Crayfish poisoning: symptoms, first aid treatment

Seafood have an interesting and unusual taste that has to appeal to many. And those who ever tried boiled crawfish, you will love them for life. The meat is very tender, and its flavor with nothing comparable. But the product is not always useful, and poisoning cancers is accompanied by a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, before each use of the product will have to prepare well.

Is there any possibility of toxicity to crayfish

Crabs are arthropods that live in fresh water. Before cooking coloring chitin carapace is gray, and when heat treated it turns red. The edible part of cancers of the abdomen, called tails and front claws. Meat is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and made with him the meals referred to diet. Is it possible to poisoning resulting from the consumption of lobsters? You can, but not always. So you need to pay attention to the factors that increase the likelihood of intoxication:

  1. After harvest arthropods must be placed in a plastic, glass or plastic container. If they are kept in aluminum or galvanized bucket, they will catch the metal ions that have a negative effect on the human body. As a result of poisoning aluminum or zinc disrupts the function of the liver, kidneys and heart.
  2. Before cooking the crayfish, it is desirable to keep them in the water, lest they perish. If the dead crayfish were kept in a warm room, to prepare them anymore, because they could deteriorate. After cooking crayfish need to eat within 2-3 hours.
  3. Allergies. Some people have hypersensitivity when cancers are allergen leads to anaphylactic shock. Very often Allergy occurs in children.
  4. Crayfish can be carriers of harmful to human health infection – paragonimus.
  5. In addition, their use can impair the thyroid gland. If you already have problems with the gland, the cancer is contraindicated. Because the disease may worsen.

Cooked dish of crayfish should be stored in a glass container. In any case, do not leave them in an aluminium pan, because in such conditions the meat is oxidized and deteriorates.

Signs of intoxication cancers

If people were poisoned cancers, appear the following symptoms:

  • the taste of seafood in your mouth. Also the patient may experience belching with the taste of meat cancers;
  • nausea and vomiting. In this case, the faeces must be particles cancer meat;
  • an aversion to the smell of seafood. If poisoning is easy, after the treatment of poisoning smell of crayfish will again begin to like the person. But if intoxication occurs with complications, poisoning was a serious aversion to seafood can stay for life;
  • stomach ache, rumbling, lost appetite. The patient begins to wear, there is a burning sensation in the anal area. In some cases, there is not diarrhea, and constipation due to dehydration;
  • fever, headache, General weakness observed, quickens the pulse.

The manifestation of intoxication depends on the amount of toxins taken into the body, as well as from individual characteristics. In mild poisoning, the person may feel weakness and other symptoms do not manifest themselves. In addition, symptoms of poisoning may not appear immediately, but after a few hours.

When poisoning caused by bacteria comprising cancers, nausea, diarrhea, severe pain in the abdomen. It is dangerous dehydration, so the event needs to be treated immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms. The cause of this intoxication is getting into the digestive tract infections – E. coli, Staphylococcus and others.

Be aware that symptoms of poisoning are not necessarily talking about intoxication. For example, similar symptoms appear in the case paragonimoz. This infection parasite lung Fluke. It affects not only the lungs but also the liver and brain. The disease is of two types: abdominal and lung. In the first case the infection is completely similar to the symptoms of intoxication. It is added to the inflammation of the liver. But in the second case, disrupted lung, shortness of breath, the temperature rises to 40 degrees.

First aid

First aid in case of poisoning cancers needs to be immediate. In especially severe cases of intoxication. Immediately after helping direct the patient to the clinic. If after consuming meals poisoning symptoms minimal weakness or burp, it is enough not to eat and drink 5 tablets of activated charcoal.

If you experience symptoms of food poisoning, but no temperature, you should drink drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora. To stop the diarrhea, the patient drinks sorbents – smectite, enterosgel. Lest dehydration, the victim is drinking pharmacy solutions composed of salts of potassium and sodium and also sugar: regidron, gastrolith and others.

Prepare a similar solution is possible and at home: mix one teaspoon of salt and soda, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and pour a liter of water. Drink the suspension need small SIPS every 10-15minutes.

Therapeutic methods

Treatment of severe poisoning or paragonimus must necessarily take place in a hospital. Is considered to be severe poisoning, signs of which persisted for more than three days. In this case, one should not hope that everything will be self – definitely need to see a specialist. In addition, medical examinations require cases of severe dehydration. Therapeutic methods include:

  • lavage of the stomach. Is done in cases when the patient arrived at the hospital in the first hours after an attack;
  • detoxification infusion therapy, when the doctor prescribes drugs antibacterial and sorbing actions;
  • then begins the process of restoring water and electrolyte balance;
  • for the removal of harmful parasites, the doctor will prescribe antiparasitic drugs.

Among the consequences of late treatment toxicity to crayfish secrete dehydration. If you do not take measures to restore water balance, death occurs within 2-3 days after the disease. Getting rid of the parasites should also be carried out as soon as possible, otherwise they blood going into the lungs and the brain. This, in turn, leads to cancer, hemorrhage, and pneumothorax.

How not to poison cancers

If you follow all precautions, the poisoning of cancers will not occur. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances:

  • You need to eat only fresh crayfishand cook a dead arthropods is not recommended. The process of decomposition starts with the first hours after their death, and during this stand out dangerous toxins.
  • Better to catch them yourself in the proven reservoirs. To buy crawfish on the market, because sellers are unlikely to show proof of that in the pond there are no infections.
  • To keep cancers after the catch, cook them in any case should not, in aluminum cookware. It is better to take this purpose a glass or plastic bowl. To eat the dish for 2-3 hours after preparation.
  • Ordering crawfish in a restaurant, you need to pay attention, sandwiched if they have tails. In this case, the cook is complied with the technology of preparation of arthropods.
  • Before cooking the crayfish should be well washed and dried. They have to be not less than 10 minutes they became red and the shell is easily separated from the meat.
  • If you were previously allergic to shellfish, eating crayfish is not necessary, because an allergic reaction will manifest to them.
  • To store live crawfish can not be longer than 3 days. The daily need to change the water in which they are stored. So arthropods are not killed, they are fed sausage. Store them in a cool dark place in the pantry or fridge.
  • Boiled crawfish is stored in the water in which they were produced but not more than 12 hours. They can also be frozen, after which the storage time grows up to one month. For cooking they should not be thawed, and it is better to throw in the boiling water.

It is believed that the most delicious crabs those that are caught in early spring. In addition, they should be large and active arthropods, such very tasty and tender meat. In General, the poisoning of the crawfish boil is an extremely rare phenomenon. To avoid it, you need to follow all preventive measures. Attention to their health will help to avoid various complications.