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How often can I drink the pills, addiction, addictive

The smell in the house of your grandmother? Hot pies, dried herbs and sage. Without it, the elderly hard – he takes the heartache and calms the nerves, allows you to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly all night. But if a cute woman to take the coveted bottle, after a while it turned into an angry fury. It started breaking drug, a severe and dangerous condition for people aged. Recently, the dependence on the pills comes from young people using the drug as a weak drug.

The composition of the drug

Sage is so popular in women older than 60-65 years, recent attempt of physicians to equate it to drug drug caused an uproar among the population. People bought dozens of dark bottles, the stocks of pharmacies were exhausted, sounded a long-forgotten word "deficit". The situation is paradoxical: if sage is not a drug, why is there such mass hysteria?

From ignorance and unwillingness to read the instructions, which clearly state: "you can Not use more than 30 days. Is addictive". At first glance, the composition of the pills are harmless:

  • ethyl alpha-bromsulfaleinovy acid;
  • phenobarbital, or luminal;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • peppermint essential oil;
  • ethanol 96% purified;
  • distilled water.

Not ethyl alcohol in the sage became the object of attention of fans to relax, and phenobarbital is a narcotic drug for the treatment of epileptic seizures in children and adults.

Sage is not a drug for course treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. You can use it only one time to relieve stress or in an attempt to sleep.

People with medical or pharmaceutical education when looking at the composition of the drug becomes it is unclear why the grandmother think of sage as a panacea? Moreover, older people discover new therapeutic properties of sage: swallow his renal colic, indigestion and for discharge of phlegm when you cough. Just have them for a long time formed a dependent on phenobarbital, but like all addicts, they never admit it even to herself.

What disease cures pills

If to upset his grandmother (and suffering corallini dependence grandmothers love to get upset), she'll grab first for the heart, and then for the coveted bottle of dark glass. This is a characteristic symptom of addiction – the drug is not for heartache. The drug is recommended by doctors in the following cases:

  1. When irritability taking as neuroses.
  2. For insomnia, not having a chronic course.
  3. For the treatment of hypertension at an early stage, not associated with an increased renal pressure.
  4. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract neurogenic etiology.
  5. For elimination of spasms of coronary vessels.

Adding all the above diseases is vegetative-vascular dystonia, which affects more than 70% of the world's population. Many specialists due to the many patients even refuse to consider it a disease.

If the apartment elderly relatives there is a persistent smell of sage, we can safely speak about addiction one of them. The drug is not applicable to a harmless sedative means – ethyl alcohol in conjunction with a luminal destroy the cells of the liver and kidneys.

For older people respected sage?

  • Quickly soothes and relaxes.
  • With him to fall asleep.
  • Eliminates the heartache.
  • Eliminates all problems.
  • Helps all diseases.

Inviting the grandmother to take instead of the pills, an infusion of freshly brewed herbs, you can call a storm of indignation. And the most important argument is the assertion that the sage is also harmless roots and flowers.

How dangerous sage

With the availability of modern drugs makes no sense to drink Corvalol. It is a symptomatic cure, not to cure any disease. If the bottle of magic drops, not even enough for a day, what's the point? For the prevention and treatment of pathologies of the cardiovascular system developed the basic combinations of drugs. Regular use of these funds prevents the occurrence of pain in the heart and rise in blood pressure.

Phenobarbital is included in the list of narcotic substances, subject to leave from pharmacies exclusively by prescription of the doctor. The fact that after two weeks of admission he is a persistent drug addiction. Symptoms of addiction to pills occur after a month of regular use.

Sage has a so-called cumulative effect. Its active substances accumulate in the body, you begin to have toxic effects. They destroy the cells of the kidneys, liver, and other organs of human excretory system.

What is the danger of long-term administration of phenobarbital:

  1. Disrupted the normal functioning of the urinary system.
  2. Destroyed brain cells.
  3. Occurs emotional numbness.
  4. The substance triggers the development of malignant tumors.

src="/poisoning/images/1218-3.jpg">it's simple, and harmless at first glance, ethyl ether alpha-bromsulfaleinovy acid. All believe that the roots of Valerian are a simple way to eliminate the excessive nervous irritability. But Valerian drops also has a cumulative effect. Medical proven that in stressful situations medicinal plant has no positive effect, especially in women. To resolve anxiety or insomnia, Valerian should be taken at least a week. Only then it will accumulate in the body and will begin to act.

Many people used to drink infusion pharmacy Valerian if you encounter any stressful situation. Really soothing effect on a person has ethyl alcohol, which constitutes a large part of the drugs.

The combination of bromine and Valerian is considered a classic for all sedative drugs. At least classic is a powerful and destructive effect of the duet:

  • inhibition of all the functions of the nervous system – reduced control of behaviour;
  • after a few months of use there is a predisposition to depression;
  • the person is in the confused consciousness, similar to severe alcohol intoxication;
  • disturbed coordination of movements, a possible fall, strong bruises.

If abuse of pills, in men there erectile dysfunction. This is the result of accumulation of cells and tissues of a large quantity of bromine.

How is drug addiction

That Corvalol is a drug that is known to all, but not use magic droplets. Moreover, to prove something to your elderly relative is not worth it. Ever the addict does not recognize his dependence.

It develops gradually. In about a month, the received dose starts to miss she no longer has the positive effect, when the whole world seems rosy. Grandmother begin to increase the dose. To make the sage, they begin to invent a non-existent disease. First, the family believe them, making a discount on old age.

You should pay attention to the fact that one of the family members began to treat chronic kidney failure or diabetes pills. However, he assures all relative in unprecedented effectiveness of the miracle drugs. The drug did not reduce the sugar level does not recover the renal parenchyma.

Take the pills in large quantities is extremely dangerous. And not only because it is addictive and poisons the liver and kidneys – it is able to stifle the symptoms of a dangerous pathology. With an increase in blood pressure grandma drinks a glass of pills and lies down to sleep. But hypertension has not disappeared, it still destroys the blood vessels and is threatening stroke or heart attack. Elderly relative, it's time to go for drug therapy to the doctor, but why, after all always there is a fragrant cure.

After a year of such treatment grandmother stocking up on pills, on an industrial scale. One bottle a day is not enough for them, sometimes 25-30 ml is a single dose. Manufacturers are drug-addicted old ladies meet on the shelves of pharmacies there were large bottles of 50 ml.

How to treat a dependency on pills or withdrawal syndrome

You can count on one hand the number of patients who admitted his problem and asked for help to the psychiatrist. When trying to talk to suffering from korvalola according to relatives:

  1. They will tell you what my mother and grandmother drank Korvalol and lived for a long time.
  2. Will hide the bottles in hard to reach places and ask neighbors secretly buy the drug.
  3. Accused of bias, contempt and go calm down pills.

In a word, the grandmother will do what chronic alcoholics their addiction they do not recognize. When trying to replace the sage on medicinal tinctures in humans is a severe withdrawal syndrome:

  • increased anxiety, nervous irritability, aggression;
  • nausea, vomiting, flatulence, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea;
  • there is a disorder of eyesight;
  • there is a persistent insomnia, dizziness;
  • arms and legs frantically twitching;
  • sometimes have fainting.

What to do in such cases tell the doctor-psychiatrist. But if the patient refuses to be treated and does not recognize their addiction, the doctors are powerless. Only with the consent of the patient can be placed in the clinic and conduct medical therapy.

You need to explain to grandmothers and Dusko how often you can drink Corvalol. To talk about the harm it causes the heart, kidneys and liver. And rely on their judgment and instinct.