Poisoning chicken symptoms, consequences

Chicken is most common poultry meat that is consumed in all countries. It is soft, juicy and usefulness. From it is prepared the soups and main dishes, the chicken put in salads and other snacks. But keep in mind that chicken can one bring both benefit and harm. Poisoning chicken is not uncommon. Especially many of the victims are hospitalized in the hot season.

The causes of poisoning chicken

Chicken refers to dietary varieties of meat, which is why it is assigned during many diseases and during the rehabilitation period. Meat contains little fat, but pretty well absorbed by the body. In chicken contains many beneficial microorganisms and vitamins necessary to man. Buy chicken can everyone, regardless of income is a relatively inexpensive treat.

Poisoning chicken meat occurs because of the factors listed below:

  • Cooking poorly washed hands, on which there are agents.
  • Violation of technological process in the preparation of chicken.
  • Coli Salmonella is the most common disease that people can get through infected meat. Poisoning occurs in the case of poor heat treatment.

Homemade and store-bought chickens are often in abundance contain this pathogenic microbe. Moreover, the carrier can be completely healthy at first glance, the chicken.

  • Toxiinfectio – intoxication a cause of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms that exist almost everywhere. If the product was in a warm place and there was an infection, not even spices and vinegar, the product is actually teeming with harmful bacteria. Frequent cases of poisoning store-bought rotisserie chicken, prepared with careless cooks use stale products.
  • Various additives – it's no secret that when growing birds use a number of biological additives, which contribute to the rapid growth of birds, all of them are deposited in the meat. In addition, suppliers often pumped chicken meat substances which are detained in the tissue water, for weight gain. It promotes the development of bacteria.
  • Allergic reactions chicken products contain a lot of protein, so it can cause very severe allergic reactions, occurring with the General intoxication of the organism.

Buy chicken products is only in specialized outlets, are equipped with refrigerators and have all certificates for traded goods!

Is it possible to eat raw chicken

Some cranks are concerned with the question whether it is possible to eat raw chicken and after that will be? If a person eats raw chicken, then he will definitely have indigestion, which can end very badly. If the meats have pathogenic microorganisms, the raw food diet can lead to a hospital bed.

Slightly different is the case if eaten undercooked chicken, here likely to get poisoned less, since even a small heat treatment was. But it is better not to tempt fate, to cook meat for a long time and all the rules.

Signs of bad chicken

Signs of spoiled chicken is very diverse, if there is the slightest suspicion of poor quality of product, to buy it in any case impossible. Cheerleaders must such moments:

  1. Broken package – if the chicken was in the air, it increases the chance of contamination by microorganisms.
  2. The chicken smells a bit – a consequence of the fact that the meat has already begun the process of decomposition in which a large number of microbes and their degradation products.
  3. Atypical color – quality chicken meat should be pale pink in color, shiny and firmer appearance. If the color of the chicken is blue or gray is the first symptom of stale products.
  4. Sticky meat if the chicken is sticky, it means that she is long in the heat. No washing in running water is not able to rectify the situation, in chicken will be a lot of germs.
  5. Chicken smells like bleach – a sign that enterprising vendors soaked the meat in chlorinated water to get rid of the stale smell. Such meat is doubly dangerous to the risk of Contracting an intestinal infection adds to the risk of poisoning by chlorine.

To use as food products such is strongly not recommended! You need to remember that the savings in certain cases leads to tragic consequences.

Symptoms of poisoning with chicken

Symptoms of poisoning, chicken is pronounced or smooth. It depends on how the pathogen got into the human body and what is the condition of his immune system. What are the symptoms for poisoning the chicken?

  • When the body has penetrated the bacteria Salmonella, the person concerned of persistent nausea, uncontrollable vomiting, severe weakness and pain in the stomach area is in mild course of the disease.
  • Severe pain in the gastrointestinal tract, which is constantly increasing, repeated vomiting, diarrhea green in color with splashes of blood, flatulence and fever up to 40 degrees – so the flow is characterized by severe salmonellosis.

When spoiled chicken, and people used it for food isthreatens toxiinfectio. It should be remembered that if the meat there is the slightest unpleasant smell, then throw it in the trash.

  • When toxiinfectio onset is very sharp. There is a common ailment that is accompanied by persistent nausea and repeated vomiting. The temperature rises to high levels, but during the day normal. The victim complains of paroxysmal pain in the abdomen and watery stools with foul smell. Cardiovascular system – decreases blood pressure, which leads to unconscious States.
  • If you have developed an allergic reaction to proteins on the skin manifested by rashes of different size, from the nose appear watery discharge. In exceptional cases, an Allergy to the chicken ends up smothering and anaphylactic shock.

If after eating the chicken man, there is a persistent poor health, you should seek medical advice and treatment.

A piece of chicken that ate the victim is required to bring to the hospital for laboratory tests – this will facilitate the diagnosis and allow you to choose the right medication.

How to help at poisoning with chicken

Any poisoning is, of course, it is easier to warn, than then to treat. But if such unpleasant situation happened, we need to know exactly what to do in this case. Poisoning chicken are treated in hospital infectious diseases hospital, so you need to immediately call an ambulance or take the victim to the hospital. Before arrival of doctors to perform a range of such events:

  1. Wash out a stomach warm salted water, in the water to dissolve the tablets of activated charcoal. For the adult person not less than 10 pieces, for a child of 3-5 pieces, depending on mass. Periodically cause an artificial vomiting. Perform washing until rinse water is clean.
  2. Wash out the intestines. To do this, take a decoction of chamomile or salt water.

The solution for enemas should be at room temperature if you will use hot water, there will be a complete absorption of toxins.

  1. If symptoms of poisoning from chicken smooth and human health is poor, carry out symptomatic treatment. Give the victim more drink, to replenish fluids lost with diarrhea and vomiting.

For otpevanie intoxicated person cannot use concentrated fruit juices and sodas!

  1. Prescribed antibiotics that contribute to suppression of pathogenic microorganisms;
  2. Use probiotics, these drugs quickly normalize the microflora.

Poisoning chicken can happen from severe overeating. In this case, there are signs of a lung protein poisoning. Treatment consists of a diet that does not contain products from chicken.

How to prevent poisoning chicken meat

In order not to suffer from heavy meat poisoningafter eating stale birds should be able to choose fresh chicken and properly thermally processed. What should we pay attention?

  • When buying chicken, be sure to watch the expiration date, if it came out or is about to end, then take these products not worth it.
  • In the packaging of chicken have to be the filter to absorb blood. This will reduce the risk of spreading bacteria.
  • You can not buy birds that have a bluish tinge and sticky film on top.
  • It is impossible to buy meat in the spontaneous markets and in private yards, the safety of such a chicken is not supported.
  • Before cooking the chicken for two hours soaked in cold water, during this time manages to clean up most of the harmful substances.
  • Meat should be stored separately from other food and always in the fridge.
  • You need to remember that undercooked chicken is a great chance to get poisoned. To cook meat, you need at least one hour and under the hood.
  • To store cooked food only in the refrigerator, you should not prepare foods more than two times to eat.

Not worth trying, poorly cooked meat by the salt even if it is not to swallow, it is still possible to earn poisoning.

A well – cooked chicken is always tasty and nutritious. Meat of this bird is able to diversify any table, both everyday and festive. Poisoning chicken will not be exact, if you buy quality meat, and follow the technology of cooking.