How not to poison with mushrooms – prevention

Mushrooms – a unique product that can replace meat, butter, fruits and even certain group of the drugs at the same time. They just need a balanced diet. In addition, the mushroom is very tasty and satisfying. However, there are cases when a person is diagnosed with mushroom poisoning. How to avoid this? Of paramount importance is the prevention of poisoning. Will tell you all about it.

The poison can be different

There are several reasons due to which a person may be poisoned by mushrooms. You must avoid them in order not to deal with the consequences.


Many instances are considered poisonous and unfit for food in any form. Therefore, before going into the woods with a basket and a knife, worth the extra time to look at the directory or even take it with you, so as not to confuse.

A survival guide in the forest suggests that mushrooms are a must. But also do not need to use those types of which you know nothing. Of course, it may be edible even raw, but if not, you run the risk of poisoning up to lethal outcome.

Improper preparation

How not to poison mushrooms? To cook them properly! 90% of cases of botulism caused by eating foods that were improperly canned. Even the famous white can cause poisoning if improperly procured.

Even cooked mushrooms may lead to poisoning. Try to cook or freeze these gifts of nature as quickly as possible. The best time from collecting to cooking is considered to be 4-6 hours. You should boil them twice. The first water after boiling to drain, as it will contain toxins. Second, you need to cook until the mushrooms sink to the bottom.

During cooking, try to cut as small as you can, because big pieces will not leave a harmful trace elements and boil they will be much worse. Ideal – mince for cooking mushroom sauce.

Never mix the types together when cooking. It may happen that some are already ready and the second even raw. As a result, very easy to eat unprepared mushrooms. This is a serious threat to your digestive system.

Do not cook in aluminum cookware. The fact that the mushrooms lose their taste and blackened due to the interaction with aluminum. This way you can lose a significant part of vitamins and other useful microelements.

If you marinate these gifts of nature, that in no event it is impossible to take food in the marinade. The fact that it has absorbent properties that draws out all the poisons. Even if the Bank got a poisonous mushroom, the marinade will absorb the toxins, leaving only the benefits of the product. Also, the marinade is not recommended for use due to the high content of vinegar in the composition.

Storing prepared meals in the cold should be short. The maximum time allowed is 24 hours. Especially dangerous combination in this regard is fried potatoes with mushrooms, so it is not recommended to keep. Eat immediately and do not prepare too much. Freshly made always tastes better warmed up.

Without alcohol

Russian people like to drink vodka with mushrooms. Few people know, but it can lead to severe poisoning. Some species of fungi under no circumstances do not mix with alcohol:

  • lurid bolete;
  • polypore sulfur-yellow;
  • beetle;
  • cheshuichatoe.

These types of combined with alcohol cause complex chemical reactions which lead to the creation of strong poisons. Result – poisoning.

Old age – no joy

Unfortunately, even in edible fungi there is a small amount of arsenic and sulfuric acid.

It is important to remember: the higher the temperature, the greater the proportion of the poison in these products.

Heat promotes rapid aging, the protein is decomposed, the result is a poison, similar in performance to the corpse. Therefore, another measure of prevention of poisoning – do not collect forest products in the heat or after it.

Trust but verify

After collecting pay attention to the shuffling. Even if forest products collected you or your loved ones. In any case, it should again be sure that among edible no of poisonous instances. Check worms in. Insects should not be the cause of your poisoning.


How not to poison mushrooms? Just follow the above recommendations. But they work for completely healthy people. Unfortunately, there is pathology and the individual characteristics of the organism, which does not allow to use such gifts of nature in any form. And how to avoid mushroom poisoning such people? The answer is simple and sad – not to eat them. There are several reasons why a person may be prohibited to eat such forest gifts.

