Overdose bakasana: consequences and lethal dose

Many pharmacological agents drug acts prohibited by regulatory authorities for sale. Chances are that soon it will affect bakasana – drugs used in the treatment of cerebral palsy. Addicts use the drug for euphoric action in combination with other toxic compounds. Overdose bakasana often diagnosed in patients of intensive care wards. The lack of a comprehensive antidote greatly increases the possibility of death.

Characteristic features baclosan

Most often the drug antispastic actions get pharmacies persons whose drug addiction is firmly formed. Baclosan helps them to strengthen and extend the fun from the hard drugs that did not cause the usual euphoria. The damage to the body this combination, the huge and severe complications are irreversible.

Baclosan (baclofen) is related to muscle relaxants of Central action. The drug reduces the sensitivity of sensory fibers, inhibiting the excitability of the intermediate structural-functional unit of the nervous system. The drug does not affect the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle synapses.

Baclosan used in manual therapy of patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus. It helps to increase range of movement of the limbs in the joints, has an analgesic effect.

After getting into the gastrointestinal tract baclosan rapidly absorbed. After 2.5-3 hours in the blood accumulate the maximum therapeutic concentration of the drug. The drug remains in the lymph for 7-8 hours, which reduces frequency techniques.

Miralax can penetrate the soft and bone tissue, and large and small vessels. Through the blood-brain barrier baclosan is slightly. Only minimal concentration of the drug is found in breast milk. A third active substance baclosan binds to plasma proteins and not absorbed compounds enter the liver. In gepatitah the formation of large conglomerates that are carried by blood to organs-targets. Overdose occurs uncontrolled chemical reaction between the protein in the blood, liver cells and bakasana.

The mechanism of development of dependence

As medicine baclosan is used in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, and pathologies complicated by spastic convulsive manifestations. The drug is under medical supervision with mandatory periodic lab tests. This is necessary for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and prevention of overdose.

You should not stop taking bakasana immediately. 5-7 days of regular use to become addicted, so doctors recommend a gradual reduction in dosage.

Initially the drug was synthesized for the elimination and prevention of epileptic seizures. Subsequently baclosan ceased to be used for preventive purposes, as patients had persistent addictive, increased risk of overdose. This side effect was developed as a result of the strong influence of the active substance on the Central nervous system.

Baclosan is widely used as analgesic and antidepressant, boosting mood. Psychotropic properties of the tablets cause euphoria, increase physical activity, eliminate anxiety and anxiety. There is a feeling of tidal forces, the person does not need to rest for a few hours. Baclosan proven efficacy in the treatment of:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • the effects of stroke;
  • pathologies of the spine of infectious, neoplastic, traumatic etiology;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • inflammation of the meninges;

Paradoxically, in some European countries baclosan used to treat drug and alcohol addiction. With it removed as withdrawal and abstinence. Often patients after leaving the clinic continued to use baclosan, but in combination with hard drugs. The same citizens with alcohol dependence – take the drug along with alcohol-containing beverages.

Under the influence of baclosan a person loses the ability of self-control and sensible self-assessment. He was overwhelmed with energy and a thirst for creativity, seem to be minor problems. After removing the drug of the urinary system increases the likelihood of developing severe depression".

The possibility of overdose with this drug lies in the influence of ground substance on the body. Baclosan does not cause a chemical and physical addiction. A person develops a psychological dependence.

Contraindications and side effects baclosan

Poisoning bakasana perhaps even when taken in the recommended annotation number of tablets. This contributes to the wide therapeutic range and human health. Because baclosan not prescribe people with the following diseases in anamnesis:

  1. Mental disorder associated with a disintegration of thought processes and emotional reactions.
  2. Convulsive syndrome.
  3. Pathologyof the urinary system.
  4. The decrease in functional activity of the respiratory system.
  5. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  6. Individual sensitivity to the ingredients.
  7. Pathology of the liver and gallbladder.

Pregnant and lactating women can take baclosan in exceptional cases where the benefits to the mother outweighs the risk to the child.

Overdose drug often occurs as a result of improper storage. Kids may be interested in neat bottles of pills baclosan. Poisoning the child develops faster, and the consequences of intoxication are significantly heavier than adult.

