Overdose isoroy in children and adults

The respiratory tract is the entrance gate for pathogens during the spread of acute respiratory diseases. It happens that the infection penetrates in the entire body and settles on the nasal mucosa and provokes various complications. This disease is often true for children. Isopro used for the treatment of rhinitis that is caused by an infection. This drug is able in a short time to stop the reproduction of microorganisms. Improper use may overdose isoroy in children and older people.

General characteristics of drugs

Izofra relates to antibiotics of the aminoglycoside. This drug has excellent antibacterial characteristics, so are mostly used by ENT physicians for local treatment. In the composition isory main component is framizetin, it is active against many pathogens that cause diseases of the upper respiratory tract. To its effects to sensitive gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.

Pharmaceutical companies medication produced in the form of nasal spray and nose drops, which facilitates the use and minimizes the risk of overdose.

Given the fact that the drug is an antibiotic, it can be used only as directed by your healthcare doctor and after testing type pathogen.

Indications, contraindications and side effects

Isopro prescribed for the treatment of many infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract – rhinitis, sinusitis and rhinopharyngitis. In addition, the drug is prescribed in the complex of preventive measures before and after surgery.

The main contraindication is hypersensitivity to the components included in the medicine. There are no restrictions on age, pregnancy, lactation, or chronic diseases.

Side effects are very rare in medical practice. But in the abstract it is indicated that due to individual intolerance of the components can be allergic rash and burning sensation in the nose.

Application features isory

The nose is cleaned or washed out with saline. Then insert the dispenser into each nostril and press. The bottle of medicine can not tilt, it must be in a vertical position.

Isory dose depends on the age and weight of the patient. Children are usually prescribed one injection three times a day. Adult patients can use the drug 4-6 times a day, one injection in each nostril.

Features of use isorry for therapeutic purposes are listed below:

  • The drug can be administered to pregnant women and nursing mothers, but only under the supervision of a physician.
  • During treatment, the spray can to drive vehicles and operate machinery that require special attention.
  • If after a week of regular treatment, improvements in health there, you need to consult your doctor with a request to adjust the treatment.

The drug is released in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, but that doesn't mean you have to self-medicate and start taking isory without consulting a doctor!

Is it possible to overdose sofreu

Overdose sofreu unlikely with proper use of the spray. In intra application in the bloodstream a small amount of the drug that can cause intoxication.

But an overdose of isoroy still can be, mostly by negligence. This usually happens if the medication are children and by imitating adults-trying to get get myself a nose. In this case, the drug is not deposited on the respiratory mucosa and enters the stomach, where adsorbate.

Patients in the adult group, the overdose is only possible with a special ingestion of a large amount isory that usually says some mental disorders.

Overdose symptoms

Symptoms of severe overdose with isoray usually the same as with other poisoning by antibiotics:

  • can be persistent nausea, occasional vomiting;
  • indigestion;
  • severe headache and feeling of pressure in the skull;
  • fever, accompanied by chills.

If the overdose was only a few extra drops, no symptoms of poisoning will not.

Help with an overdose

If the overdose took place, without loss of time, the victim have a standard help:

  • Carefully wash out the stomach a large volume of brackish water or slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then cause vomiting by pushing on the tongue. The procedure was repeated 3-4 times to achieve a purity of the waste waters.

Small children gastric lavage with caution and preferably under medical supervision. Because of the small weight possible rapid dehydration, which seriously affect the baby's health.

  • Give the victim any adsorbents that in the spring.
  • The victim lay in bed on his side, with the pillow lifted at a slight angle to the level of the body.
  • Give the man a lot of drinking,use both water and various herbal teas, fruit drinks.

For otpevanie human after poisoning is strictly forbidden to use concentrated juices, sodas and dairy products. All this irritates the stomach and promotes absorption of toxins.

If the victim's condition starts to deteriorate steadily, it should be immediately summoned an ambulance!

The effects in overdose isory

Serious consequences from a slight overdose of isoroy unlikely, likely, a man a few hours will torture nausea and vomiting, and then even these unpleasant symptoms pass. Prolonged overdose may develop fungal diseases. If the patient is allergic to components isotry, if excessive intake can be a severe allergic reaction, which can lead to edema Quincke. In these cases medical help is required.

How to prevent overdose

To prevent an overdose is easy enough to observe care and caution:

  • Isopro, as with all medicines, keep out of reach of children.
  • Exceed the dosage prescribed by the attending physician, it is impossible.
  • The bottle cannot be turned over during the injection of medication into the nose.
  • You cannot take the medication by mouth.

Izofra – a modern antibacterial drug, which allows to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract with minimal side effects. But the benefits of this drug will be used correctly.