The poisoning of sea water: symptoms and treatment

Many people prefer your long-awaited vacation to spend on the sea. Indeed, the rest of the sea provides an excellent opportunity to relax, escape from problems and hassles, as well as to improve their health. Among other things, beach vacations offer beautiful experiences and memories. But to spoil the idyll can the poisoning of sea water. Such intoxication is a frequent phenomenon during a beach holiday. Especially predisposed to her children of preschool and school age.

Useful quality and harm marine water

Sea water has healing properties, so many go to beach resorts to improve their health. Often the doctors advise their patients Maritime climate, and this decision is justified with many ailments. Sea water hardens the body and strengthens the defenses, normalizes thermoregulation, improves blood circulation and heart rate. Sea baths are great for boosting your vitality and give the body negative ions, which help to crowd out harmful positive.

Salt water provides the body with many useful substances. For example, swimming in the sea helps to improve health in endocrine diseases, as the water contains large amounts of iodine. The water of the seas and oceans useful to all those who frequently suffer from colds and chronic ENT diseases. This water is perfectly heals rheumatic and nervous ailments. Sea baths clean the skin from various rashes and help to cope with chronic disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.

Sea water has many useful qualities, but in some cases may cause harm. For example, salt water can cause allergies or lead to dry skin. But all of these symptoms can occur if a person is observed hypersensitivity to sea water. For the most part, seawater has no negative impact on human health.

So, what does bathing in the sea can cause poisoning? This is facilitated by several reasons.

The causes of poisoning

According to experts, sea water contains in its composition a large quantity of salt and iodine, with the result that it has antiseptic properties. That is why the sea water itself can not cause intoxication, because in such an environment, harmful microorganisms are not able to live and reproduce. The reasons are mostly dirty coastline, hot climate and a large crowd of people with a variety of diseases, infectious including.

In connection with bad environmental situation in some resorts there is a favourable environment for the growth of harmful bacteria. Sea water can become toxic if the resort is not taken into account the sanitary norms or there is, for example, an industrial enterprise. As a result, the sea water off the coast becomes dirty and harmful to health.

Cause contamination of water with harmful microorganisms may lack the amount of ultraviolet radiation. It is known that ultraviolet rays help to neutralize the harmful effects of germs. In case of insufficient sunlight, the water becomes unsafe.

Given this situation, today we can often hear that a particular resort has been an outbreak of rotavirus or E. coli. Especially to the infection of susceptible small children, as during bathing babies often inadvertently swallow large amounts of water. To pick up the fragile body the infection is not difficult, especially if the child has low immunity.

The poisoning also leads a large gathering of tourists from different cities of the world. Relax in the resorts can everyone and anyone for this is not required to pass a special examination. Swimming at the shore with the other, it's easy to catch a particular infection.

To cause discomfort during sunbathing may overheat. Violation of thermoregulation causes an increase in body temperature, causing the victim begins to experience weakness and headaches. Often, when sunstroke is possible once the vomiting and debilitating nausea.

Poison of the sea it is possible, if the encounter with the poisonous sea creatures. For example, frequent encounters with venomous invertebrates, which can easily bruise and thus hurt. A large number of tourists become victims of marine jellyfish, octopus and shellfish. Even a small dose of poison can cause the victim severe poisoning. In mild cases the poisoning from marine invertebrates takes place rapidly, within a couple of days. But severe cases require professional medical assistance. Quite rare, but in some situations can be fatal from the bite.

Great care should be exercised while relaxing in exotic resorts. For example, you can stumble on poisonous molluscs of the genus Conns around a coral reef. Externally they look very beautiful, but are poisonous. The dose of toxin the person receives during the impact of sharp spikes, and then he cramps, confusion and severe drooling. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable and requires medical assistance.

And, of course, during the rest of the sea there are cases of food poisoning. On the tropical resorts foodquickly deteriorate, accumulating harmful bacteria. Warm and moist environment are a perfect breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. That is why it is very important that the food in the resorts was kept in the right conditions.

