The codomain overdose: symptoms and treatment

Poisoning codomain is rare, but nevertheless sometimes found in practice of doctors. Most often the fault of the poisoning becomes an uncontrolled drug. Some people believe that if a drug is implemented in the pharmacy without a prescription, and your doctor contact is not necessary. In fact, the codomain overdose can lead to serious health consequences, so it should only assign a doctor.

Indications for use

Doctors prescribe codomain in a number of diseases, which are accompanied by lack of iodine in the body:

  1. Disease, triggered by acute iodine deficiency – non-toxic diffuse goiter and thyroiditis.
  2. When iodine deficiency in children of different ages, especially teenagers and women in lactation.
  3. In the recovery period after drug treatment of goiter. During this period codomain is used as a prophylactic agent to prevent recurrence.

In addition, the drug is shown in those areas where soil and water don't contain this chemical element or contain in small amounts. In this area iodine-containing medications all people had to take long courses.

Features reception codomain

Excess intake of iodine can cause unpleasant health effects. Therefore, it is important to follow exactly the dosage that was prescribed by a doctor. For the purposes of preventive drug spend on drink courses, each of which can last from several months to several years. It is important to maintain regularity when taking the drug.

In rare cases, prophylactic administration can last for a lifetime. Most often this is due to the terrain on which people live.

Pregnant women and young children should take the medicine courses that total no more than 2-4 weeks. Therapeutic dosage is specified in the annotation for each group of patients separately. Codomain take only after meals and always drink plenty of water, plain or mineral without gas.


Codomain is not recommended to take in a number of diseases. The purpose of the treatment of the drug is justified only if the expected benefits outweigh the potential harm. Contraindications are:

  • hyperthyroidism;
  • tumors of the thyroid gland;
  • individual intolerance to the components included in the medicine.

Before prescribing the drug a doctor has to study historyto avoid nuances.

Features reception yodomarin children

Pediatricians often prescribe yodomarin children in the prevention of various diseases of the thyroid gland. Parents must strictly adhere to the dosage prescribed by your doctor, as children with low weight an excessive amount of iodine will quickly lead to overdose.

The usual therapeutic dose for children under 12 years should not exceed 100 mcg per day for adolescents over 12 years: 200 mg per day. But the exact dosage calculated by the pediatrician, be sure to view the weight a little patient.

Parents should carefully monitor young children and at the slightest hint of overdose, call a doctor!

Why assign codomain pregnant

Codomain is often prescribed to women during pregnancy, as iodine plays an important role in the proper formation of the fetus. This medicinal drug contributes to the formation of thyroid hormones, which are responsible for the mental development of the unborn child. If the body is pregnant there is a lack of iodine, it threatens mental retardation her future baby. The most dangerous disease that causes iodine deficiency is cretinism. In the early stages the lack of a chemical can cause abortion.

The dosage must identify the attending physician, but if he set up a codomain, and the dose is not specified, take the drug standard, as prescribed in the instructions for use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need iodine for the above, should be taken 200 mg per day. The product is manufactured in a different dosage, so if you have purchased medication with weight of active substance 100 mcg, pregnant woman should take 2 tablets per day. To minimize harmful effects on the gastric mucosa, the medication will only accept after meal with sufficient quantity of water.

Overdose symptoms codomain

Symptoms of overdose codomain is similar to other types of poisoning. Symptoms that the dosage of the drug should be reduced or the drug to stop taking, are these changes in well-being:

  • retching and subsequent uncontrollable vomiting;
  • paroxysmal pain in the intestines;
  • flatulence that is accompanied by diarrhea;
  • severe dehydration of the body;
  • constant metallic taste in the mouth.

If during the day people consume a lot of starchy food, then vomit and stool, it will have a characteristic bluish color, that's for sure indicate overdoseiodine.

In very severe cases there may be stenosis of the esophagus, which often leads to death. But it can only be in the case of consumption of large amounts of active substance.

If the drug is taken long-term in high doses, there is an accumulation of iodine in the body, which is fraught with complications. When the overdose is possible exacerbation of chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, rhinitis, gastritis, pancreatitis. Overdose of iodine during pregnancy leads to skin rashes, oedema, nervous excitement and fever.

When a pregnant woman accidentally, one time, exceed the dose codomain, the consequences likely will be no. If a large overdose or a chronic, disease of the thyroid gland as a pregnant woman and the unborn child.

Emergency care for poisoning

The victim before arrival of doctors provide emergency care, where the algorithm is described next:

  • Thoroughly the stomach is washed 5% sodium thiosulfate. If such a drug is not, then it is possible to use solutions in water starch or egg white. Lavage performed as long as the vomit will not be present bluish stains of iodine.
  • When the retching will not arise, the person starts to unsolder to restore fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. For this you can use the solution regidrona, a weak solution of honey or a little salted water. Fluid should be given in small portions and often – this will prevent vomiting.

If a strong poisoning continue to treat the victim in the hospital under the supervision of medical personnel.

The consequences of overdose

If the overdose was a one-time phenomenon and help were on time, no serious consequences can not be expected. A person may be short-term nausea and vomiting that takes place during the day after the abolition of the codomain.

In chronic overdose, when the dose is greatly exceeded, possible thyroid disease. These conditions require long complex treatment and mandatory cancellation of the iodine-containing drug.

How to prevent overdose

To prevent overdose Codomain is a snap. Just enough not to exceed the dosage, which is listed by the attending physician, and to hide the drug away from young children. While taking iodine-containing drug, it is not advisable to eat seaweed, which contains iodine and can significantly adjust the daily dose.

The intake of iodine-containing drugs pregnant women should be mandatory agreed with the obstetrician-gynecologist who is pregnant.

Codomain helps to prevent iodine deficiency in the human body. Iodine allows properly working thyroid gland, which is an essential element for the good functioning of all important organs and systems.