Valocordin overdose: symptoms and consequences

Valokordin or its equivalent Corvalol banned in many countries around the world. This is because the composition of the drug is phenobarbital, which contributes to rapid habituation, and the interaction of this component with alcohol makes valocordin poisonous. We have in the country to buy this medicine at any pharmacy and for a purely nominal price, so the overdose valocordin is not uncommon in medical practice.

General characteristics of valocordin

Valocordin relates to combined preparations. It has a vasodilator, antispasmodic and a slight sedative effect. Therapeutic dosages allow the person to overcome nervousness, anxiety and insomnia. Sale valocordin in bottles made of glass with a convenient dispenser.

When prescribed valocordin

Included in the composition of the drug components phenobarbital, hop oil, peppermint oil, ethylbromoacetate make the drug is effective in the malfunction of the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is perfectly possible to cope with nervousness, excitement and insomnia. Very often valocordin removable heart pain, which did not correlated with pathological processes in the heart. He helps with tachycardia, which is caused by excessive emotions.

We must remember that the reception valokordin not improves blood circulation and reduces risk of heart attack! If you often concerned about pain in the heart area, it is necessary to undergo a thorough medical examination to identify the cause.

In ischemic heart disease and angina pectoris valocordin ineffective. Using the drug can only temporarily stop an attack of acute pain, but to eliminate the reason he is not able.

Contraindications to the use of drugs

Valocordin in its composition contains alcohol, so it is prescribed with caution in people who have chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, brain disease, or alcohol dependence.

In addition, contraindications to the use are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. Patients under the age of 18 years.
  3. Allergic reactions to components.

A particular danger valocordin is for pregnant women, who sometimes start to take it for sleep. It is strictly prohibited for children in all age groups. This is due to the fact that the composition of the means of phenobarbital and alcohol that interact and reinforce each other's action.

Features reception valokordin

Starting to apply valokordin, you need to remember that it increases the effect of other sedatives and drugs that stimulate the Central nervous system weakens. It also reduces the effectiveness of some hormonal drugs, including birth control pills.

Reception valokordin at the same time with alcoholic beverages leads to tragic consequences. The action of the drug is greatly enhanced under the influence of alcohol and could lead to severe intoxication.

Even with a therapeutic dosage of the drug contributes to some of the lockup of all reflexes in humans. Therefore during treatment it is undesirable to drive the vehicle, operate machinery or electrical appliances.

Take medication before meals, three times a day. Before taking 20 drops of the drug diluted in a little water.

When for protection from unwanted pregnancy and contraceptive use, take valocordin is not recommended. If the evidence for its reception, it must be protected additionally.

In any case, it can be overdose

Cases in which it may occur overdose, and they are:

  • man tries to relieve heart pain and takes a higher dose of the drug;
  • drops finds and tries the child of younger age;
  • people for a long time, taking a medicine without medical supervision;
  • people took the therapeutic dose, but at the same time with alcohol, and the effect of drug is intensified;
  • the patient takes expired medication.

Cases of poisoning valocordin in adolescents. This is because they are trying to get an unusual experience and use the product as a light drug.

Signs of overdose valocordin

When valocordin taken in accordance with the annotation, it is perfectly tolerated. The high toxicity of the drug is achieved due to the phenobarbital, which is depressing on the Central nervous system. Overdose causes intoxication of varying severity. There are two forms of overdose valocordin:

  1. Acute is when once adopted a large dose of the drug.
  2. Chronic – long time man takes the drug and it is addictive.

Overdose of mild to moderate severity is characterized by such symptoms:

  • strong fatigue and drowsiness;
  • strong restless sleep;
  • dizziness;
  • coordination disorder.

If overdose is caused by a large amount of drugs, it adds such a disturbingfeatures:

  • disrupted breathing;
  • quickens the heart rate;
  • strongly decreases the blood pressure;
  • symptoms of vascular insufficiency;
  • developing a coma.

With a strong overdose of the patient, you notice compulsive movements that are typically the precursors of convulsions. Under such conditions it is necessary to call an ambulance!

A chronic overdose is caused by ethylbromoacetate and noted such unpleasant symptoms:

  • confused consciousness;
  • occur depression;
  • acne appears;
  • starts conjunctivitis and rhinitis.

An interesting fact is that phenobarbital in some countries is used for the execution of the death penalty. This is a very toxic substance, which, if excessive consumption causes paralysis of the respiratory system and death.

Emergency aid

Mild poisoning victim is enough to wash the stomach a large volume of waterto make a cleansing enema and give any adsorbents that will prevent further absorption of the toxin into the bloodstream.

If you drink a lot of valocordin, the situation is more critical and requires radical action:

  • call intensive care team;
  • washed stomach and occasionally cause an artificial vomiting. Only if the person is conscious!
  • before arrival of doctors the person is laid on its side and remove tight clothing;
  • if not breathing, conduct CPR.

Patients with severe poisoning treated only in a hospital. They show artificial lung ventilation, the introduction of glucose and sodium chloride.

So whether you want valocordin

Harmful if valokordin or useful, about it being debated for a long time. When you use pure therapeutic doses and by prescription, this drug can help a person to quickly arrest an attack of acute heart pain or to relieve nervous tension. But to apply a drop only if there are no contraindications.

Doctors have evidence of harm and benefit from valokordin almost the same ratios, but this does not mean that the medication you want to give up and quickly look for a substitute for him. Like all medicines, valocordin should prescribe the doctor.

A lethal dosage can be volume only 10 ml of overdose is Especially dangerous for children and people with weakened immune systems, as well as for patients with chronic diseases of the heart or nervous system.

How to prevent an overdose valocordin

Overdose drug is most likely to occur inadvertently. To avoid this, it is enough to observe a number of rules listed below:

  • Do not keep expired medicines at home.
  • Take all medications only on prescription.
  • Do not leave medicines in accessible for kids.
  • To control the behavior of teenagers. At the slightest suspicion of bad company, or uncontrolled intake of drugs, seek assistance from a child psychologist.
  • Do not take valocordin together with alcohol.

Valocordin is a good way to quickly remove the heartache or calm down. To avoid overdose, the drug should be taken only on doctor's orders and take into account all contraindications.