Overdose Afobazol: consequences, symptoms

Increased nervous irritability, anxiety and depression are increasingly diagnosed by professionals patients. The modern pace of life dictates its conditions, and stress have only one. In order to be always on top, not to take your anger out on family members and employees, people resort to using medication. One of them is the afobazole is a modern drug of cumulative action. But uncontrolled reception of tablets or the desire to recover as quickly as possible there is a dangerous condition: an overdose Afobazol.

In some cases, you can drink afobazole

Afobazol belongs to domestic developments and has replaced benzodiazepines, drugs with serious side effects. Despite the fact that his predecessors were subject to release only by prescription, Afobazol today you can freely buy in any drugstore. But the evidence of efficacy in the treatment of anxiety disorders is still limited, so doctors often stop the choice on this medication.

In the attached annotation, the manufacturers describe the drug effect of the drug as follows:

  1. Eliminates somatic anxiety disorder.
  2. Protects nerve cells from high concentrations of cations that are formed under stress.
  3. Improves memory.
  4. Increases mental performance.

Afobazol is not an emergency vehicle. The man will not rest, if you just swallow a pill. Only after several days of regular intake of the drug will have a therapeutic effect.

Afobazol is indicated for the treatment only to those people who are prone to the asthenic emotions. They are extremely insecure, vulnerable, prone to exaggeration. With increased aggressiveness and propensity for panic attacks the drug useless, even harmful. For people with asthenic storage card self-treatment with afobazole threat because of the possibility of inadvertent or intentional overdosage with a fatal outcome.

Effects of overdose Afobazol

If you exceed the recommended dose in twice or more Afobazol causes overdose. The neurologist selects the dose individually for each patient depending on General health, abnormalities in the medical history and the degree of anxiety. Usually physicians recommend taking 1 tablet 3 times a day after meals with such diseases:

  • neoplasm malignant;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system, accompanied by arrhythmias;
  • insomnia, anxiety.

Afobazol is appointed by neurologists to address the consequences of alcohol intoxication. Overdose Afobazol can lead to severe consequences in this state".

The combination of a pharmacological drug with any alcohol often leads to death. For a weakened disease organism small enough doses of sedatives mixed with alcohol to irreversible damage of the Central nervous system at the cellular level. Especially dangerous are such a dangerous mix for people with heart failure, chronic diseases of the urinary system pathologies of the endocrine system.

The psychiatrist may recommend afobazole patients who have decided to quit Smoking. The first days and weeks without cigarettes given to people is extremely difficult: increased nervous irritability, unmotivated aggression, insomnia. The lack of nicotine triggers the occurrence of pain on the physical level. To stabilize, people may take excessive amounts of pills.

The cumulative action of the drug may cause overdose. The apparent lack of sedative effect causes a person to take a higher dose of the drug.

Particularly dangerous to exceed the recommended by doctors dose if the patient takes other drugs. The combination of afobazole with tranquilizers, neuroleptics, sedatives and antidepressants, can cause serious poisoning. The worst scenario will be cardiac arrest.

The symptoms of overdose Afobazol

Afobazol has few side effects, the main of which is the idiosyncrasy. Overdose the severity of negative effects after taking grows many times. If one pill would have caused only a slight skin rash when increased dosage, the probability of occurrence of anaphylactic shock or angioedema.

After taking the drug may experience headache. Exceeded the dose, the person will feel the manifestation of migraine – the disease is accompanied by cramps, vomiting, intolerance of daylight and the sound of any manifestation".

Here are the most commonly diagnosed symptoms when you overdose Afobazol:

  1. Hypertension, palpitations, which after a short time give way to a sharp decrease in pressure and a slower heart rate.
  2. Digestive disorders: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  3. Chills, twitching of upper and lower extremities.

In this state people are able to receive life-threatening injuries in the fall. If the strike would have on the area of the temporal region, the consequences can be extremelyheavy.

One of the side effects of afobazole is drowsiness. After eating a large number of tablets the person uncontrollably sleepy, disturbed coordination of movements, increases the likelihood of a deep swoon.

If you suspect an overdose you should immediately call a doctor. Family members may provide first aid when taking the possible deadly doses:

  • to wash out the stomach weak brine;
  • to lay and soothe;

Until the doctor need to talk with the man, so he remained conscious and was able to describe the symptoms experienced.

Prior to the acquisition of Afobazol, you should be aware of its sedative effect. If a situation arises that requires fast reactions, a person is not able to react in time and make the right decision. The drug should be used only on prescription and in the recommended doses.