Poisoning americnas water or puppeteer

Ingesting poisonous plants inevitably poisoning. Some of the medications also have toxins that poison the body. They are sold in pharmacies and are limited in use. Poisoning americnas water is because the medication assume incorrectly. It cannot be taken orally, this substance is intended for external use only.

However, according to some reports the use of hellebore in order to develop the drinking man's aversion to alcohol. Persistent popular opinion about the drug that can cure alcohol dependence, formed long ago and is supported by all sorts of stories, what this means healers treating people in Russia.

The scope of hellebore

Medicinal herb hellebore, which is also called a puppeteer, it is a poisonous grass, which is composed of alkaloid, veratrine. The degree of danger is such that it may be poisonous even when applied externally the drug.

However, the plant uses both traditional and nonconventional medicine:

  • in cattle is used in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as chemerical sprinkle the powder on their wounds to those healed faster;
  • chemeritsy broth in a large dilution used for spraying on plants that they did not spoil the parasites;
  • homeopathic medicines are made with the hellebore to treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels: veratrine lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, reduces the heart rate;
  • in the official medicine the plant is used to combat head lice on the body of the people, and for dandruff and head lice.

It should be remembered that americna water is banned for ingestion in any breeding, even within homeopathy, and all these practices have nothing to do with evidence-based medicine and can threaten life. The high degree of toxicity of the drug on the basis of hellebore leads to the striking symptoms of poisoning in the amount of 1 gram americnas water in consistency, which is sold in pharmacies. And 2 grams is a lethal dose.

Symptoms of poisoning americnas water

Bioactive action of alkaloids comprising americnas water, is the strong stimulation of nerve endings, which leads to the hysterical sneezing, coughing. When ingested, the toxins cause a reduction in the muscles of the stomach, leading to uncontrollable vomiting.

Hellebore poisoning begins with nausea and vomiting, symptoms develop within half an hour after taking the drug. Since the alkaloid composition chemerical of water affects the heart and can inhibit its activity, the heart failure may be the cause of death. Therefore, it is necessary to call an ambulance and to indicate the source of the poisoning, exactly putting the dosage ingested. Dosage is crucial – depending on the amount of alcohol consumed poison, we need to introduce a corresponding amount of antidote.

Characteristic symptoms of poisoning americnas water, in addition to vomiting, is a flow of saliva from the mouth, pale skin, restless, anxiety, shortness of breath, diarrhea.

If the patient drank the critical amount of poison, death occurs within a few hours. In the risk group, who would have a poor prognosis, there are people with cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the liver and kidneys. There is also Allergy and individual intolerance to the drug, which also can have a detrimental effect on health.

First aid if poisoning americnas water

While waiting for the ambulance, the patient is required to provide first emergency aid.

The first thing to do if you suspect that liquid has entered the body is to carry out a gastric lavage. After washing take the maximum number of adsorbents – activated carbon and other sorbents.

A paramedic will take the patient for life-saving procedures performed in the toxicology Department of a hospital.

Do not forget that from your readings and the accuracy of data regarding the amount of alcohol consumed, the exact name of the drug, time of ingestion, and other clarifying information depends on a favorable prognosis and correct treatment accordingly.

Transportirovku patient in a horizontal position in a hospital, doctors injected him with the antidote atropine, aimed at normalizing heart rhythm and apply a different therapy to normalize blood pressure, restore blood circulation. Apply epinephrine, corticosteroids, dopamine.

Treatment and antidotes

Poisoning puppeteer was described homeopath Hahnemann in the eighteenth century. He discovered and recorded the destructive effects that plant has on the body. Hahnemann described what would happen if you take this remedy inside: acute brain edema and the inability to determine whether the patient is experiencing at least one sense. Noted deep melancholy with longing and despair and a strong thirst.

Because of dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea it is very important to fill it with water, a special formula for the normalization of water-salt metabolism or normal mineral water "Essentuki". The water will help to replenish the body with the necessary fluid and faster to withdrawtoxins. Need as quickly as possible to begin work on the replacement of fluids, since dehydration is fraught with serious consequences and can cause irreversible processes. Severe vomiting can interfere with the drinking and absorption of water.

As the main impact toxicity has on cardiac function, in stationary conditions intravenous solution atropine sulfate. As for washing the gastrointestinal tract is not only the probe but also the enema, that is not only cleanse the stomach but also the intestines.

Necessary to raise blood pressure. Doctors using prednisone, the dosage of the individual. To restore circulation use adrenaline.

All treatment should be complex, the severity of the toxicity can be assessed only by an experienced doctor. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat poisoning americnas water at home.

Alcoholism treatment americnas water

Sometimes in desperation the relatives of alcohol dependent men go to extreme measures. A common practice to "save" the afflicted of an addiction, is the adulteration in food americnas water. This is done without the knowledge of the subject and the dose of "drugs" is measured, as a rule, the eye. It is important to note that such a method of application of non-edible poisonous drugs can lead to poisoning even small doses.

When chemerichko inhalation of powder or water to get the intoxication of the organism.

The calculation is done on the effect of stimulating alkaloid, which is part of americnas water on the muscles of the stomach. With regular servings of such vegetable alkaloids a person suffering from alcohol dependence, there must be aversion to alcohol and even physical reaction to the use of alcohol-containing products in the form of vomiting.

The efficiency of this method is unreliable, and the very possibility of its application is hazardous to health and life. The consequences of such therapy can be very unpredictable.

To the same plant alkaloids in the composition americnas water are stronger than when mixing them with alcohol. So not the fact that if the first time the patient was sober and felt bad, then later, after drinking a glass of alcohol, the same dose of poison does not prove fatal for him.

Therefore, in order to overcome alcoholism, you need a determination to part with him, himself suffering from this disease. Without voluntary consent and without accompanying this process of tension will it is rarely possible to achieve something. The second important step is a trip to the tried and trusted psychiatrist, who does not use his method of unproven medicine dangerous for health therapy.

Americna water: instructions for use

The production of the drug sold in the pharmacy, has its manual, according to which he intended for the treatment of head lice. This is an antiparasitic agent that acts on smooth muscles of intestines of lice and nits living on the human body and its clothes. Americna water deprives them of the ability to reproduction and nutrition, a positive effect on hair growth, has anti-bacterial effect.

Method of application:

  • use gloves when contact with product;
  • carefully to wash the part of body or clothing on which the procedure will be performed using the means for washing;
  • shake the bottle americnas water;
  • apply the product on affected surface by using cotton wool;
  • to hide under clothing treated place for your head to wear a scarf, wash hands with soap and water;
  • rinse the place after 30 minutes and wash it with shampoo or soap;
  • to comb the hair to remove the parasites from the skin;
  • repeat the procedure every day if necessary.

Be sure to comb out the dead parasites out of my head. In re the ineffectiveness of the disinfectant must not be used during the week.

The hellebore cannot be taken if there is hypersensitivity to it or infected skin diseases. The drug is contraindicated in children up to 3 years, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Do not allow americnas water on the mucous membranes, with a special caution to protect the drug from the eye. Also, to avoid getting the solution in the blood, it should not be applied on the affected areas of the skin.