Is it possible to poison oyster mushrooms

Mushrooms are used for cooking first and second courses, as well as conservation and salads. Most people acquire mushrooms grown in artificial conditions, this product is not very different from their natural counterparts, but to poisoning of the chances less. Sometimes people wonder whether it is possible to poison mushrooms? It turns out that the poison can even edible mushrooms, under certain conditions.

The causes of poisoning oyster mushrooms

Any mushrooms are a heavy food and is contraindicated for use for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver. Poisoning oyster mushrooms, are grown in artificial conditions, can be obtained in such cases:

  1. If you do not comply with the technology of the cultivation, for example, mushrooms are abundant were treated with pesticides against pests.
  2. Production area for the cultivation of mushrooms is located in an industrial area or near a busy road, and all emissions are absorbed by fungi like a sponge.
  3. When canned mushrooms were violated by technology.

Fungal species can accumulate toxins and heavy metals that come from the air, soil and sediments in large volumes. Therefore, even artificially grown oyster mushrooms when properly organized production can be poisonous.

Oyster mushrooms, which are collected in nature can also cause severe intoxication in that case, if the locus is not environmentally friendly. In addition, the oyster mushroom is easily confused with the poisonous toadstool, especially a beginner mushroomer. If the hostess prepares a dish of oyster and we accidentally ran into one grebe, the entire volume of the food will be poisonous.

Symptoms of poisoning by mushrooms

Symptoms of poisoning oyster mushrooms are considered such changes in General health:

  • the person suffers from nausea, vomiting, he had a high fever – it is typical in that case, if the intoxication provoked by the marinated mushrooms, which were pathogenic bacteria;
  • pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, heaviness of swallowing, pain in muscles and joints – these are signs of poisoning pickled oyster mushrooms, which were botulinum toxin;
  • a feeling of pressure in the neck, nausea, vomiting – symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms that were grown in environmentally unfriendly areas;
  • severe vomiting, blurred vision, fainting, hallucinations are indications that the oyster got a poisonous mushroom, which triggered the poisoning.

At the first symptoms of mushroom poisoning to seek help from a doctor. Definitely need to take a sample of the product that he had consumed the victim. This will facilitate the diagnosis and allows you to quickly prescribe the correct treatment.

First aid for poisoning oyster mushrooms

Assistance is provided according to the same Protocol as with any food poisoning:

  • The stomach is washed to remove food residues and toxins that do not have time to be absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Give the victim any sorbents that are at hand. If the house such preparations were not available, it is not necessary to rush in search. This item passed and move on to the next.
  • Give the patient plenty of drinking, which suited decoctions of dried fruits or water without gas. In a glass of water squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and add a teaspoon of honey this drink is good restores electrolyte balance in the body.

Patient give to drink in small doses every 10-15 minutes, this will prevent the occurrence of repeated vomiting.

  • Do a cleansing enema. For this purpose, starch water, which coats the irritable bowel.
  • If you have a fever, then knock her antipyretic drugs in tablets.

After the normalization of the General condition of the patient shows a diet. Food should be light, useful and with minimal fat content. The products can be steamed or baked in the oven.

What can be the consequences after poisoning oyster mushrooms

In that case, if the poisoning oyster mushrooms and strong, and help appeared at once, unpleasant consequences will be. People a couple of days will suffer with indigestion and weakness, then everything will be back to normal.

When poisoning caused by edible mushrooms among the grebes, I can disturb neurological disorders. In addition, the victim may develop chronic jaundice or pancreatitis.

The most unpleasant might be the consequences after poisoning pickled oyster mushrooms, which were botulinum toxin. Botulism, even after treatment, long reminds himself – there may be paralysis of various muscle groups, disrupted the heart, kidneys and liver. After botulism shows a constant diet.

According to medical statistics, every fourth person who becomes ill with botulism die.

Do the benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms – a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they benefit, if properly grown and prepared. But mushrooms are not for everyone, in their pulp contain substances that can cause poisoning in some people:

  • Chitin is a substance practically not excreted from the body and is very difficultdigest. Especially hard to digest mushroom dishes children. The power of the child should be no more than 150 grams pickled or fried mushrooms a day.

Nutritionists do not recommend to include oyster mushrooms in diet of children under three years. Weak digestive tract is not yet able to cope with such heavy food, so the stomach will experience congestion.

  • Acid, people who suffer from high acidity of the stomach, must be careful there are oyster mushrooms. Misuse of this product may lead to deterioration of health.
  • Phosphorus and hydrocyanic acid – these substances tend to accumulate in marinades and in the use of product in food negatively act on the kidneys. Although the dose of these elements is negligible diseased kidneys can respond to slight intoxication and pain.

Cooked with different recipes of mushrooms will adorn any table, but should not be abused.

How to avoid poisoning oyster mushrooms

To prevent the poisoning of oyster mushrooms, you should buy them only at official sales points. You can not eat mushrooms collected in the forest inexperienced mushroom pickers. When buying pickled products, pay attention to the cover and the color of the brine. In high-quality preservation, the brine is transparent, can tolerate some turbidity, caused by the spices. Expired or low-quality products are characterized by whitish brine and swollen lid. To eat these marinated mushrooms can be, you can earn an intestinal infection or botulism.

Oyster mushrooms – cheap and nutritious product, one can cook many dishes. Its nutritive value mushrooms are an excellent substitute for meat, especially during lent. To avoid health problems, it is enough to observe the technology of preparation of the product.