Novopassit overdose: symptoms and consequences

Irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbance – regular experience of all these phenomena threaten the development of depression and various psychosomatic diseases. The maintenance of the nervous system, it is recommended to apply a soothing, preparations based on medicinal plants. One of such preparations is Novo-passit. It has its own characteristics and contraindications, and overdose novopassit may lead to irreversible changes.

Overview novopassit

The tool is available in tablets or in liquid form: syrup and drops of alcohol-based. Foundation medicine is comprised of natural extracts of several plants, recognized by the official medicine for its special properties:

  1. Valerian is the most well-known plant, which has a sedative effect, which is accompanied by a slight analgesic and hypnotic effect.
  2. Melissa – in addition to the calming effect has also the ability to improve overall mood, to remove such protracted symptoms like anxiety, depression.
  3. St. John's wort – in addition to the already mentioned properties, which are also inherent in this extract enhances mental stability, facilitates the excited state and improves sleep.
  4. Hawthorn has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, lowers high as a result of stress blood pressure.

In smaller quantities the drug contains extracts of plants such as passionflower, hops and black elderberry. They also have sedative properties, complemented sedative and antispasmodic action. In addition to the natural components, the tool includes a pharmacological drug guaifenesin. Its peculiarity lies in the ability to remove anxiety.

Sedative effect from the medication due to the joint effect of these substances on the Central nervous system, heart, brain.

Scope and overdose

Apart from various kinds of nervous disorders, medication may be assigned to patients with other diseases, if the doctor will see that the reason for their occurrence was the stress or prolonged nervous tension. Among such diseases are included:

  • age-related changes of the nervous system;
  • different intestinal disorder;
  • dermatitis, characterized by constant itching.

As with any medicine, the appointment of the funds should consult a physician about the exact dosage, frequency and duration of admission. In extreme cases, when the procedure is performed in an unexpected moment, be sure to read the instructions.

However, it may happen that in a condition of strong nervous excitement people took much more medicine than recommended. Overdose is considered a single dose, exceeding the recommended, or increased number of doses in a period of time. For this drug it is a technique more than three standard doses per day.

It is important to know what will happen in overdose: all the effects of active substances will skyrocket.

The patient in this case may present the following complaints:

  • sleepy. When taking increased doses of the drug has a strong inhibitory effect on the Central nervous system, and it responds "request of stay";
  • the slowness of psychomotor reactions, reduced background mood, some depression – the consequences of that oppression CNS;
  • weakness in the muscles. People suffering from diseases of the neuromuscular system, such as myasthenia gravis, this phenomenon can be expressed especially strongly, up to complete inability to move. When failure to provide timely care can lead to death;
  • nausea and vomiting. This rather unpleasant phenomenon in turn give a signal that the body resists the poison, trying to reject a foreign substance.

First aid for overdose

Resuscitation when the effects of overdose should be started immediately. First and foremost, if the victim is in serious condition or his health deteriorates, you need to call an ambulance.

Poisoned patient should be forced to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal. Exactly how much – will help to calculate a simple formula: 1 tablet for every 10 kg of weight. Enterosorbent will attract and withdraw from the digestive system of excess drug.

Next you need to start to make repeated gastric lavage with plenty of water and soda at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 2 liters of liquid. Such actions should continue to relieve symptoms of an overdose or before the arrival of the ambulance.

The consequences

Effects of overdose of remedy depend on the amount of the drug that entered the body. In mild poisoning, the symptoms completely disappear after a few hours, and the excess of the drug are derived in a natural way.

If the patient has taken large quantities of drugs, there may be delayed effects such as disruption of the heart and Central nervous system.

Special concern should cause a situation when the adopted child. The nervous system is still very unstable, and this poisoningcan leave an imprint on the mental health of the baby. Children up to age 12 years is a strict contraindication to the use of the drug. For teenagers the acceptable regimen should appoint only qualified doctor.

Side effects

Often strange phenomena may accompany taking the drug, even if the patient strictly follows the quantity and the overdose. In this case, we can conclude that proved to side effect of one of the following ways:

  • disorders in the digestive system, usually in the direction of strengthening its work – the patient may be vomiting, a heartburn, diarrhea, rarely – constipation, gag reflex and pain in the abdomen;
  • inhibited the action of the Central nervous system may occur with such individual characteristics as excessive susceptibility of the neurons of the brain;
  • the weakening of the muscles. If such a phenomenon manifests itself more than suggests the relaxing effect of the drug, you should immediately stop taking it and contact your doctor;
  • cramps – one of the most rarely observed side effects. If, however, the cramps appeared on the background of the drug, you need to call an ambulance.

When any side effects after using medication should stop its constant reception quality in the near future to consult a medical professional for clarification of the individual or another sedative.


Despite the natural ingredients and the softness of its impact, the tool is contraindicated for some people. Before starting treatment, you should exclude yourself allergic to any of the component substances. To do this, after the first dose should be watched closely for condition. The appearance of pruritus, rash, redness of the eyes and other signs of irritation of the mucous membranes, the drug should cancel.

It is impossible to apply the medication to people diagnosed with myasthenia gravis – a disease characterized by disturbance of receipt of nerve impulses to muscles. As a result, the normal operation of the muscular system impossible, and the remedy for its relaxing effect can exacerbate the disease.

To preserve the functionality of the nervous system on the background of regular stress drug is one of the most prescribed medicines. However, it is not completely innocuous and can be dangerous for certain categories of people or in violation regimens. To avoid negative consequences, to use the drug only on the recommendation of a specialist.