Catrina overdose: symptoms and treatment

Effective refers to antigistaminnam drugs of the new generation. Its action is aimed at combating allergic reactions. It is suitable for the system of reception and one-time occurrences. Catrina overdose can be dangerous and can lead to malfunction of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In this article, we considered its causes, symptoms, consequences, and methods of first aid and treatment when it occurs.

The description of the drug

The active ingredient cetrine (cetirizine hydrochloride, refers to modern anti-allergic means the new generation. The drug is available in tablet form and syrup for children. It is sold in pharmacies without medical prescription.

Remember that you can take when sick should be the doctor. The drug is possible in case of acute allergic reaction, for example, with the development of angioedema or urticaria.

Indications and contraindications

The drug cethrin is excellent for the treatment of allergic diseases, first aid in acute allergies and to prevent another allergic attack. To the testimony of the admission of this medication include:

  • seasonal or perennial allergic conjunctivitis or rhinitis (colds);
  • acute or chronic urticaria;
  • atopic bronchial asthma;
  • angioedema angioedema;
  • atopic and allergic dermatitis.

Under certain conditions, the drug is prohibited. These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • idiosyncrasy of the drug;
  • severe renal insufficiency (end-stage);
  • children up to age two years.

Children aged 2 to 6 years: this really helps only in the form of syrup. In this dosage form the drug is easier to dose and expect for a child.


Pharmacies Catrina many analogues with the same active ingredient and therapeutic effect. For example:

  • retrinal;
  • caterings;
  • cetirizine-Norton;
  • Molinos;
  • zodak;
  • zyrtec;
  • analergin;
  • have amartel;
  • alercation.

Rules of admission and dosing of analogues may be slightly different. You should carefully read the instructions before their appointment.

Causes of overdose

Overdose Catrina possible failure to comply with medical recommendations or in the case of self-medication. The drug in a dose exceeding the allowable boundary, leads to the development of acute poisoning.

There are cases of overdose Catrina during acute allergic reactions, swelling Kvinke. The man, seeing the puffiness of his face and feeling shortness of breath, ready to take all the medicine available at hand. However, he can simultaneously enjoy several different antihistamines and cause overdose them.

Cethrin should be stored out of reach of children. Child because of their age curiosity may eat of pills, wanting to taste them.

The clinical picture

Overdose symptoms Catrina begin to clinically manifest during the first hour after ingestion of toxic doses of the drug. The more the patient drank the tablets, the harder his condition.

Overdose symptoms:

  • increased severe drowsiness, a person begins to feel a strong weakness, his sleepy;
  • dizziness and headache. These symptoms develop due to lower blood pressure;
  • nausea and vomiting. In the vomit there are remains of tablets, gastric juice and bile;
  • tremor (shaking) of the hands;
  • a sense of uneasiness and anxiety;
  • reducing the amount of urine or delay;
  • strong rapid heartbeat in which the heart rate may exceed 120 beats per minute;
  • tachypnea – shortness of breath.

First aid

People intoxicated Catrina, needs skilled medical care. When the first signs of drug intoxication immediately, without hesitation, call the ambulance. While waiting for medics, proceed to self-rescue the poisoned person.

While the sick person is not asleep or lost consciousness, you need to find out from him the amount of medication. Also ask him what drugs he was additionally used.

Components of first aid in case of overdose Catrina:

  1. First of all you need to bring the remnants of the pills from the stomach. To do this, gulp drink 2-3 glasses of water and induce vomiting by pressing a finger on the root of the tongue. Lavage of the stomach it is best to take plain water at room temperature. A solution of potassium permanganate use is undesirable. To carry out this procedure it is impossible for people in an unconscious state.
  2. Give the patient to drink sorbents. These drugs inactivate and neutralize the remnants of the drugs. In case of overdose Catrina is possible to take any drugs belonging to the group of sorbents, like activated carbon, sorbex, smectite, APSCO. Before taking this medication, you should check its expiry date and read the rules of dispensing.
  3. Patient drink simple or mineral water. Liquidwill help to accelerate the elimination of drugs from the body. It is best to drink small SIPS and gradually, for example, a SIP every 5 minutes.

If the patient is asleep or unconscious, do not try to make him vomit, give drugs, or try to drink water. Put it on a firm and level surface on the back, and the head turns to the side. Check his pulse and breathing and make sure he didn't choke on the vomit.


First medical care is provided by physicians from SMP arrived on the call. First, they take electrocardiograms, test blood pressure and saturation, heart rate and respiration. Then the patient is established intravenous access, venflon through which connects the IV solution to eliminate intoxication.

If necessary, the doctors administered drugs that normalize the heart rate and blood pressure.

Hospitalization is carried out in the Department of toxicology. Patients staying in critical condition, are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit. There is no specific antidote. And therapy is aimed at removing drugs from the body and the normalization of vital signs. Treatment includes a rich infusion therapy, forced diuresis.

Welcome Catrina only safe when proper dosing and compliance with medical recommendations. An overdose of this drug may develop into a serious condition and can lead to serious consequences. In the case of the first signs of poisoning Catrina you should immediately call an ambulance. Treatment of this condition should be carried out in hospital under constant medical control. Only the rejection of self-treatment and treatment of allergies together with your doctor can protect you from an overdose Catrina.