Prevention of food poisoning in the home

Poisoning is the toxic effect on human body due to interaction with toxic substances or pathological bacteria. Prevention of food poisoning to prevent the serious condition in humans, which in some cases can lead to death or disability.

Types of poisoning

There are several types of poisoning, in which the human body is in danger:

  1. Food intoxication is due to consumption of substandard or expired products. The source of the lesions are bacteria and germs that can cause pathological changes in organs and systems.

Treatment of gastrointestinal infections held in several stages. Sometimes you need antibiotics, to which sensitive organisms.

  1. Drug are due to accidental or intentional consumption of large doses of drugs. Especially dangerous psychotropic and sedative substances, even though popular paracetamol can cause toxicity with excessive dosages.
  2. Burning substances – damage of organs and systems of the body is caused by acids and alkalis. Suffer the esophagus and the stomach. In this type of lesions can rapidly lead to death.
  3. Fuels and lubricants are not uncommon in medical practice, poisoning by gasoline, diesel fuel or other liquids that use in the national economy. A person can get destruction not only of receiving funds inside, but also from inhalation of vapors.
  4. Pesticides – poisoning common means of rodent or insect pests. In error to eat or breathe toxic fumes.
  5. Poisonous plants – another source of severe human diseases. Cause toxic lesions are poisonous mushrooms or plants.
  6. Alcohol poisoning – occurs when the abuse of alcohol.

Acetaldehyde is a toxic component, which is formed by the splitting of alcohol very detrimental effect on the body.

  1. Industrial toxins – poisoning in humans cause poisons that are used in industry. Ingestion of only a small amount of these funds would cause irreparable damage and even death.
  2. Carbon monoxide – this chemical compounds act on the nervous system. Source becomes faulty heating system or an improperly installed gas appliances.

Each type of poisoning threat on his own. The man immediately provide emergency care, and then be sure to call intensive care team!

Intoxication causes

The most common cause of poisoning is negligence. Food intoxication can occur through consumption of stale or poorly thermally processed products. Of particular danger are meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Overdose of drugs can occur in three cases:

  1. Incorrectly calculated treatment dosage. This often happens if the physician calculates the amount of drug on the eye by defining the weight of the patient.
  2. Accidental ingestion of a large amount of medication. Often occurs with younger children, if adults carelessly leave in a conspicuous spot of bright bubbles with drugs.

We must remember that children are attracted to all the bright and mysterious, especially if it's suspension with a fruity taste and smell. After each meal the drugs must be hidden in inaccessible for children place!

  1. Intentional consumption of large amounts of the drug occurs in people with unstable mentality or adolescents in the period of formation of personality. People are disappointed in society and are trying to settle scores with life.

Burning chemicals cause of human suffering if kept in an accessible location and can be accidentally consumed as food.

Gasoline and diesel fuel fall into the stomach or Airways by careless handling of them. Some motorists are trying to merge gasoline from a petrol tank with a hose, and the suction make mouth. Do not in any way!

Gasoline vapors inhaled by teenagers to death to get an unforgettable experience. This is dangerous in addition to health problems no nothing.

Pesticides often are poisoned in the spring, during the treatment of trees and shrubs from insect pests. As well as the destruction of rodents that transmit dangerous diseases.

Mushroom poisoning is a common disease of beginners mushroom. Many poisonous mushrooms are very similar to edible, and in the absence of experience they are easy to confuse. It is also possible intoxication with poisonous plants, which the growers planted about their houses. Special danger can come from the dope, which is beautiful in bloom, but is very toxic.

Alcohol poisoning is caused by consumption of substandard and unlicensed drinks. In addition, this phenomenon happens in people who suffer from alcoholism: due to the large volume of alcohol inthe body there are irreversible processes.

Professional poisonings often occur from failure to follow safety procedures. Even small amounts of ingested industrial poison can lead to death.

Faulty gas or heating equipment is a frequent cause of severe illness the whole family.

Intoxication with carbon monoxide occurs quite rapidly particularly dangerous for young children.

Prevention of poisoning

Food poisoning

Prevention of food poisoning is reduced to the following few simple rules listed below.

  • You can't buy products whose shelf life has expired or is about to end. In this product has possible reproduction of pathogenic bacteria that cause disease in humans.
  • It is impossible to eat products with sealed packaging, could there be pathogens, and the interaction with air, many products change their properties.
  • Meat and fish should be well handled. They need to fry or boil for a long time, this will help prevent dangerous diseases.
  • Prevention of food poisoning is by thoroughly cooking or frying eggs. Eggs inside or outside can contain a stick of Salmonella, which, when ingested into the human body will cause serious illness.

The bacterium Salmonella is killed at temperatures over 40 degrees, so eggs it is undesirable to use raw.

