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Overdose activated charcoal: symptoms, consequences

Activated charcoal – this drug is familiar to all from childhood. For several generations people use it as first aid in case of various poisonings and illness. Although the shelves of pharmacies filled with sorbents of new generation, people will still habitually buy black pills. Despite the apparent benefits of the drug overdose activated charcoal is found in the practice of physicians as a result of improper use.

General characteristics of the drug

Activated carbon is produced by special treatment of the stone or charcoal and other plant compounds. The result is a finely dispersed material consisting of 99% of amorphous carbon. This coal has a cellular structure, which explains its good suction power. The drug has many medicinal properties:

  1. Detoxification.
  2. Adsorbent.
  3. Antidiarrheal.

Chemical formula activated carbon allows it to bind and it is easy to deduce from the human body gases, toxins, heavy metals and many drugs. It prevents full absorption of poisons in the stomach wall and intestines and helps to remove harmful substances in unchanged form. Almost no interaction with ferric salts, acids, alkalis, methanol and cyanide.

Indications for use

Activated charcoal in medical practice is used as a universal antidote to various poisonings. In addition, it is indispensable for a number of viral and bacterial diseases that are characterized by severe intoxication. Coal is well established for treatment of cholera, Salmonella and dysentery. It is used to reduce the bilirubin in the blood, in jaundice and other liver problems, and in the early stages of treatment of burns, when strongly decaying cells poison the body. The coal shown in the last stages of kidney failure, as well as in a number of allergic diseases.

Activated charcoal taking in diseases of the intestine, which are accompanied by excessive gas formation, with persistent diarrhoea and diseases of the stomach, characterized by increased secretion of gastric juice.

Some people take activated charcoal to lose weight and for General cleansing of the body. It is worth remembering that the charcoal prevents the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.


Drug used with caution in allergies, diseases of the stomach in the acute stage, ulcerative colitis, bleeding of different etiology in the digestive tract, as well as with medicines, the effectiveness of which is reduced in the interaction with activated charcoal. In addition, its carefully prescribed to infants.

Causes and types of overdose

Overdose activated charcoal may be of two types – acute and chronic. The acute form is more likely to occur if people for once took too many pills. This is possible in case of poisoning, when the dose is taken on the eye, without specifying the weight of the patient.

In case of poisoning activated charcoal is administered at 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight of the patient. Doses, exceeding therapeutic, causes a overdose, with all the ensuing consequences.

A chronic overdose is possible if a person every day for a long time uses the drug. This form is typical for people trying to lose weight, they take the drug long courses.

Overdose symptoms

Symptoms of overdose with this drug is quite specific. Changes in health in chronic overdose expressed symptoms listed below:

  • Dysbacteriosis as a consequence of removal from the body beneficial enzymes. Food rots in the digestive tract with a large release of gas. Man tormented by diarrhea and flatulence.
  • Develop cardiovascular disease because of the withdrawal from the body of potassium and other trace elements. May be tachycardia, weakness, pain in the heart.
  • Decreases overall immunity. Man complains of frequent infectious diseases, which are usually severe.

At the first unpleasant symptoms you must stop taking the drug and seek medical advice.

When a single intake of a large dose having the status, as with any poisoning:

  • persistent diarrhea;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • headache;
  • General weakness.

While taking the coal color of stool full of black – this is normal.

First aid for overdose

Activated charcoal is not absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestines, so with a strong overdose, a person need to give symptomatic treatment:

  • If the reception has been less than an hour, then shown to wash out the stomachin order to remove excess medicine from the body. Perform lavage with clean, lukewarm water until the waste water is clean.
  • Do a cleansing enema. For her, take clean water at room temperature or decoction of chamomile.
  • Person ensure complete tranquility. Remove tight clothes andplaced in a warm bed.
  • Give plenty of drink, it is best to use clean water without gas, but allowed the decoction of rose hips, raisins, dried apricots. It is impossible to unsolder after poisoning with concentrated juices or sodas.

If diagnosed with chronic overdose, the patient is prescribed complex of vitamins and minerals as well as immune-boosting drugs.

The recovery period

If the overdose was caused by the simultaneous reception of a large quantity of the drug, the unpleasant symptoms will pass in a few days. If diagnosed with a chronic overdose, then rehab will take longer. Affected provide easily digestible natural diet. The diet includes lots of vegetables, fruits to replenish the loss of vitamins. Products which improve blood beef liver, buckwheat, chicken breast, prunes.

Pay special attention to the drinking regime. The patient is in the process of rehabilitation should drink lots of natural juices, vitamin compotes and decoctions of herbs.

How effective activated carbon for weight loss

This drug in itself does not provide any action aimed at burning fat. Why use activated charcoal for this purpose, without changing your diet and lifestyle makes no sense. Charcoal will help cleanse the body, but this should be made only in the dosage, which is spelled out in the annotation. You can hear recommendations on one-time admission to 20-30 tablets – it will not lead to anything other than overdose and ill health.

Activated charcoal really reduces the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, which are deposited in the extra weight. But it also prevents the absorption of useful minerals, so the person becomes weak and sickly.

Activated carbon will be an excellent assistant for first aid in case of poisoning. He is in almost every home kit, despite the fact that there is already a lot more modern counterparts. This drug is completely harmless when used in recommended doses.