Bananas poisoning: symptoms and treatment

Bananas are a favorite treat of many. Moreover, love them both adults and children. Poisoning bananas – it is not uncommon, especially in children. Doctors do not recommend feeding these exotic fruits toddlers up to 5 years. The usual cause of intoxication becomes eating unripe fruits containing insoluble starch. The substance begins to ferment in the intestines, and therefore there are signs of poisoning.

Useful properties

Banana is a storehouse of vitamins, as it contains several components beneficial to the human body. In addition, this fruit has other positive properties:

  1. It is gentle on the stomach lining. It contains hard degradable starches, due to which after eating the banana man stays well-fed.
  2. Contains vitamin B9, which helps eliminate blood cholesterol.
  3. Among the components of bananas isolated and the zinc which promotes the production of insulin. Due to this, blood maintains optimal glucose levels.
  4. Thanks to the pectin content, bananas stimulate the stomach and improve the digestive process.

In addition, this exotic fruit helps to cure inflammation in the stomach and promotes healing of the intestine. But despite all the useful properties, poisoning banana is very easy, if you do not follow some rules.

You cannot eat bananas after food intoxication any product. Raw fruit contains components that can lead to failure of the gastrointestinal tract. And since the while poisoning the human immune system is weakened, then these substances begin to affect the person in emergency mode.


Bananas allowed not all. So, eating fruit forbidden for people who have individual intolerance to them. In this case, after eating the fruit, the skin appears red rash, or small spots.

They are contraindicated for people suffering from:

  • diabetes. Despite the fact that fruits contribute to the production of insulin, they contain a large amount of sucrose, harmful in this disease;
  • a stomach ulcer. The result of the use of bananas there is a feeling of fullness and the person does not want to eat, because this can disrupt usual power mode;
  • varicose veins. Bananas contribute to blood clots.

In addition, it is impossible to give fruits to the children who have recently undergone poisoning. This can be done only after doctor's permission.

Is it possible to get poisoning from bananas

"Is it possible to poison a banana?" is a question that interests many, in particular young mothers. After all, food poisoning in children can occur especially hard, so you need to try to make sure that the kid never suffered from intoxication.

Infectious disease specialists on the question of whether harmful bananas, they respond differently. In General, it's a pretty safe product, although cases of poisoning by them are very common. This is due to the fact that people not always buy ripe fruit, and green banana contains a large amount of starch which is not soluble in the human body.

In addition to the fruit is not spoiled during transport of the exotic States in the CIS, they are treated with special chemicals. These chemicals are often very harmful to humans. Through the peel, they penetrate into the pulp of banana that often causes intoxication favorite fruit.

How to eat bananas

You can't eat too many bananas for one day. The day allowed the use of one or two fruits, not more. In addition, the diet should be included and other meals, even if the feeling of hunger has passed.

We do not recommend eating bananas before eating. So they are much less digestible. Moreover, after the eating of the fruit will have completely disappeared appetite.

Eating bananas after suffering food poisoning is possible, but only in finished form. From them prepare mashed or baked. This fruit peeled, cut and bake in the oven for 2-3 minutes without adding sugar.

Symptoms of intoxication

For poisoning the body bananas are characterized by the same symptoms as with any food intoxication. Among them are the following symptoms:

  • nausea and vomiting. You may also see the belching with banana flavor;
  • diarrhea. The patient begins to wear. If you first began to vomit, as a result of dehydration is diarrhoea may be constipation;
  • pain and heaviness in the stomach, flatulence and spasms in the intestines;
  • General weakness of the body, chills, headaches;
  • significantly reduced appetite, the patient sickened by the smells of food;
  • heartburn is another sign of poisoning bananas.

However, poisoning can occur all symptoms. If intoxication is light, there is only nausea or stomach pain. But if a strong poisoning to the above symptoms is added the high temperature, because of which the patient may hallucinate.


If a person ate a poisonous banana, and then had food poisoning, need to get the patient to the clinic. Hospitalization is necessary for children under the age of three. In addition, necessary medical examination if the symptoms of poisoning lastlonger than 3 days, and the bouts of diarrhea and vomiting occur more frequently 10 times a day.

The doctor will conduct a medical examination and prescribe treatment. In the first place is assigned rehydration therapy, which is based on restoring fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Conducted orally and parenterally for children. To carry out the procedure at home. For this, the patient drinks a solution regidrona, letrozole and other drugs. These medications should be in every medicine Cabinet. They contribute to the recovery of water balance and intestinal flora.

Also, the doctor prescribes the conduct of sorption therapy. The patient drinks chelators, which displays the body of harmful toxins. Such treatment is conducted only in the absence of vomiting. Not recommended to use sorbents for small children and the elderly. If the patient has high fever, prescribe a treatment antipyretic drugs ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Particular attention is given antiemetic and antidiarrheal therapy. Vomiting and diarrhea from bananas are the most frequent signs of poisoning, which can lead to dehydration. The patient drinks loperamide, motilium, reglan, and other drugs.

In the case of food poisoning the patient shows a bed rest. He should not go to work, if it is bad. This condition may further deteriorate.

Preventive measures

To avoid poisoning, it is necessary to observe a few rules:

  • You cannot buy green or too firm fruit. No need to hope that they ripen at home. Why? It is better to buy a bunch of beautiful yellow fruit with a slight greenish patches at the base.
  • Before you buy bananas, you should carefully examine their skin. If it has black inclusions, cuts or cracks, they should not be taken. Through such defects on the skin without the chemicals could get into the banana pulp.
  • Before you eat fruit, it is recommended to wash. You should not eat perespevshy bananas, as they may already be spoiled.

Thus, you can easily avoid poisoning bananas. However, if the intoxication has already happened, should wash out the stomach, to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal and immediately go to a medical facility. To self-medicate is not recommended.