms different from the above should be a reason to visit a specialized doctor.

Know your cat

Another condition for the successful application of enemas is the behavior of the pet. To deliver enema cat only if she is docile and calm animals. Also the pet should not suffer from other diseases, have fractures and other injuries.

Hold your pet carefully so as not to cause him pain. In most cases it will be to resist biting and clawing. It is best to put an enema two to one held and the other wielded the tool. Don't squeeze the cat too hard. So you can only aggravate the situation. If the pet is too much to resist, it is better to go to a specialized medical facility.

Prepare the solution for enemas

In the modern market you can meet a lot of enemas in different formats. You should choose a tool designed for cats. The best choice would be the tool that contains dioctyl sulfoccinate of sodium and glycerin. The first substance accelerates the pull of moisture in hardened faeces, and the second lubricates the rectum.

You can use plain warm water. It is cheap and safe analog. With the use of normal water you don't risk exposing your pet to dehydration. However, it has its own peculiarity. To achieve a positive result will take time. Usually you need to wait from several minutes to 2 hours. The fact that the water without the catalyst is drawn into the feces significantly slower. Besides, any lubricating properties it has.

If you fill the enema with water, then in most cases you will need several applications.

In any case, do not use enemas designed for humans! The fact that they contain in their composition phosphate. Such substances are toxic to cats and can cause serious health damage, and you have to treat the pet, and dehydration (all in the mechanics of the action of sodium and phosphorus, which enter the bloodstream and cause an imbalance in metabolism).

Before each use the syringe must be lubricated. Fit an ordinary vaseline or any other lubricant. Enema and so unpleasant, and without lubrication, you risk causing your pet severe pain.

You can buy a special syringe for cats, which will have already been processed. If you use mineral oil or plain water, get a syringe 20 ml and thoroughly lubricate the tip. The edges of such syringes are rounded, which facilitates the procedure for the cat.

Place setting enemas it is better to choose the bathroom. Here, your cat familiar, and it will be easier to clean up after the procedure. Besides, it's a small room, which is locked, and you can easily catch here pet if he gets loose. In General, the formulation of the enema cannot be called hygienic occupation. Put on clean rubber gloves, bring a litter box, cover the floor with Newspapers.

The process of setting

And here we come to the most difficult – directly to the statement of an enema. To start, wrap the pet in a towel. To do this, put it in the middle of the towel and the two sides wrap so that he couldn't escape. Better to do it together. Sometimes it happens that we have to act alone. In this case, hug the cat and hold with your free hand.

For cats this is a stressful situation, so you have to try to calm the animal. Talk to him in a calm voice, pet. Try to do this throughout the procedure continuously. So you have a better chance that everything will go smoothly.

Quickstep by step instructions

  1. After you calm the cat and wrap her in a towel, take a pre-prepared enema at hand.
  2. Lift the tail of the cat.
  3. Gradually insert the tube into the rectum. It is recommended not to exceed a depth of 5-7. 5 cm.
  4. Gradually introduce liquid. It has its own peculiarities. Mineral oil is needed in the amount of 15-20 ml. of Warm water you will need up to 75 ml.
  5. Remove the enema, and wait for the result. If necessary, repeat.

No need to enter the phone forcibly. If it leads to hardened stool, and you keep trying to get the tube deeper, then you will cause your pet severe pain or injure the rectum. The same applies to the introduction of the liquid. You need to enter it while the process is relatively easy.

The kitten enema can also be set, but keep in mind that he has a weak nervous system, and the procedure can be a blow to the mood of your pet.

After putting enemas

Need to know what statement of an enema – not a guarantee that your pet will be constipated. After the procedure you need to massage the cat's stomach just above the pelvis. You need to find hardened feces and massage in this place. All the movements should be light, avoid strong taps.

After this massage, the effect can occur within a few minutes and may not happen for 1-2 hours. In the latter case, repeat the procedure. Even if the second enema did not help, immediately consult a specialist.

If excrement is blood, this suggests that you cut the intestines. In this case, you must immediately contact the vet.

Still try not to carry out any manipulation of a medical nature with your pet. The risk of error is extremely large. The best solution was, and remains, an appeal to the vet.