To drink, to take in cases of poisoning and vomiting

Treatment of food poisoning should begin in the first minutes after the onset of clinical signs of disease. You can provide patient aid. The subsequent treatment is prescribed by a doctor. This article discusses what to drink for poisoning what drugs can be used for the treatment of this disease, do I need to stick to the diet.

What is food poisoning than it can be caused by

Food poisoning develops as a result of acute intoxication by toxins or pathogenic bacteria that got into it with eaten food. The disease may be light, medium or heavy. The acuteness and severity of the process depend on the type and amount of toxin eaten.

Please note that the use of some types of poisonous mushrooms rather than 1 gram of poison to death.

Poisoning can be caused by many causes and aggravating factors. Dangerous for human is food that has been stored at the wrong temperature or that has expired shelf life. You can get poisoned sausage and fresh products infected with an intestinal infection. For example, Salmonella-infected eggs can be fresh and normal taste, color and smell. To taint food maybe the person who cooks it. With dirty hands in the product can get pathogenic bacteria.

A particular danger to humans mushroom products. The poison can be as poisonous and edible varieties of mushrooms.

Children are more susceptible to developing food poisoning than adults. This is due to the peculiarity of the work and structure of the digestive system and is not fully formed immune systems.

What manifests symptoms of food poisoning

After eating spoiled food the first symptoms appear within 6-8 hours. But there are exceptions. By eating canned food contaminated with botulism, the first symptoms may only develop on the second day after their consumption, as in the case of intoxication with poisonous mushrooms of the human condition can deteriorate already after 10-14 minutes after a meal.

The poisoning of food is clinically manifested the following signs and symptoms:

  • General intoxication syndrome. Its severity depends on the severity of poisoning. Intoxication is manifested headache, dizziness, pale skin, increased heart rate, feeling of General weakness, sleepiness, pain in muscles and joints. It is also possible to increase body temperature to subfebrile or febrile indicators;
  • pain syndrome. When inflammation of the stomach pain is localized in the epigastric region of the abdomen ("stomach"). With increased flatulence, develops intestinal colic – sharp pain in the gut that is constantly changing its location. If is affected by toxins the liver is poisoned by man complains of pain in the right hypochondrium, and inflammation of the pancreas develops intolerable girdle pain;
  • nausea and vomiting, heartburn. Vomiting, as a rule, the patient brings temporary relief;
  • diarrhea that can be severe and plentiful. The color and consistency of stool depend on the pathogen and causes disease;
  • a violation of the nervous system: convulsions, loss of consciousness, signs of severe disease. They can develop in botulism, mushroom poisoning, severe intoxication and dehydration.

What to do with the development of food poisoning

What to take in case of poisoning, as soon as began to appear the first symptoms of the disease? You can only provide first aid to the victim, further drug treatment should be administered by a doctor. With the development of the first signs of illness you should consult a doctor. If the patient's condition heavy, can call an ambulance home. In the case of a stable normal human being is unable to go to the hospital yourself.

Before the arrival of the brigade SMP or up to a solo trip to the doctor need to have a poisoned person first aid. It must be done in the first minutes after the development of the disease. Listed below are the main components:

  1. First and foremost, you need to drink for poisoning food 1 liter of plain water and provoke vomiting (pressing with finger on the root of the tongue). This way you will hold stomach wash and clean it from the remnants of toxins, spoiled food.
  2. After cleansing the digestive cavity should do an enema. It is carried out using conventional water, the temperature of which should be at room. Enema is repeated several times until a clean intestinal wash water.
  3. Sorbents. These drugs can be taken for food poisoning before consulting a doctor. They help neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body. Use any of the sorbents, which can be found in the home medicine Cabinet, for example, enterosgel, Polisorb, activated coal, smektu. Before admission please read the instructions carefully.
  4. Start slowly unsolder the patient. Drink for food poisoning can be plain water or mineral water. It is important that these drinks were non-carbonated and room temperature. Drinkin cases of poisoning and vomiting, you should gradually and in small SIPS, it will help to avoid repeated retching.

