Poisoning mushrooms and morels: symptoms, first aid

Volnushki and morels are widely distributed in the Russian forests. But these mushrooms belong to conditionally edible. If eaten incorrectly processed product may develop poisoning with mushrooms or morels. To avoid this you need to know about these mushrooms and their collection. If you avoid the problem of failing, remember first aid measures first aid to the victim.

How to look volnushki and how to eat properly

In our forests is most often found two kinds of mushrooms: white and pink. They have a convex hat. The growth of the hat is flat and in the middle, a recess is formed. Diameter can reach 12 cm.

A fungi has a solid tight leg. Its diameter does not exceed 2 cm and length 6 cm Has a pale pink hue.

On the inner side of the cap plate is located. If the fungi to break, lactiferous. The pulp has a bitter taste. Such characteristics led to the fact that the fungus is considered to be conditionally edible.

The fungi is almost impossible to confuse with other mushrooms. But if you have little experience and you are sure that you found an instance of edible, it is better not collect it.

Eating mushrooms without proper cooking can lead to poisoning. They contain caustic substances which affect the work of the digestive system. The degree of intoxication will depend on the amount ingested product. The incubation period is two days.

To prevent poisoning, it is enough to use to boil the mushrooms for at least 15 minutes. To use the liquid left over after cooking, is strictly prohibited. After that, volnushki can fry, pickle or marinate.

Features morels

These mushrooms are distinguished by an unusual form. The hat has an ovoid shape. Painted in yellow-brown color. Hat is heterogeneous. It has a cellular structure. Grows from the bottom to the leg.

Stem cylindrical shape, slightly expanding downward. Its color can vary from white to brownish. Inside mushroom emptiness. The flesh is brittle, has a pleasant taste.

Morels are often confused with stitches, the use of which brings serious harm to the health.

Among the differences from morels morels are possible to allocate:

  1. Leg length morels much more.
  2. Morel is hollow inside, while gyromitra has a meandering flesh.
  3. Form hats in stitching looks like a brain. Morel looks more like honeycombs.

Mushrooms can be eaten only after repeated boiling. Smorchkova and each time the broth should be poured to fill the product with clean water. If you decide to dry it, then use the morels only three months later. After cooking they can be stewed or boiled.

Symptoms of poisoning

Poisoning by morels may appear immediately, but only after six hours after eating them. The poison contained in the mushrooms can be felt only after two days. Both diseases have common symptoms. The main features include:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • strong retching;
  • diarrhea;
  • discomfort in the abdominal area.

Often poisoning by morels can lead to cramps. The severity of the disease will depend on the amount eaten mushrooms and the human immune system. If the quantity of toxic substances is sufficiently large, there may be toxic liver damage.

Event first aid

As soon as you find the symptoms of poisoning, immediately consult your doctor. Only a specialist will be able to assess the degree of damage and the condition of the patient. Without waiting for the arrival of an ambulance, you must render aid to the victim. This will help to slow the disease. First aid includes the following activities:

  1. Get rid of the remnants of toxic substances in the stomach to help the flushing. For this purpose, solutions of baking soda or salt. Most effective is potassium permanganate, which is dissolved in water to obtain a liquid pale pink color. But in this case it is necessary to oversee the complete dissolution of the particles of the drug. Otherwise you can provoke a burn of the mucous lining of the stomach. The victim should drink at least two liters of the prepared solution. Then call the vomiting by pushing on the base of the tongue. This procedure was repeated three times.
  2. The victim should be given the drug, which has adsorbent properties. It can be activated carbon or any other modern tools, for example, enterosgel, smectite, Polisorb, and others.
  3. To clean the bowel will help a laxative or enema. But this procedure applies only in case, if the poisoning is not accompanied by diarrhea.
  4. Place the victim in bed, cover with blanket. If strong chills, you can apply a heating pad.
  5. Poisoning is accompanied by great loss of fluids, so the patient should be plenty of warm drinks. Best of all, if it is strong tea or decoction of medicinal herbs such as, chamomile or rosehip.

Such simple measures will help to prevent the disease and avoid possible complications.


src="/poisoning/images/935-4.jpg">If the poisoning is mild, hospitalization is likely not required. It will be enough to rinse the stomach, restore the water-salt balance. In many cases, doctors recommend the use of drugs aimed at the normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Within two to three days, the victim must stay in bed, and dietary needs. Will have to give up any food that may irritate the digestive system. All meals should be steamed or paryushana. During therapy is strictly prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages. They can seriously aggravate the disease.

The doctor can recommend reception of absorbent or astringent medicines. Specific drugs and their dosages are selected by the specialist based on the severity of the poisoning and the protective functions of the organism of the victim.

If the poisoning is severe, accompanied by spasms, toxic liver damage, loss of consciousness, enlarged spleen or other negative symptoms, it will have to be hospitalized. Appointed hemosorbtion, products of digestion and other medications. In the presence of pain prescribed light pain relievers.

Prevention of poisoning

To avoid poisoning will help simple precautions. These include:

  • Pick the mushroom just in case, if you firmly believe that it is a Morel or a fungi.
  • Do not collect mushrooms with obvious signs of spoilage, unpleasant odor or strange color. Use overripe instances can also be dangerous to health.
  • Do not do quiet hunting near roads or industrial plants. Fungal species can accumulate toxic substances from the environment. Collect them only in ecologically clean regions.
  • Volnushki and morels before use, be sure prevaricate. The resulting broth to use is strictly prohibited, it is necessary to pour. Morels boil a few times.
  • Don't overuse this product. The day you can eat no more than 200 grams of mushrooms.

Poisoning by morels and mushrooms can cause serious injury. Therefore, before you follow them into the forest, study of fungi and their distinctive features.