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Poisoning poisonous bleached: signs, symptoms, treatment

Henbane is a very toxic plant which belongs to the family Solanaceae. The geography of growing henbane is very extensive, it grows almost everywhere, often along roads or on vacant lots. The plant can be grown both in groups and single specimens. Bleached poisoning is not uncommon, it leads to severe health consequences.

General characteristics of plants

Henbane have a thick stem with fibers, its height can be up to five feet. The leaves are oblong and dark, maybe that's why the people of this grass called black henbane. Blooms large inflorescences of slightly yellowish, with purple patches. At the time of flowering makes a bad flavor, because of this, all the animals try to get the plant side. The seeds of henbane, and identical with poppy seeds, they are black and small. In ignorance they are very easy to confuse.

Toxic effects on the human body have atropine and hyoscine, which are contained in the parts of the plant. The nervous system is affected person with all the ensuing consequences.

All parts are poisonous henbane, but specific toxicity have seeds that ripen in late summer.

The use of henbane in medical practice

Despite the strong appearance of poisoning, henbane is used in medical practice for several centuries. Its components are part of many drugs. The range of applications of tincture of henbane is large enough, it shows for such purposes:

  1. As an anesthetic, for pain of different etiologies.
  2. As a styptic for extensive wounds.
  3. As a spasmolytic, spasm of smooth muscles.
  4. For the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, together with other components.
  5. Gastric ulcer in treatment.
  6. In bronchial asthma, to reduce the number of attacks.

For arthritis, rheumatism and tuberculosis of bones successfully used a variety of rubbing the creams that are made on the basis of vegetative raw materials henbane.

To collect henbane for medicinal purposes should with extreme caution. When collecting poisonous plants use gloves and a respirator. We must remember that the source of the poisoning can become even evaporation from plants! After finishing work wash your hands several times under running water with soap.

The best time to collect leaves of henbane is considered to be June-October. The stems of the plants can be harvested when the plant will wither, or when already on the plant is the fruit.

Signs of poisoning bleached

Most often toxicity from eating poisonous plants found in children of different ages. They mistakenly take the seeds of this weed are edible and eating them. Signs of poisoning bleached appear very quickly, within the first 20 minutes. The main symptoms are as follows:

  • dramatically increased body temperature, sometimes to very high marks;
  • greatly quickens the heart rate, heart patient literally "skips";
  • dry throat and mouth;
  • deteriorating eyesight. The picture may be blurred or the eyes of all the dark;
  • confused consciousness;
  • hallucinations appear;
  • man begins to rave;
  • pupils is greatly enhanced;
  • skin blushing;
  • rises blood pressure;
  • occurs constipation.

Symptoms of poisoning bleached may be slightly different, may be added nausea and vomiting, but this is an exception.

If a person suffers from acute cardiac disease, the use of henbane can result in death!

Symptoms of severe poisoning bleached

The severity of poisoning depends on how much plant matter got into the human body and of its total body mass. In children, poisoning of this type are extremely difficult because of the small mass. If a strong poisoning such changes occur in the body:

  • the man is delusional, he is being persecuted hallucinations;
  • completely lost orientation on the ground;
  • the pulse slows, blood pressure decreases dramatically;
  • excessive excitation, which is accompanied by convulsions;
  • acquire all cyanosed mucous membranes.

Bleached severe poisoning leads to paralysis of the respiratory system, the result is fatal.

Very often in the use of henbane are poisonous to the food a person starts to behave absolutely inadequately. Therefore, the people have a saying – henbane overeat.

Emergency aid

Aid you need to have a very fast, yet toxic constituents have not managed to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Since most lesions bleached natural vomiting is absent, it is necessary to try to cause artificially, and even better to wash out the stomach through a probe of large diameter. To prevent injury of the throat, which is dry in this type of poisoning, the probe is smeared with oil. Perform lavage with a weak solution of baking soda or a solution of activated charcoal.

If gastric lavage can be done for any reason, then the patient is given to drink 2-3 tablespoons of crushed activated carbon, which is dissolved in the water.

src="/poisoning/images/1136-3.jpg">To reduce discomfort from dry mouth, give the victim to drink small portions or I propose to dissolve small pieces of ice.

If the person who ate parts of henbane, the phase of excitation was absent, he immediately fell into a coma, it is necessary the introduction of an antidote, which is neostigmine (0.05% solution). This drug is administered subcutaneously at a dosage of 1 ml, alternatively, you can use physostigmine salicylate (0.1% solution) also subcutaneously. The antidote should be used with caution, as there may be side effects.

The use of any drugs should only be under medical supervision!

The victim can also be given to drink of magnesium sulphate in a dosage of 25 g in 700 ml of water. If a person is highly excited and has observed convulsions, used sedatives. In addition, the patient washed the intestines with a solution barbamyl or just slightly salted water.

To get rid of symptoms of tachycardia, intravenously injected with a solution of inderal.

High temperature treatment include analgin, nimesulide or paracetamol. At the same time wipe the victim with cool water, use cold compresses on the forehead and groin. The affected person conveniently placed, it is necessary to create absolute peace.

Dosage of all medicines are prescribed individually by a physician based on the patient weight and the severity of the poisoning!

Possible consequences in case of poisoning bleached

Henbane is a poisonous plant and, in addition to temporary symptoms, can cause serious diseases of organs and systems of the body. These include:

  • chronic hepatitis;
  • mental disorders;
  • allergic reactions;
  • persistent migraine.

In addition, this plant has a narcotic effect, so there is some dependence.

Prevention of poisoning bleached

Preventive measures aimed at preventing not only the use of parts henbane in food, but also to the plant is generally avoided.

  • With children, you need to hold lectures on the subject of dangerous plants, which often grow around. Be sure to show pictures of all parts of the henbane.
  • You can't collect near roads bouquets of wild flowers. Apart from the fact that the dusty grass between them can be wormed dangerous.
  • Children should play only in designated areas. Invalid any games without adult supervision on vacant lots and along roads.
  • Pharmaceutical preparations of henbane is used only on prescription and strictly the prescribed dosage.

Some people treated with traditional medicine recipes, most of which contain questionable ingredients. Very often it ends in tears, so you should not self-medicate without consulting a doctor.

In case of poisoning bleached should immediately call an ambulance. Especially if we are talking about children, pregnant women or the elderly – these people are particularly vulnerable to toxic substances. The treatment is performed exclusively in hospital settings, and until the arrival of medical teams in affected necessarily render emergency assistance.