Psychosomatics food and other types of poisoning

Emotional state is in direct connection with physical health. Only with positive attitude may quick and full recovery. Often the cause of diseases are spiritual experiences, which not under force to cope man. Psychosomatics poisoning is also based on the internal discomfort, which causes the frequency of intoxications food or vegetable poisons, as well as the negative symptoms of the disease.

Psychosomatics diseases

Poisoning is a complex problem that is caused by significant exposure to endo - or exotoxins, which are extremely dangerous for the human body. If you experience psychological distress increases the activity of all vital systems: the internal organs and glands begin to produce harmful compounds. This condition can develop when the penetration of the enterotoxins, vegetable and animal poisons from the environment. Pathogenic micro-organisms and chemicals get inside the blood stream in several ways:

  • through the skin and mucous membranes;
  • inhalation of gases and vapors;
  • through the gastrointestinal tract.

The basis of psychosomatic medicine is always prevention. If the body tends to produce and to accumulate more and more toxic compounds, this means they are able to poison their own lives. It provokes a pathological condition severe negative arguments and thoughts that do not meet his personal needs.

Psychological conflict remaining unresolved, pushing the human body to develop diseases that could at the time to smooth out the emotional instability. Pathology of poisoning is expressed in weakness, sleepiness, apathy. Possible, so one seeks to protect itself from the outside world, wants to be left alone. But there is a downside to psychosomatic intoxication. Painful symptoms people are trying to attract attention, to achieve the necessary significance for relatives or colleagues.

The internal conflicts that often cause diseases of the digestive system include:

  • open aggression;
  • the manifestation of sexuality;
  • glee;
  • arrogance;
  • the inability to forgive.

Such suppressed inside instincts condemned by society, are not expressed in an open form, capable of causing gross ridicule. Trying to keep negative emotions inside, a person begins to contradict itself, embarking on the path of suppression of thoughts and feelings. The result of this imbalance is always physical illness: poisoning, gastritis, ulcer, cholecystitis.

Psychological predisposition to poisoning

The basis of psychosomatic medicine food intoxication is fear of loneliness and the desire to become invisible to others. But these aspirations are blocked at the subconscious level before the nervous system has time to process emotional urge. The signal from the brain remains unfulfilled on the physical level, but does not disappear. This pulse is routed to one of the somatic systems.

When the poisoning is expressed by external signs, you can judge the exposure of a person to other people's opinions. Sometimes a pathological condition develops due to false or justified suspicion about the source of intoxication (a neighbor, close relative). Internal psychological conflict moves to a new level – there are physical symptoms of food poisoning.

Of course, psychosomatics intoxication is not always pronounced. But unresolved conflict situation with the emotional component a few months or years transformirovalsya in somatic pathology. Psychosomatics most characteristic for such systems of life:

  • respiratory: bronchospasm, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis;
  • cardiovascular: arrhythmias, insufficient blood supply to the myocardium, heart failure;
  • gastrointestinal tract: duodenitis, reduced motility, gastritis with high or low acidity;
  • urinary: cystitis, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, disturbance of allocation of urine;
  • the liver and gall bladder: hepatitis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis.

In cases of poisoning are often formed psychosomatic allergic reaction – atopic dermatitis, hives, rashes and redness on the skin. Real physical illness occurs when there is maximum emotional limit. This condition varies from person to person: some are not capable for a long time to resolve the traumatic situation, others have symptoms within 2-3 weeks.

Time period of formation of pathological process is directly dependent on the internal forces of the person, ability awareness and risk assessment, the peak stress state. After the emergence of vomiting, nausea, dizziness poisoning is diagnosed, and then starts drug therapy. In front of an unresolved internal conflict are often powerless even experienced gastroenterologists. The result is psychosomatic intoxication poisoning symptoms take chronic.

Signs of psychosomatic causes of poisoning

Frequent cases of food poisoning or toxic chemicaljoints are a signal of danger. Unresolved conflict situation provokes physical symptoms of intoxication, the Central nervous system thus responds to constant irritation. If not time to break this vicious circle, the body will always find a way: symptoms of poisoning much worse.

Psychologists often advised to establish for themselves a mental lock. Should continuously assure themselves that nobody will help him except himself. We must firmly believe in the impossibility of poisoning other people. You need to love themselves, believe in themselves, and wish a speedy recovery.

Psychosomatics pathological condition manifested with common signs:

  • The lack of effect after administration of different pharmacological drugs. After contact with the symptoms they prescribe proven medicines. After drinking the solution and pills signs of disease disappear for a while, then come back with a new, not yet experienced symptoms of poisoning.
  • The absence of the causes of the disease. Symptoms of intoxication are extremely amazing. Develops food poisoning, there is a complete clinical picture with the obligatory presence of the prescribed for her symptoms. But all the products consumed by the victim, fresh and quality – the reasons for the development of pathology just not.
  • There is a connection between beginning of symptoms and peak internal emotional conflict. Poisoning occurs at the very moment when there is trouble comes in a family quarrel and misunderstanding. This clearly indicates psychosomatics food pathology.

So the body decides the protracted conflict of man with himself. Just took advantage of an opportune moment for the release of their stressful situation. Experts who study psychosomatics diseases, suggest accurately determine the real cause of poisoning, to recognize their individuality, to find the strength to break the vicious circle.