Suprastin: overdose in adults and children

Suprastin refers to an antihistamine drug. This tool is in almost every home medicine Cabinet and is very popular among the population. It is used in cutaneous eruptions, seasonal rhinitis and watery eyes. The drug is rapidly blocks the histamine receptors, eliminates the unpleasant symptoms and has a sedative effect. When properly calculated dosage overdose is possible suprastin, which is manifested in some changes in health status.

Indications for use of the drug

The drug is prescribed for several diseases of allergic nature, namely:

  • seasonal conjunctivitis and rhinitis;
  • drug Allergy manifested by hives;
  • the bites of various insects;
  • persistent dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • the angioedema.

Suprastin is appointed and in some viral diseases in the complex treatment. So, it is indicated for the treatment of antibacterial drugs to reduce the risk of allergies to medications in this drug group.

The active ingredient in the suprastin is hloropiramin. This substance is very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, the effect of the medication is seen after 30 minutes. Due to this property overdose is very dangerous, full therapeutic effect is achieved in an hour and the effect lasts up to 6 hours.

Therapeutic dosage

Adults therapeutic dose suprastin selected by the treating doctor, it is usually 1 tablet 2-3 times a day.

Small children if necessary, prescribe a drug dosage based on their weight and age. This medication is often prescribed to kids in the period of vaccinationto minimize the risk of complications.

If the child is allergic to insect bites, in such cases it is better to use the medicine by injection for a rapid effect.

If suprastin is given to younger children, then it must be pre-crushed to a powder and add a little water.


Have suprastin there are a number of contraindications, which necessarily take into account when assigning:

  • individual intolerance to the components included in the product;
  • asthma in the acute stage;
  • children up to age 1 month and deeply premature infants;
  • pregnant women at all time;
  • the breast-feeding period;
  • violation of the liver and kidneys.

The doctor may prescribe suprastin patients who are contraindicated for the drug, but only if the expected benefit is higher than potential harm. In such cases, the dose is calculated carefully.

In the treatment suprastin strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages!

Side effects when taking suprastin

While this drug may be some side effects:

  1. Increased sleepiness.
  2. Persistent dizziness.
  3. Hypotension.
  4. An arrhythmia.
  5. General weakness in muscles and joints.

Side effects is the exception rather than the rule. But if there are unpleasant symptoms, the reception of Suprastinum stop and the doctor adjusts the treatment.

Causes of overdose

Causes of overdose most often associated with inattention. Toxicity may also be the case if the pills are stored in a freely available and children can take them without asking. The second reason is incorrectly calculated dosage when prescribing medication, is not taken into account the weight of the patient. Special care when calculating the correct dosage should be in the treatment of children.

In addition, overdose can occur and in that case, if the person self-medicates in an attempt to get rid of allergies is drinking a higher dose.

Don't forget that suprastin can use people with a fragile psyche to attempt suicide. If there are mentally unstable people all medicines from them are hidden.

You need to consider that suprastin injections almost instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore a doctor recommended dose should not be exceeded!

Overdose suprastin

If the drug was taken in excess amounts, most often multiplied side effects. So how much you need to drink suprastin, to get overdose? The adult overdose occurs when taking more than 1 gram of active substance, in children maximum dose an order of magnitude smaller.

Symptoms of poisoning the child

Overdose suprastin the child manifests these symptoms:

  • nervousness and irrational fear;
  • uncontrolled movements of the hands;
  • rasshirennoi pupils;
  • temperature rise;
  • redness of the face and neck;
  • hallucinations.

If a strong poisoning may be convulsions, loss of consciousness and later a coma.

Poisoning symptoms adult

In adults symptoms of overdose are slightly different and look like this:

  • the person becomes lethargic or, conversely, overly excited;
  • skin first very pale and then become red;
  • appearsnausea and vomiting;
  • fever, cramps;
  • the patient is not oriented in space, can be hallucinations.

There is a sharp drop in blood pressure, a person becomes drowsy and apathetic. With a strong overdose, the patient loses consciousness and falls into a coma.

At the first symptoms of overdose suprastin call an ambulance! You need to remember that the drug is very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Emergency treatment of overdose

At the slightest sign of an overdose of her victim begin to provide emergency assistance to:

  1. The stomach is washed by a large volume of water. You can use pure water and water with additive potassium permanganate or salt.
  2. Victim make a cleansing enema. The procedure can be performed multiple times until the waste water will not be clean.
  3. Give laxatives.
  4. Give the adsorbents which neutralize excessive number of suprastin.

Offer the patient plenty to drink, it promotes rapid removal of toxins from the body.

Often, parents, seeing the child about the packaging with the drug, begins to panic. Need to pull myself together so as not to frighten the child, and to provide baby first aid.

Even if the victim became better after first aid, in any case, you need to see a doctor and, if necessary, be treated in a hospital!

Treatment Protocol

If the victim is in a bad condition and was hospitalized in the hospital, he again washed stomach, and then prescribe hemodialysis for the complete purification of blood. If there are cramps, that shows the assignment of drugs that prevent these attacks - tisercinum, diphenhydramine, sodium thiopental. Next, prescribed symptomatic treatment, aimed at normalizing the work of damaged organs.

If the case is intoxication a very advanced and severe, can be fatal.

Effects of overdose of suprastin

If timely medical assistance implications, most likely, will not be any. But if between the overdose and the start of treatment, much time has passed, then there are various diseases listed below:

  • Disrupted nervous system, possible persistent neuroses and depression.
  • There is a failure of the liver and kidneys.
  • Malfunctions occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

To normalize all of these States required more than one month complex treatment that must be monitored by a physician.

To avoid overdose antihistamine drug, store the medication out of the reach of small children and sick persons. And in the appointment of a doctor is required to focus on the patient's weight.

Allergy is a very unpleasant disease, but in trying to quickly recover from it should not be abused drugs. Treatment suprastin can begin only with a doctor's permission, especially when it comes to young children.