Eggs poisoning: symptoms and treatment

It is difficult to imagine human life without such a product, such as eggs. Different festive salads in their composition contain eggs, people love to eat eggs for Breakfast and dinner. This is quite a usual dish in the diet, so it's hard to even imagine poisoning eggs. However, these cases occur in practice doctors are often, and the unpleasant consequences of poisoning may remain for a lifetime.

What causes food poisoning eggs

Eggs are considered a complete source of vitamins and minerals for proper human development. They are introduced in the menu of the child is in early childhood and is prescribed as a diet in different disease States. Doctors are excitedly talking about the benefits of the product, and no one warns that poisoning eggs. Often, toxicity comes from eating egg dishes that are improperly prepared. The source of infection can be any infection that was on the product and ended up in the human body. Mostly people of all ages become ill with salmonellosis.

The pathogenic bacterium may be on an egg-shell or inside the egg. A source of contamination of eggs are infected chickens. Visually identify infected eggs cannot, they are absolutely indistinguishable from normal instances.

It is worth noting that the poison boiled eggs not in that case, if they are sufficiently cooked. Bacteria are killed at temperatures above 40 °C.

Meals that are most likely to be a source of poisoning:

  1. Mayonnaise, prepared at home, without the sterilization and other processing.
  2. Raw eggs and eggnog.
  3. Scrambled eggs, which is not enough sustained fire.

Basically the incubation period lasts about a day, but there are cases when the symptoms of Salmonella poisoning appear 6 hours or two days.

Especially dangerous is the poisoning of rotten egg, which contains a lot of pathogenic microorganisms and their decay products. These eggs differ from eggs of fresh organoleptic characteristics. From rotten specimens very fetid odor and unpleasant taste. The use of such products is possible only by negligence.

Is it possible to get poisoned quail eggs

Poisoned quail eggs is impossible, since pathogens are killed at temperatures above 40 °C, and quail lay eggs it was under these conditions. Poisoning from these products can take place if the cooking was handled by someone infected with Salmonella, or cookware contained the pathogen.

Common symptoms of poisoning eggs

The manifestation of symptoms of poisoning, eggs can vary in a wide range – from mild disease to very critical conditions. It depends on the amount of the pathogen that got into the human body and its immune system. The main symptoms of infection are as follows:

  • develop dyspeptic symptoms, nausea and vomiting. Can become inflamed stomach lining, leading to gastritis;
  • inflamed intestine. Begins uncontrollable diarrhea, fever. Stool fetid, become yellow or greenish color. On examination, the victim, you may notice bloating and tenderness;
  • if you hit the colon, then added the symptoms of colitis. Mostly this disease occurs in children. The child has a poor appetite and temperature rises to critical levels. The baby concerned about severe diarrhea with flecks of mucus and blood and unbearable pains in the abdomen;
  • appear failures in the Central nervous system – migraine, persistent dizziness, decreased performance. If a strong poisoning the person may be unconscious;
  • elderly people complain of the decrease in pressure and change in heart rate;
  • weakened immunity in humans may begin sepsis – General blood poisoning. This often leads to death.

If a person has life-threatening symptoms, such as impaired functioning of the heart and stops breathing, immediately call emergency.

Rules of emergency care for poisoning eggs

In case of poisoning with raw eggs or products containing eggs of poor quality care is provided according to the Protocol described below.

  • Give the victim a lot of drinking. Fit still water, decoction of herbs or rose hip jelly. You can offer plain water with honey. The honey will help to restore the balance of electrolytes in the human body.
  • Prescribed diet food. The diet of the patient should not be fatty, smoked and spicy foods.

Diet after any poisoning is the basis for correct treatment.

  • Use immunostimulatory drugs and multivitamin complexes.
  • An antibiotic is prescribed. These drugs should prescribe only doctor, in accordance with the samples on the sensitivity of microorganisms.

If the human condition is aggravated in spite of treatment, hospitalization.

Prevention of poisoning eggs

Eggs are a delicious and useful product, but that they bring a benefit, you need to followsome of the rules listed below.

  • Do not eat raw and undercooked eggs.
  • Before cooking the eggshells should be washed with household soap.
  • You cannot buy products in the spontaneous markets or in private yards, where there's the conclusion of veterinarian.
  • People who are somehow connected with food preparation in public institutions, should regularly undergo a medical examination.

Every housewife can cook a lot of delicious and nutritious egg dishes. This is a wonderful product that nature has given. Not to spoil the health of themselves and their families, should adhere to basic hygiene rules when cooking.