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What will happen if you drink hydrogen peroxide: implications

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those drugs that have almost all the kits both at home and at work. Hydrogen peroxide, or another peroxide, it is cheap, effective, easy to manufacture and nontoxic drug. Sometimes families with children the question often arises, what happens if you drink hydrogen peroxide?

The main purpose of this tool – external use for the treatment of open wounds received. Hydrogen peroxide is shown in the following cases:

  • To stop by clotting of blood in small wounds or scratches.
  • To remove the blood that clotted, and softening the wound.
  • As a good antiseptic to disinfect harmful microorganisms from the surface of the wounded skin.
  • For the treatment of wounds and scratches damage in children.

This medication is also used orally in medicinal purposes. But it must be diluted. If you drink hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary the dosage of the drug to measure drops, and the concentration of the solution should be 1/10. The use of peroxide inside must be agreed with your doctor.

Concentrated peroxide is extensively used in paper, military, textile and chemical industries. His use of missile troops as a fuel for rockets. Diluted peroxide is used in household chemicals and in medicine to fight the germs, superficial wounds and abrasions.

Hydrogen peroxide of different concentrations

Peroxide in different fields of human activity is used in different concentrations. At home kits is diluted three percent hydrogen peroxide. The impact of such drugs, for both outdoor and indoor use will not bring any harm to the human body, whether adult or child. If your home hydrogen peroxide got in my mouth, it is possible not to get too excited, and immediately implement preventive measures.

After the use of peroxide from a home kit can have side effects like:

  • In humans, sensitive to various medications, might feel a mild tingling in the esophagus.
  • Appears unpleasant taste of metal from lead oxide.
  • The consequences will be, but an adult or a child will understand that it was clearly not water.

In different areas of the industry concentrated 98% substance. Here this tool will bring a lot of troubles when using it at home:

  • When applied topically will cause chemical burns on the skin surface.
  • For internal use will get serious chemical burns of the digestive tract and the digestive system.
  • To be fatal enough to use inside 50-100 ml of peroxide of this concentration.

If one were dealing with a concentrated peroxide and received external or internal burns, it is urgently necessary to provide first aid and call a medical team.

The faster to help the victim from concentrated peroxide, the lower the probability of further surgical intervention to eliminate the effects of burns.

The principle of action of hydrogen peroxide on the human body

Hydrogen peroxide is a corrosive chemical substance from the group of alkalis. This medical facility is nearly indistinguishable in appearance from normal water, has no odor and characteristic taste. Since peroxide is a chemical substance, then it must be handled very carefully and stored in a dark, remote location, first-aid kit or medicine Cabinet.

Peroxide different from normal water more than one atom of hydrogen, therefore, though non-toxic substance, but a strong oxidizer. When injected this drug in the body is its decomposition into atomic oxygen and water. At high drug concentration, that is, from 30 to 98 percent, it is prohibited the internal use. It may lead, even in small quantities, to chemical burns to mucous membranes, esophagus, and internal organs in the gastrointestinal tract.

A few drops of concentrated peroxide lead to quite a dangerous and painful consequences:

  1. Swelling of the throat, and then choking.
  2. Massive internal bleeding.
  3. Vomiting, nausea and significant pain in the throat, and then in the abdomen.
  4. Intoxication of the whole organism because of the content in the substance of lead salts.

Oxygen bubbles which are formed in the decay of a tool that can lead to blockage of the vessels of the lungs, kidneys, and heart and sometimes the brain. All this leads to necrosis of tissues and organs, as a result, to death.

The stomach is one of the organs that can reduce the negative impact of such a strong substance. Gastric juice a bit eliminates this dangerous oxidizer.

At high concentrations of peroxide has a very serious and dangerous consequences. Since the internal organs are quite delicate, such a concentrate can not only harm them, but some completely destroy it. Need urgent major operation to restore the functions of organs, but to bring back the original condition will not happen.

