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Poisoning expired condensed milk: symptoms and treatment

It happens that the owner goes through the supplies and finds a milk that has expired. Good these products should immediately send in a trash can, but in order to save many people try to cook something from expired milk. While few people think about what such a product might be poisoned. Is it possible to have expired condensed milk and where it may lead – these questions should be considered in detail.

General characteristics of condensed milk

Condensed milk is produced by boiling down cow's whole milk or skim with sugar. It turns out thick, viscous mass of white or slightly cream-coloured, with characteristic taste and smell. Good condensed milk, the taste should be sweet and leave an aftertaste of fresh cow's milk. There should be no foreign flavors – vanilla, warm milk, this may indicate senatorelect product.

Industry produces such products in cans and soft packaging with a convenient dispenser. Sometimes sweetened whole condensed milk, skimmed and boiled (butterscotch). Canned food is used in pure form, as well as for preparation of various confectionery products.

Before buying you should carefully study the product and also pay attention to the price category. Too cheap not condensed will be natural and of good quality.

The causes of poisoning expired condensed milk

Poisoned condensed milk, which has expired, can be for various reasons:

  • Violation of the technology of production, which led to getting into the Bank of various pathogenic microorganismsthat can exist and reproduce without access of air. For a long time, these microbes are actively multiplying and eating expired milk cause severe poisoning and can lead to death.
  • Condensed milk is of poor quality. Some manufacturers hide the real contents of the familiar Goodies. Thus, the label composition may be written alone, and in fact there will be absolutely other ingredients. In order to increase profits milk fats change on plant components. Palm oil, which is often detected in the samples from long-term storage begins to secrete dangerous toxins. Even if fresh palm oil adversely affects the human body, what can you say about the delay.

A particular danger of expired condensed milk in a soft pack. The typical shelf life of such canned less than condensed milk in cans, and storage conditions are a little different.

Symptoms of poisoning expired condensed milk

If a person has eaten the condensed milk with expired shelf life and after a while he deteriorated state of health, then we can talk about food poisoning. Symptoms of poisoning vary depending on, was caused by poisoning Escherichia coli, botulinum toxin, or just improper ingredients.

Symptoms of intoxication Escherichia coli

If the poisoning was provoked by E. coli, symptoms can appear within a few hours:

  • persistent nausea, uncontrollable vomiting;
  • high temperature accompanied by severe chills;
  • paroxysmal pain in the abdomen;
  • frothy and foul-smelling diarrhea;
  • headache and feeling of pressure in my temples.

When severe intoxication can be added cramps and fainting.

Symptoms of poisoning with botulinum toxin

Botulism is a dangerous disease that affects all organ systems, but most of all acts on the Central nervous system. Signs of infection are:

  • headache and dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • high temperature;
  • stabbing abdominal pain and bloating;
  • excessive thirst;
  • diarrhea, which after a short time gives way to constipation.

If time does not help, then deteriorating vision and can be paralysis of different muscle groups, which often leads to death.

Signs of poisoning palm oil

If the poisoning is caused by old palm oil that is present in the expired condensed milk, it was mostly suffering of the digestive system and the symptoms are as follows:

  • pain and heaviness in the stomach;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • headache.

When severe intoxication may have a fever, which usually lasts a few days.

First aid if poisoning expired condensed milk

Emergency assistance if the poisoning of expired condensed milk standard, it is aimed at reducing the intake of harmful toxins into the bloodstream:

  1. The victim to wash out the stomach a large volume of water. The procedure can be performed as long as the waste water will not completely clean.
  2. Do a cleansing enema. You can take a pure water at room temperature, the solution regidrona or decoction of chamomile.
  3. Give the adsorbents to cleanse the body of the remaining toxins.
  4. Offer plenty of drinking. It is better to use a jelly, they have a soft enveloping action and soothe irritated gastric mucosa.

If, after the emergency person does not become easier, and the condition has even worsened, immediately call an ambulance!

If there is a suspicion of botulism, the patient hospitalitynet. In the hospital he gets protivobotulinicheskoy serum, which helps to neutralize the poison. After this, symptomatic treatment, aimed at addressing the harmful effects of toxins on the entire body.

Is it possible to do something with expired milk

So is there a way to use some expired condensed milk? Expired milk preservation can be used for confectionery if such items are observed:

  • the time delay of canned less than a month;
  • condensed milk in tin sealed Bank;
  • the product is natural, no added botanicals and other ingredients;
  • canned product was stored in a cool place;
  • before use, the delay will be thermally processed.

Expired condensed milk in a tin is boiled for 3-4 hours on low heat in a sufficient quantity of water and use for cakes and biscuits or simply added to the dough for baking.

Not worth it to eat expired condensed milk in a soft pack, the risk of development of microorganisms in such containers is much higher!

Can there be consequences after drinking expired milk

If a person has eaten a little out of date condensed milk, which has just expired, then the consequences may not be. Unpleasant health effects may occur in the case if you had eaten a lot of condensed milk with expired date, without prior heat treatment. When quickly given first aid symptoms of poisoning disappear for a few days. Only in severe cases, even for some time, the victim will trouble stomach problems and headache.

Condensed milk, what could be more delicious this delicacy, familiar to all from childhood. Such milk is loved by adults and children, especially popular it enjoys in long hikes and picnics. To avoid health problems, it is necessary to use only fresh milk of good quality.