Common symptoms

If an adult or a child swallowed sea water that is infected with dangerous microorganisms, that may come poisoning. In the first place is suffering from intoxication of the gastrointestinal tract, so symptoms are:

  • pain and spasms in the abdomen;
  • the unpleasant nausea and urge to vomit;
  • General body weakness and lethargy;
  • acute diarrhea;
  • headache;
  • high temperature.

If poisoning is severe, you can join on criteria, such as seizures, change in heart rhythm, swelling of the lower extremities, and confusion.

Symptoms of poisoning mainly depends on the specific causes of the intoxication, because in certain cases the symptoms may be slightly different. The severity of symptoms also depends on the number of toxins that have entered the body. Tactics of treatment depends on the cause and General condition of the victim.

Sea water for therapeutic purposes can be applied far beyond the resort. For example, a very popular is the drug "Akvamaris", which includes purified water of the Adriatic sea. In this case, the water is completely safe and can be used as adults and children.

"Akvamaris" an overdose does not cause, therefore, even in the excessive use of any negative symptoms are not observed.

First aid and treatment in case of intoxication with sea water

During the poisoning of sea water need to try to pinpoint the cause to properly treat you. If a child or adult has swallowed a lot of seawater, it is necessary to drink more pure water that the body started the cleansing process. Drinking plenty of fluids and removes toxins and eliminates dehydration, which can occur with vomiting or diarrhea.

If there are characteristic symptoms of food poisoning, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of gastric lavage to counteract the absorption of toxins in the body. To do this, the victim should drink plenty of boiled water with salt or potassium permanganate (in weak solution). Then, you should induce vomiting. This procedure should be carried out until until the stomach will not go pure water.

Such a procedure should not be done if there is a suspected viral enteritis. In mild intoxication viral illness will pass in a few days on their own. If the symptoms are expressed, it is necessary to seek medical help, and the result is assigned to the correct treatment. Viral intoxication it is necessary to apply non-specific antiviral agents.

If there is a sunstroke, the victim must hide in shadow and then cooling the body temperature. It is possible to wash the body with water or patient wrapped up in a wet towel. Alternatively, immerse victim in tub of cool water. You should also wet a towel and apply alternately to the forehead, temples, chest. Once the body temperature falls to 38 degrees, the cooling procedure should be stopped. The victim needs to offer plenty of water. It is advisable to drink cold water with salt added. If you have at hand regidron – will be even more useful.

After first aid, should immediately contact the doctor and start the necessary treatment. If the poisoning occurred biotoxins (poisonous jellyfish, etc.) should immediately seek professional assistance. You cannot have a self and when the victim is a child under 5 years, as the consequences are unpredictable. Immediate medical assistance is needed and then, when there are atypical signs (breathing, body swelling, rash, difficulty swallowing).

An excellent remedy for all types of poisoning are sorbent products. Sorbents effectively absorb all the toxins and leave the body naturally. The sooner the victim will take any sorbent, the faster you will be freed from toxins and all related ailments. Tested sorbents are POLYSORB, enterosgel and the well-known activated carbon. With great success can be used with other sorbents that are at hand.

Pronounced adsorbing properties and the drug smectite. Helps to stop diarrhea, and protect stomach lining from the harmful effects of toxins.

For restoration of intestinal microflora, probiotics are useful, for example, bioflor or Linex. It is better to consult a doctor.

During recovery from poisoning take food should be easily digestible. On a need to prevent fried, smoked, dairy and other products. Vegetables, fruits should also be deleted. It is recommended to stick to fractions, and separation of power.


Resting on the sea, you need to adhere to simple rules that will help prevent poisoning:

  • take with you all medicines that you may need;
  • at the resort, it is better to drink purchased bottledwater;
  • explain to the child how to bathe, so as not to swallow sea water;
  • all vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed before eating;
  • should not buy food from sellers-private traders, who spread it on the beach;
  • to teach a child to wash your hands regularly;
  • to wear hats, and during the peak of the heat to stay in the shade;
  • try to eat in quality establishments;
  • do not give your baby undercooked meat, and raw eggs.

Adherence to these simple measures will help make the stay enjoyable and as safe as possible. Remember that much depends on you.