Overdose valorem in children and adults

Sailor – medication for nasal application, has antimicrobial and astringent effect on the mucous membrane of the nose. The composition of the medicinal product is Proteinate of silver, which is detrimental effect on pathogens – streptococci, staphylococci, Moraxella and fungi. Sealer creates a protective film on the nasal mucosa and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. Possible overdose valorem, which leads to unpleasant symptoms, and requires medical care.

General characteristics of the drug

Sealer is sold in a form ready of nose drops or in the form of a kit that includes the pills brown and a solvent. The active substance acts as a protargol, or as it still name, proteinic silver. The usual solvent is purified water. The drug is sold in packages of pipette or dispenser inside. Be sure to include a summary to the application.

Prepared nose drops is a nearly transparent liquid of brownish shade. Medication belongs to drugs local action, so in the bloodstream does not almost. The drug is already noticeable after 15 minutes and lasts several hours.

The finished solution stored in a cool dark place less than a year. Pills can be stored in similar conditions for 2 years.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

Sialor prescribed as adjuvant in the treatment of inflammatory respiratory diseases. Medication use as a preventive product for the prevention of infections in adults and children during respiratory diseases. Indications for the use of salora are such States:

  • chronic diseases of the nose, which cause drying of the mucous membranes;
  • rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis and other infections;
  • adenoids;
  • changes in the nose associated with seasonal allergies;
  • the presence of threat factors that can trigger the development of diseases of the upper respiratory organs such as Smoking, dust, dry air, Central heating;
  • hygiene procedures for a thorough cleansing of the nasal mucosa;
  • debridement of the sinuses before and after surgery to prevent complications.

Belongs to contraindications individual intolerance to the components, which are part of the drug. We must remember that the drug can cause allergic reactions, so people with Allergy history medication prescribed with caution.

Before using sialor it is advisable to test. For this elbow is applied a few drops of the drug and a few minutes to check the reaction. If there is redness, medication should not be used.

The drug is not desirable to prescribe for pregnant and lactating women, as the study of drug action in this group of patients have not been conducted. Use sealer allowed the infants.

Method of application

If the drug is purchased in the form of tablets, before using them required to be dissolved in water. It will only take a few minutes and is done like this:

  1. In a bottle that comes in the kit, pour the solvent is applied;
  2. Add one tablet of the drug and shake well.

Medication is thoroughly shaken at least 10 minutes and then instilled into the nasal passages according to the instructions.

To achieve greater efficiency nose before burying sialogram well cleansed from crusts and secretions. You can pre-rinse the nasal passages with the sea water.

When possible overdose

Sialor applies to medicines for local effects, when used correctly, it does not hit the stomach and not absorbed into the bloodstream. Overdose often occurs in children, mostly inadvertently. Poisoning can be in such cases:

  • If significantly exceeded the dosage, and it fell into the stomach.
  • If a child accidentally found the medicine and drank it.
  • If the person is confused tablet salora with other oral drugs and drank them.

Silver, which is an active component of the drug, a very toxic substance. Therefore, before taking need to consult with your doctor.

Symptoms of overdose

When the overdose of a minor, no symptoms may not be just a little dry mucosa of the nose and the person starts to sneeze. With a large amount of drugs may experience such deterioration in health:

  • dryness of the nasal mucosa, accompanied by strong burning sensation;
  • heart palpitations;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • the decrease in body temperature;
  • insomnia;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • blurred vision;
  • violation of mental health.

Basically, all these phenomena can be observed after prolonged overdose. If people mistakenly drank undissolved tablet of valora, he threatens to burn the stomach lining.

In the case of a strong excess of therapeutic dosages of valora develops a dangerous disease argyria. This disease is almost untreatable. The skin of an affected person becomes grayish-blue color and thisthe process is irreversible.

First aid and treatment

First aid there is a sense to render only when rapid detection of signs of overdose. In the future, silver is deposited in the spinal cord, the skin and liver, where to bring it in full is impossible. If after an overdose of less than hours, care is provided by this algorithm:

  1. Do gastric lavage large volume of salted water and cause vomiting. The procedure can be performed several times until the smell of drugs and the waste water is clear.
  2. Give sorbents, which bind the remaining toxins and gently withdraw them from the body.
  3. Otpaivat the patient plenty of fluids. It is important to give the drink in small portions so as not to provoke vomiting.

If the victim mistakenly swallowed pills of valora, then immediately call an ambulance. In this case, there may be perforation of the stomach and internal bleeding!

Specific treatment when there is argyria. Man's whole life will live with leather silver color. Possible application of the methods of when to remove the top layer of the skin, but it does not always lead to the expected result and can leave scars.

How to prevent poisoning valorem

To prevent overdose valorem, it is enough to observe a few simple rules:

  • do not store medication in an accessible place;
  • do not exceed the dosage prescribed by the attending physician;
  • do not use sealer after the expiration date, as the silver decomposes and becomes very toxic.

Sealer will help to quickly get rid of an infected cold in children and adults. But keep in mind that silver is included in the drug, belongs to heavy metals and can cause severe poisoning. To apply the drops only after consulting with the ENT doctor.