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A fish oil overdose: the signs, symptoms, treatment

Even since childhood, some people are familiar with fish oil. This oily liquid with a strong odor that is very unpleasant to swallow. Used as vitamin supplements in children and adults. Now the pharmaceutical industry produces this useful liquid capsules, which facilitates the use of the drug. It must be remembered that overdose of fish oil negatively affects human health.

General characteristics of the drug

Fish oil obtained from fish of different breeds that have a high fat content. Vitamin preparations contain a variety of beneficial to human body minerals, vitamins – glyceride, fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, iodine, bromine, phosphorus. Special value and usefulness of the different components contained in fish oil, omega acids, which normalize the blood pressure and control cholesterol levels. In addition, omega acids participate in the formation of brain cells and the retina.

Relying on the particular usefulness of fish oil, many people are starting to take vitamins in capsules very intense. They suggest that the greater the volume, the better it will be for health and will come the effect. In fact, overdosing only leads to a deterioration of health.

To appoint any vitamins and to periodically monitor their intake needs the doctor after the tests and overall inspection!

Contraindications to the drug

Given that fish oil refers to medicines and are sold through the pharmacy network, it should be applied instruction. Adverse effects, written in the annotation, marked only allergic reactions, but individual patients they appear individually.

The effects of an overdose of the drug described as – weakness, drowsiness, headache in adults and skin rash with vomiting in babies. To poison fish oil is possible, if you take the drug, despite these contraindications, which include:

  • gipercalziuria;
  • tuberculosis in the active phase;
  • chronic kidney disease and the liver;
  • pancreatitis;
  • hypervitaminosis D;
  • sarcoidosis;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • age category of children till 7 years.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women can take vitamin medication solely as directed by a physician.

Manufacturers produce a vitamin preparation in capsules of different sizes, therefore before the beginning of reception it is necessary to accurately look at the packaging, how much active substance contains one capsule.

Symptoms of overdose fish oil

Fish oil is the classic vitamin D, which is used for the prevention of rickets in children and for General strengthening of the body in adults. The rate of intake of this vitamin per day for an adult is 5 mg, safe dose to 15 mcg, and all that is over – this is the excess. Safe dosage for children is considered to be the amount of 3-4 mg per day.

The symptoms of overdose fish oil include changes in the body:

  1. Poor appetite accompanied by nausea.
  2. Increased thirst, which is simply impossible to satisfy.
  3. Constant urge to urinate.
  4. Consistently high blood pressure.
  5. Failures in the intestine – flatulence and constipation.
  6. Weakness in the muscles and joints.
  7. Headache, feeling of pressure in the skull.
  8. Acidosis.

If at one time had been used by a large number of the drug, the symptoms of poisoning is added vomiting and discomfort in the stomach.

Danger of overdose of vitamin D in children

Children are more difficult to react to any error in diet or medication. Therefore, the overdose of omega 3 contained in fish oil, will lead to serious and prolonged treatment. In babies overdose of fish oil is possible only in two cases:

  1. The parents actively fed the child healthy vitamin remedy, naively thinking that the child will grow faster, be smart, active and strong.
  2. The child finds a vitamin preparation and taking beautiful capsules for candy, plenty of eats. Special danger fraught with expired medications, which cause severe poisoning.

One-time overdose cause symptomatic changes in health is may be nausea, vomiting and General weakness. But with the constant overdose of all a little harder, the baby is losing weight due to a constant lack of appetite and nausea, becoming extremely irritable.

Often doctors prescribe fish oil infants who are lagging behind in development by weight or growth. Parents may not dispense medication that leads to diarrhea, increased heart rhythm, breathing problems and sleep.

Laboratory studies in overdose indicate an excessive amount of calcium in the body. Can develop salt deposits, which leads to disruption of water-salt metabolism and diseases of the joints. This pathology is accompanied by severe pain so the baby cries without a break, which exhausts the child and greatly reduces the immune system.

In case of any alarming symptoms, especially in infants, is required to immediately causedoctor. Only a qualified physician can accurately determine the cause of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment.

What to do in case of overdose

If there is a feeling of overdose fatty acids or of the child, then immediately call your doctor or seek help at the hospital. Before arrival of doctors perform such activities:

  • provide to the victim plentiful drink, give a clean, non-carbonated water;
  • put the patient to bed provide complete rest;
  • the little child is kept on hand until the arrival of the doctor. This is necessary to prevent zahlebyvayas vomiting.

Packaging of medicine, which triggered the poisoning, be sure to show the doctor. This will facilitate the diagnosis and the therapy.

Based on the complexity of the overdose of fish oil, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment. Therapy involves keeping a certain and a special diet. Patients during treatment do not use dietary supplements and vitamin complexes. In addition, they should avoid staying under direct sunlight and not go to the Solarium.

If not quickly take measures and not to stop the intoxication, the vital organs suffer from pathological changes.

Prevention of poisoning fish oil

To prevent intoxication of fish oil, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • fish oil is implemented by pharmacies without prescription, but despite this, you can take it only by doctor's orders;
  • do not leave medicines in front of children;
  • giving to infants is necessary in a strictly prescribed dosage;
  • make fat is only after food, so as not to cause indigestion;
  • if a person has an Allergy to anything, taking any medication. agree with the allergist;
  • not at home to store the expired drugs;
  • before reception it is necessary to accurately look at the packaging of the active substance in one capsule.

Fish oil is a great vitamin preparation which is in demand for decades. If you follow the therapeutic dosage and intake peculiarities, and take into account contraindications, it will only bring benefits to both kids and adults.