  1. Children. You shouldn't use mushrooms to 12 years. Before this age the digestive system is still forming. She is unable to digest heavy minerals contained in mushrooms of all types. It is unacceptable to bring to the table in front of the baby mushrooms in any form, whether soup, pies, pickled, etc.
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Any worsening immediately puta cross on the use of mushrooms in any form. No need to load your digestive system when it needs recovery.
  3. Diseases of the liver. The fact that the liver is the real filter of the body. It removes all harmful substances from the body. And the mushroom contains a lot of toxins, so eating mushroom dishes load the liver.
  4. Gout.
  5. Of kidney disease.
  6. Individual intolerance. This phenomenon happens even in completely healthy people. Expressed in the bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc.

People above categories should completely eliminate from your diet mushrooms. Fortunately, they are not indispensable for our body.


There is scientific evidence that people who regularly consume mushrooms significantly increases lifespan and increases resistance to catarrhal diseases as well as diabetes, cancer, allergies and rheumatism. This is truly a miraculous property is explained by the composition. Science has found the mushrooms lecithin, which protects the body from atherosclerosis and prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Also mushrooms contain phosphoric acid. Is a trace mineral which is essential for the formation of nerve and bone tissue. Mushrooms and common mushrooms are different in that inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Mushrooms are considered heavy and complex food that is retained in the stomach for a long time to digest. The paradox, but in this product are trace elements that improve the digestive system. They have a enzymes that break down fiber and fats.

Chanterelles and porcini mushrooms easily replace citrus, due to the high content of vitamin C. And morels contains so much vitamin D that you can use them to replace butter in your diet. Without a doubt, mushrooms are an incredibly useful product. But what they are harmful to the body?

There are mushrooms harmful?

After all of the above difficult to believe that mushrooms can carry and the damage to the body. And we don't mean that person will eat poison types or wrong to cook them. Unfortunately, even those mushrooms which are considered the most useful, may cause substantial health damage. This is due to some properties of the product.

In such products contains large amounts of chitin. The human body is extremely difficult to process this trace mineral. Moreover, in the composition there are elements that significantly slow down the process of allocation of gastric juice. This slows down the digestion of the food that was eaten together with mushrooms. That's why mushrooms are considered heavy food. To reduce the amount of chitin you need to remove the top layer. You can also refrain from the use of the legs, as they contain poorly digestible trace mineral.

In fungi there is another drawback – the ability to absorb harmful substances of earth, water and air. This is another factor which poison people. In those instances, which have grown in the contaminated area, found heavy metals and even radioactive substances. That is why it is strictly forbidden to collect mushrooms near Railways and roads, in factories and in city parks.

Cultured or natural?

Many wonder what mushrooms are safer and healthier for the body: cultured or natural? It all depends on growing conditions. In full compliance with the rules, the normal composition of the soil without toxins, and the optimum temperature would be most useful cultured specimens. The fact that they do not contain harmful trace elements that could harm the person.

Another benefit of eating cultured foods is full security. Even with the most careful selection of the natural gifts that you collected with your own hands, you risk missing something. And well, if you confuse with boletus boletus. But what if that dish your family will get false chanterelle or other toxic instance? How to prevent mushroom poisoning in this case? Only the consumption of cultured specimens. By the way, in Europe, have long since abandoned the collection, as too often you can find instances with a large number of toxins in the.

The only drawback of artificially grown mushrooms before natural is the price. In the woods there is no one to pay for the fee. That's what often pushes people on the forest walk.

If it has happened

The majority of poisoning occurs due to the following:

  • about mushrooms;
  • poisonous Russula;
  • cracker;
  • Amanita.

The first signs of poisoning are: vomiting, upset digestive system, acute pain. If you feel such symptoms, you need to act as quickly as possible. Here is a brief guide to first aid.

  1. Call an ambulance before she goes, give yourself first aid.
  2. Drink 1.5-2 liters of water and induce vomiting.
  3. Accept the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet of the drug per 10 kg of weight.

If you delay the assist, the consequences can be dire. For example, in cases of poisoningpale toadstool death up to 60% off! Remember, be vigilant and remember prevention is the best cure for all diseases.