An overdose of sedative: effects, first aid

Validol is attended with pain in the heart, and even if the cause of the pain is not precisely defined, people still are drawn to the coveted tablets. Sometimes the drug is taken during long trips to prevent motion sickness in transport, and tourists use a tool to remove the painful itching after insect bites. Despite the apparent benefits of this medication, if used incorrectly, it is possible to overdose of sedatives, resulting in unpleasant conditions.

General characteristics of the drug

Validol applies to sedative drugs pharmacological effect is noticeable already in the second minute after the suction components. Affects the receptors of the oral cavity and provokes vasodilation, which has a positive effect on blood circulation in the body. Through this action the body is the release of dynorphins, endorphins and other components, which contribute to the reduction of pain in the heart and mind, regulate reflexes. Validol has a good effect on the Central nervous system and restores normal heart function. The drug helps to remove anxiety, exhaustion and minimize stress.

When shown validol

Now doctors rarely prescribe sedatives, preferring to treat more than modern medicines. But in exceptional cases it is simply necessary. So, doctors suggest to take validol in such diseases:

  1. When the pain in the heart, which was caused by angina pectoris and cardialgia.
  2. The propensity for nervousness and hysteria.
  3. When sea-sickness.

Especially recommended validol to patients who complain of frequent pain in the heart. Sometimes this drug can stop such attacks.

Contraindications and side effects

Validol is contraindicated in patients who suffer from allergies to components of medication, suffered a heart attack and people with consistently low blood pressure. In addition, the drug is not prescribed to children under 12 years.

Side effects are very few and they refer to temporary phenomena:

  • weak nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • pain in the temples;
  • increased lacrimation.

In case any side effects occur, the medication is immediately stopped and turn to doctor for treatment.

If the patient suffers from allergies or he has problems with the cardiovascular system, before treatment is necessary to consult with your doctor.

When possible overdose and its symptoms

Validol refers to those drugs that can be poisoned only by ignorance or negligence. Intoxication may occur in the cases listed hereinafter:

  • The packaging with the drug found the child and, in assessing that the drug is delicious, sweet and with a pleasant smell ate a lot of it. For such situations results in the negligence of parents who do not hide medicines in a location that is unavailable.
  • During long trips. People prone to sickness, dissolves the pills one after another, not knowing exactly what dosage is limited.
  • Medicine uses person who has allergic reactions in the anamnesis, in this case, poisoning may occur even if dosage is not exceeded.

Overdose can be and adolescents with unstable mentality, if they are suicidal. In this case one should immediately consult a psychologist.

You need to remember that a lethal dose for children can turn a very small amount of weight. At the first signs of poisoning should immediately call a doctor!

The drug has virtually no contraindications, so for some people it may seem that validol absolutely harmless. However, excessive consumption can be an unpleasant change in condition:

  • Nausea and vomiting is a natural reaction of the human body on excessive intake of the drug.
  • Increased tears in the pills have menthol, it has irritant properties and provokes the separation of tears.
  • Depression of the Central nervous system in therapeutic doses the drug has a sedative effect, but if it was eaten demulcent, it leads to sleepiness, weakness and depression of reflexes.
  • Rashes on the skin, if the person is prone to allergic reactions.

The maximum allowable daily dose validol is six tablets, or 300 mg of active ingredient. If both drink lots of the drug, then there is one of the symptoms of an overdose, although it is possible the emergence of features in combination, which worsens the patient's condition.

If you drink more than 10 tablets of validol at the same time, there may come a depression of all reflexes, including breathing. Death from heart failure and suffocation.

Emergency treatment of overdose validol

In cases of poisoning by tincture of Valerian special antidote no. The victim and provide medical assistance, as with other poisonings. The stages of care include the following:

  • The stomach is washed by a large volume of clean water and periodically artificially cause vomiting. The procedure can be performed severaltime.
  • Give the adsorbents, which will prevent full absorption of the drug into the bloodstream.
  • Give any antihistamines – loratadine, suprastin.
  • Put the man in bed on his side and warm Harbor.
  • Give dosed many warm drink. Validol is excreted in the urine, therefore, affected strongly otpaivat to enhance diuresis. Soldering can clean water, tea, broth hips or raisins.

If the victim is not very pronounced symptoms of poisoning, you can not take validol is completely excreted in the urine after 6-8 hours without consequences. But if the person is unconscious, he is confused and clearly shows that the condition worsens, then immediately call the ambulance.

When overdose occurs in children, pregnant women or the elderly, then we must not tarry in any case. Care should be provided only by a doctor!

Validol – the harm or benefit

So harmful of weight or benefit from it more? This drug definitely does more good than harm, especially if to consider that in therapeutic doses it is absolutely safe. In appointing the drug must take into account all contraindications and do not exceed the prescribed dose.

This drug is able to reduce stress, to quickly relieve the headache and the heartache, relieve itching and swelling after insect bites. Validol should not only be in every home medicine Cabinet, but in the travel bag.

As with any drug, sedatives should be prescribed by a doctor, given the history of the patient and his General state of health.

Features of the application validol in children and pregnant women

According to the instructions, validol do not give to children under 12 years. Have younger children you can use the drug only locally, to lubricate mosquito bites to relieve itching, and motion sickness to give a sniff cotton wool soaked with a solution of this drug.

In children older than 12 years the maximum daily dose should not exceed three tablets. Give them preferably within 6 hours, managed to display the previous dose. During long trips to prevent motion sickness it is better to use mint or menthol candies.

In pregnant women, especially first and last trimester of pregnancy, use sedatives with caution and only then when the expected benefit outweighs the potential harm. This drug can be used as a mild sedative when excessive nervous excitability of the pregnant woman.

You can start taking the drug only after consultation with the treating gynecologist, whom she observed!

How to prevent an overdose of sedatives

Overdose in this case, to prevent a snap, only need to adhere to some simple rules listed below:

  • Hiding drugs away from children, preferably in a drawer or locker that can be locked.
  • Don't use the drug too often for motion sickness, it is better to dissolve peppermint candy or chew menthol gum.
  • Not to self-medicate. In a number of diseases, the use of sedatives is prohibited and may lead to poor health.
  • Tell your doctor about the Allergy on the components contained in validol.

If you use the validol for the purpose, that it will help to restore emotional balance, to calm the heart and make a long trip comfortable. This medication is used with success for several generations of people and its effectiveness when correctly proven.