Fruit poisoning: symptoms, first aid

The shelves of supermarkets and markets are just inundated with huge number of fruits, not all fruits are seasonal. Farmers use the fact that the demand for fruit increased at any time of year, so use different technologies which facilitate extremely rapid aging of the fruit. This approach fruit not simply cease to be useful, they can be dangerous. Each year, poisoning the fruits occur in large numbers of patients of different ages. The particular peak is in the spring and early summer, when many buyers rush to try the first cherries, strawberries or apricots.

The causes of poisoning fruit

Every year cases of poisoning with the fruit becoming more and more. The reason for this is nothing like the greed of the manufacturers. If you have used simply supplements that have accelerated the growth of fruit, but now the list of substances that promotes rapid harvest and its preservation has increased. All of these supplements can be very dangerous to the human body:

  • The growth hormones. If earlier those melons just watered with solutions to accelerate growth, now prefer to practically every berry to inject drugs based on hormones. Such watermelons or cantaloupe is ripe and delicious, so no suspicions buyers do not cause.
  • Nitrates. The fruit is able to ripen only under certain conditions, if enough light and heat. In these conditions, the nitrates decompose and pose no human risk. But the manufacturers use these substances in excess, and the weather isn't always Sunny weather, so nitrates accumulate under the crust and fall into the human body.
  • Pesticides. These substances are used to combat harmful insects that spoil agricultural products. Many of the poisons not dangerous to humans, but the problem is that manufacturers take stronger drugs that contained mercury and heavy metals. Bugs and caterpillars die quickly from such poisons. But the toxins in the unchanged form are deposited on the fruit and cause human poisoning.
  • Diphenyl. Attractive appearance of plant products that could be more tempting for the buyer. To keep marketable fruit for a long time, cover them with diphenyl, which many consider safe. In fact, it is a product of oil refining, it is very toxic and banned in many countries. Diphenyl impossible to simply wash off the peel, it retains all of the properties and penetrates the skin of the fruit.

To avoid poisoning the fruit, is to eat only seasonal fruits and berries. In addition, no need to chase overseas exotic fruits, before transporting them treated with special compounds to prevent rot.

Alarming symptoms of poisoning

The human body responds to contact with toxins after a few hours after eating fruit of poor quality. Symptoms may vary depending on the amount of fruit eaten and the General state of human immunity. Most often poisoning is:

  • appears pale skin. Sometimes the skin may become icteric or bluish hue;
  • there is a sharp pain in the abdomen, which is accompanied by a constant rumbling;
  • starts strong dizziness, which often leads to fainting;
  • nausea, which is accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting;
  • tachycardia starts, the person breathes heavily;
  • the patient is suffering from profuse diarrhoea. Stool liquid, frothy and very foul-smelling;
  • urination impaired;
  • unstable cardiovascular system. A pulse quickens, or Vice versa, is greatly reduced.

If the intoxication is strong, then rises to critical levels body temperature, dilated or severely constricted, the patient loses coordination. Vomit and feces may contain streaks of blood.

When severe intoxication very quickly can come dehydration. This condition is very dangerous for human life. At the first sign of persistent health deterioration call the doctor!

Emergency care for poisoning

When moderate symptoms of poisoning by the fruit you can do without the help of a physician, but only if the person is strong physically, without chronic diseases. The algorithm first aid is:

  1. Thoroughly washed the sick stomach. For this give a time to drink several glasses of fluid and pressure on the tongue cause vomiting. As washing liquid, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate, salt or baking soda. The solutions were pre-filtered through several layers of cheesecloth.
  2. Provide an adsorbent that is at home. Very good solution of activated charcoal, which is taken from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight. Tablets crushed and dissolved in a little warm water.
  3. Victim make a cleansing enema to prevent the absorption of toxins in the intestinal mucosa. To do this, fit slightly salted water or pharmaceutical solution regidrona.
  4. The patient is placed in bed and otpaivat small portions. Well to prevent dehydration helps solution regidrona. It contains all the necessary substances.

For otpevanie children after poisoningfruits better to use a solution of honey with lemon juice and water. To a glass of warm water take a teaspoon of juice and honey. The rehydron a very unpleasant taste and can cause children repeated attack of vomiting.

If a person has yellow sclera, the visible confusion or there is blood in the vomit and stool, it is a signal to emergency call ambulance. Very carefully need to monitor the health status of such groups of people - children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Treatment in a hospital

When life-threatening human conditions it hospitalityat and provide medical care aimed at rapid elimination of toxins from the body and normalize the functioning of all organs and systems:

  1. If the person is conscious, wash out the stomach through a tube of large diameter.
  2. Perform forced diuresis.
  3. Give laxatives.
  4. Intravenously infused solution of glucose and saline.
  5. According to the testimony prescribe antibiotic and cardiac medications.

Antibiotics are prescribed only after the tests, which identified the causative agent of the disease. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective.

What can be the consequences

Sometimes poisoning the fruit is for a person almost completely. There is some discomfort, reduced efficiency, digestive disorders, headache, these symptoms are often attributed to fatigue or stress. This poisoning no health effects is not responsible.

If the condition of man after eating the fruit of severe and is manifested by failures in work of bodies, it may develop diseases. Consequences of intoxication may be gastritis, pancreatitis, tachycardia, migraine and chronic jaundice. In this case, conduct comprehensive treatment is aimed not only at restoration of the patient's body, but also to improve General immunity.

Why are there poisoning fruit seed

Some people eat the seed kernels from apricots, which taste like almonds. In fact in the seeds of apricots, peaches and almonds contain a toxic substance, hydrocyanic acid and its derivatives cyanides.

Enough to eat about 100 apricot or almond kernels to get the strongest poisoning.

In this type of poisoning people excited at first, but after a short time the excitement gives way to apathy. Then, the temperature falls, there is jaundice and developing a coma. If not quickly to help the victim, it can be fatal.

Often diagnosed poisoning canned at home fruit. The reason may be a broken technology, resulting in contamination of products with E. coli or botulinum toxin. But most often the reason is that fruit – cherries, apricots preserved along with the bones. If a compote or jam eaten for several months, nothing terrible happens. Another thing, if conservation is more than a year. In this case, toxic substances from the bones extend to the whole volume of the product.

Before the conservation of fruits and berries with them, it is advisable to remove the bone. This will help to prevent severe poisoning with hydrocyanic acid.

How to prevent poisoning fruit

  • Buy only seasonal fruit.
  • Before use, all fruits are washed thoroughly with running water, water is able to wash away many of the elements which are used to treat skin to improve storage.
  • Do not buy fruits that unnatural Shine, is the first sign of the processing of the fruit diphenyl. This substance is not washed off even with hot water, so there is this fruit, just removing a thick layer of skin.
  • Do not buy fruit in the non-trading areas, especially near roads. These products are able to absorb heavy metals.

It is hard to imagine a diet without fruit. This herbal products in one form or another children and adults. Is ideal to use fruit exclusively from his garden, but it is not available to all. Buying these foods is necessary to look at penny. Sometimes it is better to buy not very beautiful, but useful apples than fruits, perfect to look at.