Is it true that honey if heated turns into poison

Many people have heard that honey when heated turns into poison, so it is unclear whether you can use this product for baking and hot drinks. Just because the product is no not warm, but hot tea is it is added often, especially for respiratory diseases. Is it worth to opt for such treatment or it is better to refuse from hot tea with addition of medicinal nectar?

To what temperature you can heat the product

Honey is a healthy product that contains many nutrients. This sweetness helps to fight with many diseases, especially respiratory in nature. However, some doctors argue that putting it in hot tea because the honey at high temperatures becomes toxic. This is due to the fact that the decomposition of the sugar formed toxic substance.

Experts say that heating the products of more than 40 degrees is not worth it. Pri higher temperatures honey loses many beneficial properties and can release toxic substances which are bad for the human body.

Sweet product should be stored at room temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. If the honey was left on the table or the windowsill in the summer, when the temperature is higher, nothing bad will happen, but such situations should be avoided.

It should be understood that not only in the excessive heat destroys the beneficial properties of the product. Much to cool or freeze products is also not necessary, as it completely changes its structure, thereby decreasing the beneficial properties.

Sweet product should be stored under such conditions that it does not melt, but did not freeze. If the house has a cellar, it is ideal for storage of bee products.

The danger of heated honey

In hot honey, there is a toxic substance, such as hydroxymethylfurfural. It is a decomposition product of sugars formed by heating the latter in an acidic environment. Alkaline balance of honey a little more than three, so the environment is considered to be acidic.

But you have to understand that sweet product purchased in the store or on the market already contains a number of hydroxymethylfurfural. This is due to the fact that bees collect nectar in the warm season and heats up even while in the comb.

By the standards of the content of hydroxymethylfurfural in honey should not be more than 40 mg per 1 kg of sugar. For regions with a hot climate this figure is higher in two times. That can determine the age of the nectar and the conditions under which it was stored.

The formation of hydroxymethylfurfural depends on heating time and temperature. If the jar with the sweetness of the whole day stood on the table and was heated to about 30 degrees, the level of toxic substances increases slightly. Upon further cooling, the production rate is slightly reduced.

Hydroxymethylfurfural in varying amounts is found in many foods with a lot of sugar. Therefore, to talk only about the dangers of heated honey for health is illogical.

How long can you heat the products

In manufacturing, before packing honey in jars, its a bit to dissolve on the steam bath. This sweet product can be heated to a temperature of 50 degrees. But even if such heat will be conducted continuously for couple of days, the number of hydroxymethylfurfural will remain in the normal range.

In some plants the process is organized so that the nectar is heated to a temperature of 80 degrees for a couple of minutes, and then within minutes it is cooled. In this case, a toxic substance also did not have time to form in sufficient volume remains in the normal range. Therefore, we can say that honey turns toxic at high temperatures only if it is heated for a long time.

Prolonged heating of sugar to a temperature above 50 degrees it destroyed the vitamins and most enzymes. Nectar like this already is of no value.

Is it harmful to drink hot tea with honey

If the honey in the boiling water forms a poisons, the question arises whether it is possible to drink hot tea with added sweet product? Here the opinions of people differ markedly. Some believe that the honey with the boiling water is nothing more than poison. Others argue that the harm of such a drink is absolutely not. In fact, upon dissolution of the nectar in tea, the concentration of sugar significantly decreases, consequently, decreases and the acidity of such products. If the tea added a couple teaspoons of honey, then a completely insignificant amount of hydroxymethylfurfural, which does not affect health.

In addition, if a significant heat change and biological properties of the product. Under the high temperatures do not only destroys nutrition and enzymes, but for some people it can even be helpful. For example, after heating the nectar of its reduced allergenicity.

Some beekeepers claim that after heating the honey appears a number of other useful qualities:

  • Released mobile metal ions, which activate the action of biological catalysts in the body.
  • Biologically active substances come into reaction with enzymes and normalize metabolism.

Therefore, we cannot say that hot tea with honey isharmful. You can safely drink this beverage during a cold, enjoying its extraordinary taste and aroma.

For the treatment of respiratory diseases is best suited Linden, buckwheat and acacia honey.

For those who are worried about their health

People who are worried that the heated honey to get into the body toxins, you should follow these recommendations:

  • To eat sweet product only in its original form without adding it to cakes and hot tea.
  • If the doctor for a cold prescribed to drink the nectar of hot tea, you must eat it plain.
  • You should buy only genuine and quality products. Better to do it in shops and specialized points of sale. No one can guarantee that the honey had not been heated.
  • It is not necessary to store the product for more than two years, especially if it is at room temperature. For longer storing useful properties are reduced.
  • If you want to drink herbal tea with honey or hot milk with the addition of this product, the liquid is heated to a temperature not greater than 40 degrees, and only then put the sweetness.

Some experts argue that frequent consumption of hot tea with honey leads to the formation of cancer cells, and milk with sweet product leads to the formation of kidney stones.

The first tool in the treatment of colds is considered tea with honey, but it turns out it's not a harmless remedy, as it may seem at first glance. When heated honey forms a toxic substance hydroxymethylfurfural, however, it is fair to say that to exceed the normal parameters of the nectar has to be heated to very high temperature and long time.