Almond poisoning (lethal dose)

In almond nuts contain many nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids. This product is very high in calories, is to eat just a few nuts and the feeling of hunger will disappear. But do not forget that the composition of almonds is a lot of hydrocyanic acid, which may cause intoxication of the organism. Almond poisoning is possible, if you eat it too much. The symptoms of such poisoning is quite specific and easy to recognize.

Useful properties of the product

Any nuts are high in calories, so eat them only in small quantities. However, in these products contains little cholesterol, so nuts are well absorbed. Doctors recommend to eat different nuts with such pathologies and conditions:

  • With vitamin deficiency.
  • For anemia.
  • In cardiovascular diseases.
  • For the prevention of cancer.

But to consume almonds, you can not in all cases. This product should not be used for people with intestinal disease, in some diseases of the heart, blood diseases and severe neurological pathologies.

In some cases, the consumption of almonds may lead to the development of strong allergic reaction.

The causes of poisoning are almonds

If poisoned almonds, you can provotsyrovtsa completely different factors. A lot depends on the processing of fruits and how they are stored. Most of the lead poisoning the following factors:

  • Poorly treated fruit. If the nuts were not properly washed and dried. On their surface can reproduce various pathogenic microorganisms, which leads to poisoning.
  • Consumption of expired products. Eat nuts, which are over one and a half years is not necessary, as they accumulate toxic substances. Eating even a few old nuts you can get severe poisoning.
  • Strong allergenist. All nuts are potent allergens. They can cause not only skin rashes, but serious pathology such as angioedema or anaphylactic shock.
  • In bitter almonds have a lot of poison called amygdalin. After ingestion the substance is decomposed and forms hydrocyanic acid, which impairs the oxygen supply to the cells.

Bitter almonds are not recommended to consume in its pure form, but this product is widely used in medical purposes. Use it to treat kidney stones, diseases of the skin and the respiratory tract.

  • Some manufacturers of nuts use chemical substances for processing products. When ingested, these pesticides can cause poisoning.
  • Nuts are very oily, so even the banal overeating can lead to symptoms of intoxication. This is due to the fact that the liver can not cope with the processing of fats.
  • If not properly stored in the almonds can be formed mold. Moldy fungi produce mycotoxin, which can cause severe poisoning.

Almost all poisoning occur very hard nuts, while the metabolism, deteriorating functioning of the heart and other vital organs. In this form of intoxication the patient must as soon as possible to help.

Buying almonds is only necessary in specialized points of sales of food products. Thus it is necessary to pay attention not only on the date of production, but also on the appearance of the fruit.

Symptoms of poisoning

Poison in almonds is amygdalin, which the body converts to hydrocyanic acid. In case of poisoning with this toxic substance, there are specific symptoms that are very hard with something mixed up. The clinical picture of poisoning with bitter almonds looks like this:

  • The person begins to ache.
  • The amount allocated to the saliva increases dramatically.
  • Breathing is disrupted.
  • There is a strong nausea, which always ends with profuse vomiting.
  • Appears cutting pain in the abdomen.
  • The patient is very weak and apathetic.
  • The heart broken.

In case of significant ingestion of amygdalin in the body may be convulsions and fainting.

If a person have overeaten nuts or used substandard products, then it is showing signs of diseases. In the mouth there is a bitter, manifest disorders of dyspeptic nature. Temperature rises, and the appearance of cramping pain in the intestines.

The patient must quickly provide emergency assistance because of cyanide poisoning are frequently associated with disorders of the heart.


Emergency care the victim needs to render correctly, but in this case it is possible to avoid serious complications.

  1. As soon as possible, you should rinse the cavity of the stomach. To do this, give the patient to drink several glasses of water with dissolved adsorbent. The procedure is repeated until the waste liquid does not contain impurities.
  2. The patient is given sorbents, it is preferable to give Enterosgel, but if it is out of the house that will suit even the activated charcoal.
  3. After the stomach is cleansed, the patient is given a good mug of sweet tea. That sugar is toxic to the amygdalin.
  4. Give the patient plenty to drink. But drink should be given in divided portions,not to provoke an attack of vomiting.
  5. Give the victim to drink a glucose solution or Regidron.

Little kids usually refuse to drink tasteless Regidron. For kids it is better to use a drink made from a Cup of water, teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon lemon juice.

If poisoning is important to avoid dehydration, as it can begin irreversible processes.

Lethal dose of almonds

Almonds can contain up to 3% poisonous amygdalin, and more of this substance is in bitter varieties of nuts. To eat bitter almonds is allowed only after proper heat treatment. Children are the fruits to give is not worth it at all, since their bodies are very susceptible to hydrocyanic acid, which is formed by the decomposition of amygdalin.

Lethal dose of almonds for young children is just 10 nuts. An adult needs to eat up to 50 nuts to the body has begun an irreversible process.

The almond contains more prussic acid than other fruits.

Almonds are of different varieties actively used in medicine. Based on it do many drugs for the treatment of digestive and respiratory organs, as well as to eliminate muscle pain. Almond oil is used in confectionery and cosmetic purposes.

For toxicity almonds the child enough to eat only a piece of the nucleoli, therefore, in the diet of children this product is better not to include. If there are signs of poisoning by almond, the victim must quickly provide first aid to avoid complications.