First aid is a team of SMP. You need to tell the doctors the time the first symptoms of the disease, to list what the patient ate for the past days and describe the level of assistance you manage it to provide. Then, after seeing the patient, checking pulse, respiration, blood pressure, first aid. They administered antiemetic drugs, antispasmodics, drip solutions to reduce intoxication and dehydration and hospitalityat patient in the hospital.

Treatment of food poisoning

If a strong poisoning patients are being treated in hospital, they need around the clock medical supervision. If the patient's condition is stable and mild, the doctor paints him treatment and go home.

Remember that self-medicating is very dangerous. All components of treatment should be discussed with your doctor. Without his knowledge, you cannot add yourself some medicine or to stop taking their assigned medication.

Below are the main components of the treatment of poisoning in the home.

Bed rest

In the first days after poisoning a person should stay home in bed. You should try to minimize physical and mental workload.

Drink plenty of liquids

You need to drink with the food poisoning? Fluid required to correct dehydration. When intoxication water will help to speed up the elimination of toxins through the kidneys. Also need to drink water to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the blood.

When poisoning food you can drink plain or alkaline mineral water, sweet tea. A day have to drink at least 2-3 liters of fluid.

For rehydration you can use a special pharmacy drugs that help restore blood pH and to replenish body fluid. The most known representative is regidron. It is available a La carte. 1 sachet diluted in 1 l of water. In severe dehydration on the day patients drink 2-3 liters of solution regidrona, he replaces the dropper.

Please note that if the patient cannot drink water because of the constant vomiting, it is necessary to conduct droppers with solutions to correct the dehydration in the hospital.


Diet is the mainstay of treatment of poisoning. You can eat to start with the first day of illness. According to recent studies, the food helps with stomach poisoning. Thanks to the food that starts the motility of the digestive system, improves the function of the liver.

When drawing up the diet take into account the individual characteristics of the patient and possible comorbidities (e.g., gluten intolerance, diabetes, peptic ulcer, etc.). On the first day of the disease, it is best to limit liquid rice porridge, cooked with water, and dried bread. The following day, the diet is greatly extended.

Please note that the diet must meet the energy needs of the body. It should be a balanced amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

In cases of poisoning need to eat often and little by little, in small portions. To cook foods are best steamed or boiled. You can eat the following foods and dishes:

  • chicken broth;
  • boiled eggs, steam scrambled eggs;
  • lean chicken, Turkey or marine fish;
  • cooked in water buckwheat, oatmeal or rice porridge;
  • baked or cooked apples;
  • bananas;
  • dried white bread;
  • app cookies;
  • low-fat cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

When cooking you can use salt, sugar and vegetable oil. At the time of treatment should abandon animal fats and hot spices.

Drug therapy

What drugs should be taken if poisoned? As we have said, all drugs are prescribed by the attending physician. They should be used according to his purposes.

Please note that in the instructions for each drug describes the possible complications that can be caused by the drug. If after taking a medication you feel the deterioration of his condition, you should immediately stop its use and contact your doctor.

Drugs that may be assigned in cases of poisoning:

  • sorbents (activated carbon, smectite, enterosgel, POLYSORB);
  • antispasmodics (no-Spa, drotaverine);
  • antibiotics (Ceftriaxone, chloramphenicol, nifuroxazide);
  • probiotics (hilak Forte, Linex, Bifidumbacterin);
  • antacids (Almagel, Maalox, aluminium phosphate gel);
  • enzymes (Pancreatin, Mezim, CREON).

Poisoned if a person takes on a regular basis any medications, you should discuss with your doctor the need for their admission during the treatment of poisoning. In some chronic diseases to skip taking drugs is dangerous. For example, diabetes or hypertension.

Food poisoning can lead to severe disorders in the whole organism and dangerous pathological conditions. Treatment should be under medical supervision. It consists of bed rest, drink, diet and medication. With a strongfood poisoning treatment is carried out in a hospital. If the patient's condition is satisfactory and stable, doctor lurid detail his regimen, diet and releases to be treated at home.