Rimantadine: overdose and poisoning

Rimantadine belongs to the antiviral drugs that are active against the flu strain a, as well As several conventional herpes viruses. Characterized by good immunostimulating properties. The drug is quite common in the autumn-winter period as a means of prevention and treatment of influenza, therefore, overdose rimantadine often this season.

General characteristics of rimantadine

The active ingredient of the drug is rimantadine, which adversely affects the viruses and enhances immunity. The drug can be taken both preventive and therapeutic purposes. It allows you to facilitate the course of the disease and to avoid the consequences of the flu, but also prevent infection with a strain of influenza A. the body of the drug is excreted via the urinary system, with up to 15% of the leaves intact. The half-life is about 36 hours.

Pharmaceutical companies produce rimantadine in the form of tablets, syrup and powder to dissolve.

The drug is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating women and children up to 7 years. Rimantadine does not affect psychomotor activity, so the treatment you can drive and engage in activities that are associated with increased attention.

Interaction with other medicinal products not detected.

Although in the abstract it is indicated that use of the drug to children under 7 years of age, some pediatricians have successfully used it in their practice. The dosage in this case is calculated individually based on the weight of the baby.

Side effects

Rimantadine is generally well tolerated by patients of different age groups. In rare cases, there may be side effects associated with impaired digestion or malfunctioning of the nervous system. In addition, can be hearing loss, and hoarseness.

If there are any side effects, you should inform the doctor who if necessary, will adjust the treatment.

What is the volume of rimantadine may lead to overdose

Adults for prevention take 1 tablet of rimantadine in the day, the course lasts a month. Children over 7 years 1 tablet for 2 weeks. If one pill is missed accidentally, you should not take a double dose, continue reception in standard mode.

In the treatment of influenza the regimen is slightly different for adults and for children:

  • adults take 6 tablets the first day of illness, after equal time intervals. 4 tablets a day for the second and third day of the disease, 2 tablets on day 4-5;
  • children from 7 to 10 years take 1 tablet 2 times a day;
  • children from 10 to 14 years take 1 tablet 3 times a day.

The treatment for children and adults should not be more than five days.

Overdose rimantadine is possible if you exceed the therapeutic dosage, which is specified in the annotation to the drug. For adults, the maximum allowable daily dose of 300 mg, for a child, 100-150 mg of the drug.

Symptoms of overdose

Symptoms of overdose are changes in health status:

  • there is a persistent indigestion, nausea, vomiting and heartburn;
  • develops bloating and severe diarrhea;
  • on the body a rash of allergic nature;
  • body temperature rises;
  • could be noise in the ears;
  • disturbed coordination of movements, the patient staggers when walking;
  • appears abnormal drowsiness;
  • impaired attention, there is a General weakness;
  • there are mental disorder – the inexplicable sense of fear, anxiety. The victim constantly in a depressed mood;
  • disrupted the heart.

If overdose is very strong, it can be atypical hallucinations and psychomotor agitation. When the victim has chronic heart disease, against the background of an overdose can be heart failure.

Assistance before the arrival of the doctor

If a person has seen an overdose rimantadine, it is necessary to quickly call an ambulance, and then proceed to the emergency care. What you can do until the doctor gets here:

  1. If poisoning less than two hours, effective is gastric lavageto remove any drugs that are not managed to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The patient is allowed to drink up to 1 liter of weak solution of potassium permanganate or salt. Then press down on the tongue and cause vomiting. This procedure needs to be done up to 5 times to the stomach is well cleansed.
  2. Crushed activated carbon and dissolve it in a glass of water, to give the solution to the victim. Tablets take out 1 pieces per 10 kg of body weight.
  3. To provide the patient with abundant drink. Good tea with lemon and honey, cranberry juice and assorted jelly.

Do not try to make a gastric lavage at home for children up to 3 years. This contributes to rapid dehydration, which can lead to death. In the case of child poisoning should quickly call the doctor or deliver baby in the nearest medical institution.

How is the treatment in the hospital

src="/poisoning/images/866-4.jpg">If the victim's condition is severe, he is shown the antidote, physostigmine. This drug is administered in a dose of 1-2 mg and indications repeated administration of medicines within each hour.

Hemodialysis makes no sense to run because it promotes the excretion of only 5% of the toxin. Significantly speed up the excretion of rimantadine from the body, podkislit urine, to do this, use drugs, ascorbic acid or acidic drink. If urinating is no more than 4 hours, bladder using a catheter.

The patient was placed in the intensive care unit and carefully watched. Periodically do an EKG, measure blood pressure and body temperature. These actions will help to detect possible complications of overdose and to appoint adequate treatment.

Possible consequences of overdose

If you overdose rimantadine was weak and medical aid was immediately, then the health effects will be. Possible complications in patients with hypertension and a history they have against the background of overdose elevated blood pressure – it often leads to a heart attack or stroke.

Strong intoxication, even when timely help can lead to death. If the victim still managed to save it long saved diseases of the nervous system, sometimes passing into mental illness.

How to prevent overdose

Taking Rimantadine for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes, is to observe the caution and care:

  • Do not exceed the dose that was recommended by the doctor.
  • Do not leave packaging of medicine easier for the child.
  • Strictly forbidden to take expired medications.
  • In any case be self-medicate and prescribe a medication by yourself.
  • You should not during treatment to consume alcoholic beverages.

Some doctors prefer instead of rimantadine to write a more modern immunostimulating drug, believing that the influenza strains are already resistant to this drug. But the drug continues to be popular among the population and enhances immunity to certain viruses.