Poisoning nuts: nutmeg, cedar, peanuts

About the beneficial properties of nuts have been known since ancient times. This popular product has a unique composition, which has a beneficial effect on human health. Nuts are not only rich in vitamins, minerals, but also essential amino acids. Sufficient content of vegetable protein makes this product even more valuable to human health. But despite all these qualities, because some of the reasons may poisoning nuts, symptoms of which are similar to the symptoms of food poisoning.

Note! Just a handful of nuts will help to fully cover the daily requirement of the body in some trace elements and vitamins. In particular, only 30 grams of nuts meets the daily requirement of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The causes of poisoning are nuts

In nature there are a variety of nuts, among which the most popular are walnuts, pine, cashew, hazelnut, peanut, nutmeg and almonds. The product keeps its natural qualities for six months, but if it is kept at a temperature of -10 degrees, the shelf life will increase for another six months. Therefore, poisoning of fresh nuts is almost impossible.

Poisoning peanuts or Brazilian nuts quite possibly, when consumed in excessive quantity. Consuming more than 40 g of nuts, the body enters a large amount of fat, which are hard to digest even healthy person. Many eaten nuts is having the load on the liver and pancreas, resulting in can occur in various disorders in their work.

But in addition excessive consumption of also great importance is the quality of the product. A big impact on his suitability have methods of packing and storage. The oil contained in nuts, is a highly favorable environment for the formation of moulds of the genus Aspergillus. If the peanuts are stored in warm and humid environment, these fungi begin to multiply rapidly. Nuts exposed to the influence of fungi, become very toxic to the body. Their quality also affects the storage life.

Thus, poisoning with pine nuts or other varieties of a quite understandable phenomenon. To avoid intoxication, pay attention to the quality of the nuts, the expiration date and the amount eaten.

Some types of nuts contain toxic substances that break down only under the influence of high temperature. These nuts are safe to eat only when toasted. For example, the ability to poison peanuts significantly less when they were heat-treated.

Bitter almond also contains a toxic substance called amygdalin. Once in the body, the substance is converted into hydrocyanic acid, which is the strongest poison and causes a disturbance of cellular respiration.

Some unscrupulous providers cover nuts (e.g. pine) with pesticides in order to keep them presentable for sale. As you know, pesticides have an extremely negative impact on the human body.

Note! Nuts are included in the list of foods that are allergenic. Many people eating foods, containing nuts, it is often stated negative reaction. For example, very frequent cases of Allergy to peanut butter. Some people nuts can cause a severe allergic reaction (may occur angioedema or anaphylactic shock).

Symptoms of poisoning

Poisoning nuts often manifests with symptoms of food poisoning, but there is some specificity. Common symptoms of poisoning pine nuts are:

  • pain and heaviness in the abdomen;
  • headache;
  • the feeling of nausea and vomiting;
  • muscle or General weakness;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • diarrhea;
  • irritation of the mucous;
  • swelling;
  • disturbance of consciousness.

Poisoning of pine nuts, and can manifest with symptoms such as bitter taste in the mouth and belching with an unpleasant odor from the stomach.

An overdose of nutmeg or any other most often seen is not very pronounced, where the symptoms disappear by themselves after a few days. In General, patients can note some signs of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhoea occurs not always), the metallic feeling of bitterness in the mouth while eating, feeling of heaviness in the liver area and General fatigue.

Depending on the severity of the intoxication and the individual features, there are several degrees of toxicity, as listed below.

  • Weak level can lead the body for a few days.
  • Moderate (occurs when taking more than 40 g of product) poisoning lasts more than 10 days and is more severe symptoms.
  • Strong degree (occurs when you eat more than 50 grams of poor quality nuts and high sensitivity) accompanied by striking symptoms until the anemia, bradycardia, impaired consciousness and hallucinations. Severe poisoning treated in hospital.

Systematic use of products containing nuts, poisoning may not be, but some of the effects still can be observed. For example:

  • the reduction of the components of bile;
  • the deterioration of the absorbabilityfats;
  • the incorrect the process of exchange of minerals, such as copper, iron and phosphorus;
  • immunosuppression;
  • in children, as a consequence, there may be a slowdown.

Regular intake of mycotoxins can cause the development of liver cirrhosis. Especially if nuts occurs on the background of chronic hepatitis b or C.

First aid if poisoning nuts

If you suspect poisoning it is urgent to wash out the stomach. For this you need to give the victim to drink large amount of water, is better salted, and then induce vomiting. This procedure must be carried out before until the stomach is completely clear.

It will be useful to take enterosorbent, for example, activated charcoal or POLYSORB. During the period of intoxication, the body requires a large amount of fluid. This will be useful to take tea with lemon, cranberry juice or currant. In some cases, you can take a laxative. To remove the feeling of bitterness in the mouth, a good effect of rinsing the mouth with solutions of chamomile or peppermint.

After treatment, some time you need to stick to a sparing diet. No heavy or exotic food should not be taken until the body does not get stronger. You must also eliminate sodas and alcohol.

In mild poisoning peanuts or other nuts these measures are sufficient to bring the body back to normal. In severe intoxication necessarily need to resort to professional help with the necessary medicines.

If after seven or more days, symptoms of poisoning nuts continue to be bothersome, you must undergo a special examination (in particular ultrasound) of the liver and other abdominal organs.