Negative effects after taking bakasana occur most often in older people and the elderly or as a result of overdose. To side effects of the drug include:

  • the decrease in blood pressure, deterioration of functions of the cardiovascular system;
  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract: impaired motility, nausea, vomiting, bloating, sour belching, heartburn;
  • the weight loss, lack of appetite;
  • apathy, drowsiness, fatigue, emotional instability, headache;
  • visual and (or) auditory hallucinations, decreased mood, increased anxiety;
  • tremor of the eyeballs, blurring of vision.

Improper dosage baclosan may trigger allergic reactions. Appear on the skin rash, redness, swelling. Patients complain of tingling and numbness of certain areas of the body. Develops incontinence and leakage of urine, abnormal ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.

Effects of taking bakasana

People with low self-esteem, acquire a psychological dependence on the drug because of its side effect – happiness, carefree, unusual visions. After a few months of regular use baclosan the intensity of the euphoria is substantially reduced. But addiction had already formed so strong that the addict begins to seek a way out of the situation.

To regain a sense of its own omnipotence, a person takes high doses bakasana or a combination of the drug with hard drugs. Such toxic compounds develops not only psychological but also physical dependence.

Projected for the addict, the effects after regular use baclosan come very quickly. They are expressed in many psychological disorders:

  1. Manic-depressive syndrome.
  2. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  3. The loss of reality.
  4. Sociopathy.

If it is impossible to take another batch of pills baclosan the addict develops a sense of devastation. It is so pronounced that people make a suicide attempt, sometimes successful.

Unwillingness to live provokes a decrease in functional activity of all vital systems. Constant discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory disorders, heart problems and blood vessels require urgent and long-term inpatient treatment. In the absence of disease spill over into the chronic form, when remission is interrupted painful relapses. And if the pathology is more or less amenable to therapy, many psychological abnormalities are irreversible, increasing the risk of overdose.

The clinical picture of overdose

Lethal dose baclosan individual for each person and is directly dependent on the health status, duration of drug addiction. For example, patients with endocrine diseases and abnormalities liver taking several tablets can provoke excessive production of hormones, which is extremely dangerous for human health.

If the addict in the history of a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, the consumption of excessive amounts of pills will cause painful spasms of the abdomen and heavy bleeding. Death will be the result of perforation of the ulcer.

Accidental or deliberate overdose is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Slowing of mental activity, confusion. People do not understand and are not aware of what was happening.
  • The lack of muscle reflex. The addict is not able to be in a vertical position, a possible fall, bruises, head injury.
  • Dizziness give way to a deep fainting.
  • Pale skin, a fever, fever, cold sweat.

Death through overdose occurs because of development of Central respiratory failure due to anesthetic actions baclosan. Inadequate ventilation of the lungs occurs on the background of deficiency inside blood stream of molecular oxygen. It is replaced by carbon dioxide intoxication which provokes:

  • acceleration of heart rate;
  • arterial hypotonia;
  • respiratory disorders.

Low concentration of oxygen accelerates blood circulation, promotes the swelling of large and small vessels. The addict appear shortness of breath, coughing when trying to breathe. Developing a state of panic. After a few minutes, the man falls into unconsciousness, followed by coma. Whenthe absence of medical intervention occurs swelling the lung parenchyma and brain, causing death.

First aid for overdose

Immediately after the first signs of poisoning, you must call the ambulance. The fact that a comprehensive antidote to bakasana excretion from the body is not yet synthesized. Therefore, there are complex measures to prevent dangerous overdose symptoms. While waiting for the arrival of the doctor should provide the addict first aid:

  1. To lay, to cover, to calm down. If the person is unconscious, it needs to be flipped on its side – so he doesn't choke on her own vomit.
  2. To empty the stomach. Dilute in a liter of warm water with potassium permanganate until light pink color. To give to drink the victim and induce vomiting until the discharge from the stomach of the pure liquid.
  3. Make a strong sweet tea. Contained in the drink tannins and tannins will bind unabsorbed baclosan.

Absorb the active ingredient tablets of any adsorbents or sorbents. Can be used as an antidote a few tablets of activated charcoal.

Overdose person subject to hospitalization for further treatment. In the hospital conducted a comprehensive detoxification therapy. If necessary, the person is connected to the ventilator.