  • Before cooking and consumption of food should be well washed hands with soap and water. As a rule you need to take to wash their hands after using the toilet and after street.
  • Kitchen sponges are a breeding ground for infections, so you need to change them as often as possible.
  • The refrigerator should not be stored together finished products and raw meat fish. Should be separated on a different shelf for different products.
  • Kitchen boards should be available in sufficient quantity. Need separate boards for meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and bakery products.

Prevention of food poisoning include washing dishes, hot water and cooking for one or two times, this is especially true for baby food.

Prevention of food poisoning should be accepted in educational institutions of different types, as well as in hospitals, hotels, sanatoriums and children's camps.

Poisoning drugs

Prevention of poisoning by drugs consists of a series of events.

  • It is necessary to focus the attention of a doctor for the exact weight of the human body upon discharge of therapeutic doses of drugs.
  • Medicines should be kept out of reach of kids. Ideal storage will be a special Cabinet, which is locked.
  • You must follow the teenagers and people with unstable mentality, with alarming signs should immediately seek the advice of a psychologist.

Children often copy the actions of adults, so parents should be the rule of the inadmissibility of the medication in the presence of kids.

Poisoning burning substances

To poisoning by acid or alkali can inadvertently, so prevention of these cases is in the following paragraphs.

  • The house is undesirable to store a large amount of chemicals. The reach should be only those tools that are frequently used.
  • It is forbidden to pour acid or alkali to pour from the original packaging.

With acid can be an attempt of suicide, so if the family is unstable people, in order to prevent such substances in home to store.

Poisoning of fuels and lubricants

It is possible to avoid poisoning any fuel, by following simple recommendations.

  • Use fuels and related liquids only as directed.
  • When using gasoline as solvent, the room to provide adequate ventilation. A person who performs repair work, – personal protective equipment.
  • When draining gasoline from the fuel tank to leak liquid it is necessary to use a rubber pear.

It is forbidden to pull gasoline from the tank mouth! This can lead to fuel getting into the stomach or lungs, lead to irreversible consequences.

Pesticide poisoning

These chemical remedies often the grass the owners of houses or cottages. To prevent severe condition.

  • When using poisons in the household to use personal protective equipment – mask, goggles and gloves.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after working with pesticides.
  • Keep poison in a certain and inaccessible to strangers place.
  • Do not treat the garden and premises in the presence of children and animals.

Pesticides will benefit only in case if they are used appropriately and with caution.

Poisoning with poisonous plants and mushrooms

To avoid ill health from eating poisonous mushrooms and plants, you need to follow certain rules listed below.

  • Not to collect a dubious mushrooms. Do not eat mushrooms that are considered conditionallyedible, since even experienced mushroom pickers they sidestep away from sin.
  • Not to buy pickled or dried mushrooms with hands in questionable places. Among the total number of edible mushrooms can be poisonous wormed one that will cause serious illness.
  • To keep the children in the squares and parks did not eat questionable berries.
  • Not to be planted near the houses dope to watch that children did not approach an attractive, large flowers of this plant.

Some people follow the dubious advice of traditional medicine, trying to treat Amanita or wolf berries. Doing this is strictly forbidden!

Alcohol poisoning

Intoxication with alcohol is a common phenomenon of our time. To avoid this, you must follow the rules listed below.

  • Not to buy and not to drink alcohol in dubious places.
  • Do not use pharmacy tincture for ingestion.
  • Do not abuse alcohol.

Alcohol often affects people who have addiction. Alcoholism is a disease, so it needs to be treated!

Prevent poisoning by industrial poisons

To avoid the enterprise of mass accidents, it is required to implement preventive measures.

  • With all employees to produce a periodic safety training sessions, mandatory painting of a worker in a special journal.
  • Properly stored hazardous substances and the prevention of occupational poisoning is a link of one chain. All poisonous substances must be signed.
  • The territory of the enterprise should not tolerate strangers.

Technical tools that are used in the production, cause severe destruction of the body. Especially dangerous is antifreeze, a SIP which often leads to death.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

People with gas or solid fuel equipment not only heated, but also prepares food. To use these devices safe, you should pay attention to a number of listed factors.

  • Gas equipment should be connected only by specialistswho have special security clearance.
  • Solid fuel furnace must be periodically cleaned of soot and grime.
  • There should be a good level of ventilation. When operating gas appliances in the kitchen must open the window.
  • All joints and connections for gas appliances periodically checked with soap suds.

If gas or solid fuel appliances began to work intermittently and has any complaints against them, you must immediately call specialists. In no case should one try to eliminate the problem yourself!

Any easier to prevent poisoning than to treat or eliminate the unpleasant consequences. Therefore, do not neglect the basic rules that will help to save life and health.