Fenotropil overdose: symptoms and treatment

Fenotropil belongs to the group nootropics. It helps to improve blood circulation in the cells of the brain and regulates basic functions – memory, reasoning and attention. The drug helps to carry a high emotional stress, relieves tension and improves mood. Phenotropil is used in neurological practice, it is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the Central nervous system, and also in the process of rehabilitation in people with pathological addictions. In addition, the drug can be administered as a preventive treatment for severe mental and physical stress. Overdose fenotropil can be in self-medication.

General characteristics of the medicinal product

The active substance of the medicine is phenylacetylhydrazine, it is briefly referred to as Phenotropil, hence obtained the name of the medication. Pharmaceutical companies produce only Phenotropil tabletswith different proportion of active substance of 50 mg and 100 mg. Tablets are convex, white or cream color.

Indications for use

Phenotropil is prescribed for such diseases of the Central nervous system:

  • the recovery period after injuries of the head;
  • decrease of mental and motor activity;
  • neuroses, General weakness, depression;
  • distraction and learning difficulties;
  • depression;
  • apathetic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia;
  • seizures of different etiology;
  • syndrome hangovers;
  • the severe stage of alcoholism and addiction, in the process of rehabilitation period;
  • prevention and treatment of hypoxia of the brain;
  • as a preventive means at constant stress;
  • in depressive States associated with a change of residence or usual way of life;
  • as a preventive means to improve health;
  • on long journeys for a quick normalization of biorhythm.

Phenotropil is very good for obesity non-hormonal nature. If excessive weight is associated with a constant overeating or heredity, the purpose of this medication would be appropriate. The drug does not breaks down fats and does not bind the nutrients received from food. Just reduced appetite, so normal weight.


Absolute contraindications to the use of Phenotropil is such a condition or disease:

  • individual intolerance to some components that are included in the medication;
  • children up to age 14 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding women.

These factors make the drug is strictly prohibited, without reservations.

In addition, there is a list of relative contraindications, when taking Phenotropil, but only after carefully weighing all the risks and under control doctor:

  • chronic liver disease and kidneys;
  • tarlena arterial hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • the presence of panic attacks in anamnesis;
  • some mental illnesses;
  • allergic to compounds from the group of pyrrolidone.

If the history of such diseases the treatment with the drug is carried out with caution. Dosage is calculated individually depending on the patient's condition.

Side effects

Phenotropil may cause the following side effects:

  1. Insomnia is a phenomenon is possible if the medicine was taken in the late afternoon.
  2. Increased activity – the person is excited, trying to do everything and quickly.
  3. Instability of blood pressure.
  4. Redness in the face and chest.
  5. Hot flashes throughout the body.

All the side effects in addition to insomnia, appear and disturb the person during the first three days of treatment, then it passes unnoticed. Because the body responds to hit new substance.

When it can be overdose

When taking Phenotropil at therapeutic doses, overdose is practically excluded. Poisoning possible in such cases:

  • In self-medication, if the dosage is picked up incorrectly or the treatment is carried out on the background of concomitant diseases, which are contraindications.
  • If it was carelessly left in a conspicuous place, it took in a large amount of used child.
  • If the drug was used as a means of suicidal mentally disturbed person.
  • If the treatment used expired medication.

Overdose happens when Phenotropil taken simultaneously with antidepressants or other nootropics.

Overdose occurs when daily dose of the drug exceeding 800 ppm, which is 8 pills of 100 mg. the child the figure is much lower.

Symptoms of overdose

Overdose of drugs from the group of nootropics may lead to serious consequences. Symptoms is quite extensive and is manifested in such changes:

  • Drastically reduced blood pressure.
  • Person concerned about the persistent nausea, which can turn into vomiting.
  • Disturbed kidney function, urination is difficult.
  • Notable failures of the heart.
  • The victim is pale, feels weak and abnormal sleepiness.
  • Reflexesinhibited.
  • Memory worsens, the person may not remember the salient facts.
  • Manifest allergic reactions.

Fatal the victim may occur from respiratory depression or angioedema.

Emergency assistance

Assistance should be provided immediately, at the first sign of poisoning. Cheerleaders needs an empty pack of medicine about the child or the deterioration of the General condition of a person who accepts Phenotropil. Algorithm of rendering first aid is:

  • Call for an ambulance in severe condition possible hospitalization of the victim.
  • Before arrival of doctors wash out well the stomach. To do this, take a weak solution of salt or manganese, give the patient to drink about a liter, and then artificially induce vomiting. Repeat this process several times to thoroughly cleanse the stomach.

Do not try to make a gastric lavage, a small child up to 3 years. This can quickly lead to dehydration and worsening of the child condition. The kids lavage should be performed only by paramedics!

  • Give adsorbents, you can use any similar drugs that.
  • Crushed and dissolved in water activated carbon, then the suspension give drink to the victim.

It must be remembered that a specific antidote have Phenotropil no. Therefore, any delay in calling a doctor can lead to irreversible consequences.

Treatment in a hospital

Intoxication severe character, the patient was placed in intensive care and symptomatic treatment. According to the testimony perform hemodialysis and forced diuresis. Prescribe drugs that stabilize the cardiovascular system.

The consequences of overdose

If the victim assistance was provided immediately and in full, then health effects will not all the symptoms will go away within a few days. In severe poisoning for a long time can disturb headache and dizziness. Children may be memory impairment and anxiety, which will require consultation and a neurologist.

Phenotropil is a unique medicine which is used for the treatment of neurological disorders and their prevention. Reception can only be started after consultation with a doctor and at the prescribed dosage.