Personam overdose: symptoms and treatment

Persen fairly common in the population drug of plant origin. It is used in stressful situations and to prevent insomnia. Medication is dispensed in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription and so it may seem to many people is completely safe. However, this is not so, it is possible to overdose personam, which, though not causing serious consequences, but requires assistance.

General characteristics of persona

Persen applies to herbal drugs, which are characterized by a mild sedative effect. Part medications include Valerian extract, lemon balm extract, mint extract and some excipients. The drug is effective under high emotional excitement, promotes better sleep with insomnia. In the daytime does not cause drowsiness and loss of efficiency. Produced by the pharmaceutical industry in the form of tablets brown convex form and in capsule form.

When necessary persen

Person is assigned a number of diseases that are associated with minor mental disorders:

  • In the neuroses, which do not require treatment with more powerful drugs, and accompanied by absent-mindedness, insomnia and irrational anxiety.
  • Prophylactic administration after the abolition of potent psychotropic medications.
  • Prevention of various mental disordersthat were caused by a long depression or a stressful situation.
  • Dystonia.

Reception of persona can be started only after consultation with your doctor.

The rules of admission

Adults and children over 12 years take the Persians by the physician – 2-3 tablets or 1-2 capsules of persen Forte at a time, up to three times a day. For normalization of sleep take the drug at the same dose an hour before bedtime.

Children older than three years prescribed 1 tablet up to three times a day. The dosage is calculated by the attending physician individually, based on the weight little patient and the severity of the disease.

The impact of the drug on pregnant and lactating women was not analysed, so the persen appointed this group of patients with caution when the expected benefits exceed the possible harm.

It is worth considering that the Persians enhances the effects of hypnotics, hypotensive and analgesic drugs. In the appointment of persona should pay attention of the attending physician to the reception of other drugs.

Side effects

The drug is well tolerated by patients of all age groups. In some cases, it may be an intolerance to some components included in the composition of the drug. This is usually an allergic reactions, a small distraction and weakness.

Prolonged treatment with persanol there is a tendency to constipation, so you should adjust the diet.


Contraindications persona a bit. These include children up to age three years and individual intolerance to the components included in the medicine. In addition, persen Forte is not recommended to assign children under 12 years, pregnant and lactating women.

When possible overdose

Cases of overdose personam in medical practice are very rare and occur mostly by negligence:

  • the adults left the packaging of medicine in a prominent place, and the children ate tablets, mistaking them for candy;
  • people took too many pills to suicide;
  • a person has mental problems, drugs taken in large quantity for quick relief of the condition.

Tablets persona very hard to poison, they have a low toxic effect. While taking more than 50 pills enhanced therapeutic effect and may cause side effects.

The symptoms of overdose personam

When you overdose Personam symptoms are quite specific, the signs look like this:

  • the person sleepy, a notable weakness;
  • the victim sick, but vomiting occurs rarely;
  • there is gnawing pain in the region of the digestive organs;
  • visible trembling of the limbs;
  • if you look closely, you can see considerably dilated pupils;
  • if you are allergic to components of the drug, possible skin rash.

Usually after first aid all of the symptoms go unnoticed for a day. And just in case, if the person is allergic or has a history of serious illness, overdose can cause severe health disorders.

First aid for overdose

If discovered that there was an overdose of personam, it usually indicates an empty pack that was lying next to a child or mentally unstable person, proceed to first aid:

  • Well the stomach is washed with a sufficient amount of water to which you add a little salt or manganese. Manganese pre-diluted in a small volume of water, and then the resulting solution through several layers of cheesecloth poured into water for washing.
  • Do a cleansing enema.
  • Enveloping give the victim food or drink – jelly, mashed bananas, oatmeal water, rice water.
  • Wellotpaivat the victim. Drink give small amounts but very frequently – this will prevent vomiting.

Even if the injured after first aid has become much better to consult a doctor is still needed. Especially when it comes to young children or pregnant women.

Can be fatal overdose personam

Death may be overdose of any medication, including herbal remedies. No one can predict how will behave each individual organism while simultaneously entering a large number of raw materials of plant origin. Someone could just be indigestion, and Allergy overdose may lead to edema of Quincke, which will lead to death if not quickly to help.

Prevention of overdose

To avoid unnecessary disturbances that are associated with overdose of persina, you must follow some rules:

  1. Do not leave medications in a visible place, especially if you have children or mentally unstable people.
  2. Do not exceed the dosage that has been recommended by a doctor.
  3. Do not use for the treatment of expired medicines.
  4. Take into account contraindications for the drug specified in the annotation.

Persen is a mild sedative which helps to relieve stress or reduce depression. Vegetable ingredients of the drug do not have pronounced toxic effects on the body, therefore, if excessive intake of one or two tablets of the signs of poisoning will not. But if a person took too many pills, it's a reason to immediately seek medical attention.