Overdose "Senada": symptoms, effects, first aid

"Senado" – this drug is plant-based, designed for weight loss and normalization of stool. Consists of herbs of the Seine, which was used by more than one generation of our ancestors to combat the constipation. The modern form of the drug in tablet form with excipients suitable for use and has almost no side effects. The only drawback is the possible overdose "Senada", which leads to a number of undesirable consequences.

About the drug ""Senado""

To better understand the principle of action of the drug and its effects on the body, you should be familiar with the properties of the active substance.

Senna leaves are known since ancient times. The broth is based on it was used by our ancestors to normalize bowel function. The active ingredients of this plant is able to gently and delicately, but no less effectively cope with the existing problems of the gastrointestinal tract, while not acting aggressively and destructively on the internal microflora.

Regular bowel movements to eliminate toxins, then welcome the "Senado" can solve the problem with the skin on the face, which first suffer from such disorders rash.

It is believed that remedies for weight loss a positive effect on metabolism, so they adopted people wanting to lose weight. "Senado" as quite effective and safe the drug is popular with beauties. It increases peristalsis and actively dilutes the chair.

"Senada" for weight loss

To become slim by using laxatives, increasingly beauties choose "Senada". A drug with time-tested active ingredient that is safe to use and inspires confidence.

However, you should not hurry with its reception. To safely and effectively get the desired effect, you should consult with your doctor and agree on individual dose, to get acquainted with possible side effects, to make the necessary tests to identify hidden risk factors. Any, even the safest drug has certain risks if incorrectly calculated the dosage and do not take into account the characteristics of the organism.

In addition, the effectiveness of laxatives as weight loss has no evidence, and they can be hazardous to health with prolonged use. Any laxative, and "Senado" is no exception, contributes to dehydration, which in turn prolonged and uncontrolled use leads to chronic diseases and other troubles. So, often suffer from hair and nails, the metabolism can dramatically slow down due to dehydration, is also the metabolism, a person begins to suffer from headaches and dizziness.

"Senada" when used for weight loss dangerous that enters the body in a certain shock, regularly interfering with peristalsis and preventing the absorption of food, as nature intended. The result of such an intervention could be the opposite effect – the body perceives as a threat that nutrients are not absorbed. With the aim of self-preservation he will work "in reserve", accumulating body fat mass is most active, to experience "difficult times".

Because of the apparent safety of funds, many started to accept him without the testimony of the doctor, illegally appointing their own dosages and determining the duration of application. Therefore, the "Senado", as the most popular means, is responsible the unpleasant symptoms that arise due to an overdose.

Overdose "Senada"

In single dose too high dose serious health risk there, as the "Senado" does not contain chemicals and toxins harmful to humans. Stress to the body caused primarily by dehydration and, secondly, aesthetic problems and poor health. Symptoms of a single overdose of "Senado":

  • cramps, abdominal pain;
  • rumbling, flatulence;
  • frequent urge for bowel movement;
  • nausea.

Designed for one-time use as a struggle with constipation "Senado", as well as other herbal laxatives reduce the absorption of liquids in the colon, which allows you to create a similar effect when digested food accumulated under the pressure of the fluids out of the body. Prolonged effect on the colon leads to the depletion of water in the body.

For this reason, the most dangerous overdose "Senada" long-term use, when the symptoms of chronic diseases:

  • reduced bowel tone;
  • growing the symptoms of beriberi;
  • intoxication due to dehydration.

In addition to the incorrect behavior of the body with frequent and forced colonic irrigation laxatives, the body may simply stop working independently. Constantly stimulating his work outside the gastrointestinal tract may be dependent on drugs in order to perform its functions.

Leaching of undigested food as one of the consequences of an overdose of "Senado", leads to the fact that it ceases the absorption and accumulation of essential for life trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients. All of this leads to vitamin deficiency and depletion of the body complex further recovery. This parallel consumptionartificial vitamin complexes not compensate losses as artificial and natural vitamins in your diet, have a different degree of suction.

Don't underestimate the importance of dehydration – lack of fluids in the body can cause many diseases and thoroughly undermine health.

Treatment of overdose "Senado"

The main step in the treatment is, of course, appeal to the physician with a detailed description of symptoms and duration of admission "Senada". You can cope with dehydration as the most dangerous symptom of overdose. For this you need to consume plenty of fluids – at least 2 liters a day. In the pharmacy special mixes for restoration of water-salt balance during dehydration – "Regidron" and so on. As an alternative you can use mineral water "Essentuki" with a high content of salt.

It is necessary to establish a healthy diet with the right amount of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and fats that allow you to better absorb some of the vital fat-soluble vitamins.

First aid for overdose "Senado" in children, call an ambulance and immediate reception of a large number of liquids. Children have a lower tolerance for dehydration, according to them, there may be additional symptoms such as lethargy, apathy, dry language. It is unacceptable to leave a child in this condition without medical assistance – long-term diarrhea and you suspect that the acceptance of the tablets "Senado", you should immediately take action.

"Senado" is an effective means to eliminate constipation. And can be used for these purposes. A single use of "Senado" or its use in small doses, has no effects and safe for health. Regular use of the drug leads to specific risks to health and can give the opposite effect. For weight loss there are many alternative more effective and less hazardous methods – active lifestyle, healthy food, correct mode. There are also many drugs for weight loss without a laxative effect.