Deadly combination of drugs

Many diseases are treated only as a whole. In this case, the person is prescribed multiple drugs from different drug groups. Almost all drugs have their contraindications and side effects that doctors do not always take into account. Some medications are not recommended to take together, as their effectiveness is reduced. But there are a deadly combination of drugs, the intake of which can lead to tragic consequences.

Antidepressants and painkillers

A dangerous combination of antidepressants and various pain medications. If treatment from a doctor, he always draws the attention of the patient that drugs of these drug groups should not be taken together. But people do not always rush to the doctor, preferring to buy in pharmacies cheap drugs at random, which leads to tragic consequences.

The combination of these drugs can lead to such health problems:

  • The increase in temperature to critical levels.
  • Gastric bleeding.
  • The mental state.
  • To palpitations.
  • Disruption of the respiratory process.

People who simultaneously painkillers and antidepressants are experiencing anxiety. It may occur and severe depression.

According to the study, it was revealed that antidepressants and drugs from the group of analgesics can lead to severe gastrointestinal bleeding.

On cough medicines and antihistamines

Death can cause antihistamines and medications to treat cough. This is because these drugs may contain similar components, therefore, some medications greatly increase the effects of other, which leads to overdose. In the interaction of these drugs pronounced sedative effect. The person becomes weak and diffused.

The danger is that the patient is not aware of this particular drugs may drive or operate complex mechanisms. This can lead to an accident or serious injury.

Before using any medicines you should carefully read the instructions. If you have any questions, better to ask the doctor.

Anticoagulants and medicines based on aspirin

Blood thinners is a pretty dangerous drugs that should be taken only doctor's orders. Many of these medicines sold in pharmacies exclusively by prescription.

However, you cannot forget about the aspirin, which is freely available. This drug also contributes to the thinning of the blood, even many anticoagulants are composed of this component. If the doctor prescribed the means to thin the blood, and the patient simultaneously receives as antipyretic aspirin, significantly increases the risk of internal and external bleeding.

It is especially dangerous to use drugs based on aspirin to treat children at a younger age. In many countries this drug is banned for children under 12 years.

Painkillers and sedatives

Painkillers and sedatives is a combination pill that causes the patient's death. This is due to the fact that the drugs significantly increase the effect of each other. The simultaneous administration of drugs on these drug groups could be the following condition:

  • Disrupted the heart.
  • Reduced blood pressure and reduced pulse.
  • Reduces the frequency of breathing.
  • Violated the metabolic processes.
  • Deteriorating blood circulation in tissues.

If a person took too many painkillers and sedatives, he quickly falls into a coma. If assistance is not timely rendered, the patient dies.

If a person has accidentally taken incompatible drugs, you should immediately call an ambulance. Especially dangerous is the treatment for small children and the elderly.

Opioids and acetaminophen

These drugs are often prescribed to patients in a number of diseases, which are accompanied by severe pain. Patients sometimes seek to increase the effectiveness of one drug over the other, taking them at the same time. This eventually leads to severe lose of liver cells, intoxication and metabolic disorders. The result of such treatment can be a coma.

Verapamil and beta-blockers

Verapamil belongs to the blockers of calcium. Thanks to this drug, the blood vessels dilate well, which leads to pressure reduction and the revitalization of the heart.

Beta-blockers are prescribed in diseases that are accompanied by heart failure. They urejaut contraction of the cardiac muscle, but the contractions become more effective.

If you take Verapamil and beta-blockers at the same time, this leads to strong slowing of the heart. As a result, it may cause bradycardia and heart block. If the drugs are taken together for a long time, it may be cardiac arrest.

The patient who is undergoing treatment with these drugs should always be written in the notebook pulse and blood pressure. If these numbers are very low, you should stop treatment and seekspecialist.

Fluconazole and statins

Statins are prescribed to lower cholesterol, And fluconazole is necessary to combat fungal pathologies.

Fluconazole inhibits the processing of statins, which leads to their who poured out the accumulation in the body. If the statins in the body has accumulated too much there may be serious destruction of muscle tissue, leading to disruption of vital processes in the body.

Fluconazole is usually taken a very short course, so at this time it is advisable to cancel the statins.

Lisinopril and Verospiron

Lisinopril is a drug to lower blood pressure. It is prescribed for regular appointment for hypertension.

Verospiron prescribed to combat heart failure. This drug reduces the likelihood of developing scar tissue that will interfere with the normal activity of the heart.

The danger of the simultaneous reception lies in the fact that both drugs greatly increase the concentration of potassium in the blood, eventually it leads to disruption of the heart.

During treatment with Verospiron need to regularly monitor the level of calcium in the blood.

How to protect yourself

There are a number of incompatible drugs, leading to death. You must follow these recommendations to avoid this:

  • It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate. The advice of neighbors or relatives can be a disservice. Any treatment should be agreed with the doctor.
  • Do not exceed the dosage of the medication that the doctor prescribed.
  • During treatment, you need to regularly seem to the attending physician, who will monitor the progress of recovery.
  • If the treatment has any side effects drugs immediately cancel and refer to the expert.

We must not forget that all medicines should be kept out of reach of children. Very often kids younger eat attractive the pills, carelessly left in a conspicuous place adults. This leads to tragic consequences.

Incompatible drugs are not so many doctors know all of the hazardous combination. Death from taking such medicines occurs mainly in self-medication. To protect yourself and family from the sad consequences, you should take any medication only on doctor's orders.