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Overdose "Alferon": symptoms, consequences, treatment

"Alferon" is a drug of the group of immunomodulators. It is prescribed to adults and children for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases. Overdose "Alferon" not life-threatening, since the drug is non-toxic. In the use of large doses, disturbances in the body are observed on the part of the digestive system.

The "Alferon" and the main indications to his appointment

The drug has two areas of impact. The first is the stimulation of receptors to interferon – a protein produced naturally by the human body in response to penetration of viruses. Thanks to the interferon cells resist infection, do not allow it to affect yourself. The second effect is the stimulation of the receptors to histamine is the regulator of all physiological processes in the body. Therefore, "Alferon" significantly increases the immunity and resistance to various allergens.

Immunomodulatory effect of "Alferon" – makes the immune system more active, improve immunity, protect against infectious factors.

Antihistamine effect of the drug – fights with allergic manifestations, eliminates signs of a cold, is actively used in the complex symptomatic therapy.

Anti-inflammatory effect "Alferon" – relieves inflammation, helps to reduce body temperature, eliminates pain symptoms of varying severity.

Due to its composition the drug has antiviral effect.

Under what conditions prescribed "Alferon":

  • SARS, influenza A and B;
  • adenovirus and herpes infection;
  • infectious mononucleosis, varicella;
  • herpes, including genital;
  • intestinal infection caused by viruses;
  • meningitis (enterovirus and meningococcus);
  • tick-borne encephalitis;
  • fever on the background of renal pathology.

In the complex therapy "Alferon" is prescribed to prevent complications caused by bacteria and superinfection.

Since the drug enhances the effect of vaccines, it is administered for the prevention of the following diseases in children:

  • influenza, adenovirus, the herpes;
  • whooping cough;
  • acute intestinal infection.

Symptoms of overdose "Alferon"

The main symptoms that indicate an overdose are associated with failure of the digestive organs. What happens if you exceed the prescribed dose of the drug, what are the signs of poisoning in adults and children?

The first sign of nausea. The patient experiences weakness, lack of appetite. Don't like the smell, look and taste of cooked dishes. Any attempt meals increase the symptoms. In the throat and oral cavity discomfort, increased salivation. The skin becomes pale, cool and clammy. Signs, characteristic for the gag reflex. Condition can wear light form, as well as to be excruciating to humans. The victim feels a sense of lack of air, resulting in frequent and superficial breath.

Vomiting is observed at moderate severity of overdose "Alferon". Reflex contraction of the muscles of the stomach causes painful sensations in the epigastric region. After vomiting comes a short-term improvement, then the weight and pain back. Vomiting accompanied by nausea, which worsens patient's General condition. Young children have frequent and profuse vomiting. Vomiting may accompanied by fever, toddler fever, muscle pain, aching joints and bones.

Diarrhea in case of overdose "Alferon" – irregularity in overdose does not always happen. Abundant, repeated diarrhea is rare, more often it is single liquid stools. When the victim is experiencing discomfort in the abdomen, aching pain in pelvis, pain, and irritation in the anus after defecation. In infants the changing nature of the chair is not always noticeable as mushy stool. Children are restless, cry, refuse feeding, sulking while walking.

Constipation and gas formation in overdose "Alferon" is more common for children. The child's distended stomach, gases, bad out yourself. The baby marked intestinal colic, which do not allow him to eat normally, stay awake and to sleep, breaking the casual mode. Pain are both the recurrent and ongoing nature, the release of the intestine from stool is difficult. The feces may contain blood impurities as a result of trauma of the intestinal mucosa (caused by the passage of the hard masses).

The symptoms of the deterioration of the General condition in case of overdose "Alferon":

  • muscle weakness;
  • apathy or agitation;
  • increasing the temperature to 37-37,5 °C;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • the dryness of the mouth;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • syncope in severe cases.

The signs by which you can recognize an overdose of "Alferon" infants:

  • redness of the skin;
  • frequent causeless weeping, shouting;
  • refusal or breast feeding;
  • blue discoloration of the lips;
  • blood in the stool;
  • prolonged absence of urination on the background of frequent drinking;
  • saliva in baby's mouth.

With an overdose sometimes there are local allergic reactions – redness of skin, itching, dermatitis, urticaria.

Firstcare and treatment

Overdose "Alferon" assistance depends on the degree of intoxication. Antidote for treatment there. If the General condition is satisfactory, for the elimination of signs of overdose is at home.

Gastric lavage is not effective, as the tablets are not glotaut as a whole, and resolve. Young children the drug is given, previously rubbed it into a powder. Theoretically, gastric lavage is possible, but independently it is not recommended, as there is a large risk of getting vomit in the respiratory tract of the child.

Treatment is aimed at elimination of symptoms caused by an overdose of "Alferon".

When the temperature is prescribed antipyretics. Children under 2 years ibuprofen. After 2 years and adults may use drugs of paracetamol.

For nausea, heartburn, stomach discomfort prescribed gaviscon, Almagel.

To resolve diarrhea – smectite, enterosgel, vomiting – motilium.

Young children to eliminate intestinal colic, gas formation and normalization of stool shown drops, gripe water, probiotics. If a medicine has not had the desired effect, the child is administered the production of a flatus tube.

In allergic manifestations prescribed antihistamines, adults: tablets, children – syrup. For local use with the aim of eliminating itching, redness and rashes prescribe 1% hormonal ointments. They are safe for any age, as the concentration of hormone in them is minimal. Kids swaddled or put on the special cotton mittens, so that the child is not combed skin, because it promotes the accession of infection.