The child drank hydrogen peroxide

If the child drank hydrogen peroxide lowthe concentration that was left behind in an accessible place, that is highly possible not to worry – it will not hurt the baby.

However, this is a bad signal to parents that the child has access to restricted drugs from a home kit.

The next time, so the child can take in her mouth a more dangerous drug that will lead to injury, poisoning, or even, at a certain concentration, death.

When the child drank hydrogen peroxide from a home kit by negligence of the parents, the child needs to tell you that this tool is intended only for external use and is used only to hissed wounds and scratches when it falls.

If the kid has consumed concentrated hydrogen peroxide, that he needs to provide first aid in the form of washing of stomach and call a physician immediately. The consequences of falling of a concentrated oxidizer into the body can be very difficult and painful. It often leads to disability.

First aid to the child in the use of peroxide

Parents when introducing their children with drugs tell them, or children can not drink hydrogen peroxide. If happened so that the child swallowed caustic concentrated medicine he needs urgently to wash out the stomach and to call an ambulance.

In terms of hospital health care workers wash out a stomach through probe to the large size. At home we have to save the kids without this device, with the help of copious drinking. The child should be asked, and sometimes forced to drink a lot of plain drinking water. Moreover, drinking water should be at room temperature.

Dosage drink is calculated according to the age of the baby. The number of liters of water you drink should match the number of full years, but not more than eight liters.

After taking copious drinking necessary to cause vomiting. After the child vomits, give him to drink activated charcoal or any other adsorbent that is in the home medicine Cabinet. The dosage of coal is calculated from the condition one black pill to. The main thing is not to overdo it, not to get an overdose and poisoning the baby activated charcoal. Charcoal helps to eliminate the huge amount of harmful substances from the body, including will help bring and residual hydrogen peroxide.

It is important to remember that gastric lavage can be performed by the child only when he is conscious and he is more than 3 years, or to wash out the stomach at home is prohibited.

The main feature of activated carbon is an excellent adsorption of toxins from the digestive system, followed by a soft output of harmful substances in a natural way from the body.

To increase the efficiency of the activated carbon and to facilitate swallowing pills child, can tablets of coal crushed into powder, diluted in a small volume of drinking water and then to give the baby. The absorbent solution should be given several techniques. In small doses, but very often.

After providing child first aid, it must show the doctor. When the doctor shows the packaging of the drug and report the volume of medicine that was inside.

Reception of hydrogen peroxide inside

If a person decides to drink the diluted hydrogen peroxide for medicinal purposes, it has to be done only after consultation with your doctor. Before use of this medicine inside you need to clearly calculate the therapeutic dose of the active substance. Otherwise, you can get a lot of trouble for health.

Can be taken internally as ready solutions peroxide, which are implemented through the network of pharmacies, and the prepared solutions at home. Moreover, it is necessary to accurately compare the concentration of a substance on the sticker on the banks with concentration, which is recommended for the treatment of a doctor.

For the preparation of solutions at home needed clean drinking room temperature water and a glass bowl. The amount of the drug is measured in drops, and the concentration of the solution should be 1/10. In order to accurately measure the desired amount of peroxide using the dropper.

It must be remembered that the peroxide for internal use for therapeutic purposes cannot be mixed with any other substances other than drinking water.

In case of non-observance of such rules of a person who accepts the hydrogen peroxide inside, can be thermal and chemical burns of internal organs. This usually happens due to carelessness or haste.

Medical professionals specializing in the treatment of hydrogen peroxide claim that this drug has no contraindications except hypersensitivity to a specific person. But this does not mean that you start taking the peroxide can be for the advice of a neighbor. Self to anything good will not.

Also, experts suggest that on the basis of scientific research and clinical practice, treatment with peroxide can be used in the majority of known pathologies. The rationale is the fact that the peroxide takes part in the regulation of almost all the metabolic processes – starting from the respiratory and endingimmune and even hormonal.