Overdose eutirox: side effects, consequences

Eutirox is a medical drug that is appointed by the endocrinologist in certain diseases of the thyroid gland. Its overdose is very dangerous to humans. Most often it develops failing to follow the doctor's recommendations, and conducting self-treatment. In this article, we discussed the poisoning eutirox, its causes, symptoms, and methods of first aid and treatment.

What is eutirox, in which cases it is assigned

Eutirox is an artificially created analogue of thyroxine, the main thyroid hormone. He is appointed in cases where your hormone for some reason does not produced or is produced in insufficient quantities.

Eutirox is assigned when:

  • hypothyroidism – disease in which the thyroid gland is unable to produce sufficient amounts of thyroxine;
  • ariodante – the removal of the thyroid gland. This operation is most often performed when cancer tumors;
  • diffuse toxic goiter during treatment, which was reached cessation of production of thyroid gland hormones.

Remember that the drug eutirox can be taken only after doctor's prescription. Yourself to accept it and to appoint a strictly prohibited! During the treatment eutirox should comply with all recommendations of the doctor.

Contraindications to treatment eutirox

In some pathological conditions, make eutirox prohibited, as it may worsen the patient's condition can lead to complications. Contraindications of taking eutiroks include:

  • diabetes mellitus 1 or type 2;
  • pituitary failure;
  • hypertension;
  • ischemic disease of the myocardium (stable or unstable angina pectoris, myocardial infarction in anamnesis);
  • atherosclerotic lesions of large vessels;
  • chronic autoimmune thyroiditis.

The main causes of poisoning eutirox

Overdose or poisoning eutirox occurs infrequently. If a person follows the doctor appointments, health problems caused by this drug, he should not be. The following are the causes of poisoning eutirox:

  • Taking the drug without a doctor's prescription. Without conducting laboratory tests, doctor, diagnosis to accept such strong medicine can not.
  • Self increase the dosage of the medication. If during treatment the patient eutirox starting to think that the drug action is insufficient, he should consult your endocrinologist for advice.
  • Individual intolerance of the drug. Side effects can occur, subject to the rules of dispensing. When taking eutirox side effects can occur in the first days of treatment. In this case, the doctor replaces this drug to others.
  • Accidental ingestion by a child of large doses of the drug. Eutirox should be stored out of reach of the child place. Small children like to taste and can confuse pills with candy.

Clinical manifestations of poisoning eutirox

The first signs of taking a large number of eutiroks can be noticeable within 30-60 minutes. The severity of clinical manifestations depends on the amount of alcohol consumed drugs. Poisoning clinically resembles eutirox hyperthyroidism – a disease in which is characterized by increased synthesis of thyroxine by the thyroid gland.

Overdose of this drug see the following symptoms:

  • tachycardia – rapid heartbeat. The pulse rate may exceed 120-130 beats/min;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety. Poisoned people can't sit still;
  • abundant and frequent diarrhea, which quickly leads to severe dehydration, electrolyte changes in the blood;
  • nausea and vomiting. In the vomit can see the remains of tablets, food, gastric juice and bile;
  • trembling of the hands;
  • abdominal pain in the stomach or in the intestine;
  • increased flatulence, intestinal colic;
  • severe headache.

Please note that in severe poisoning, caused by taking a very large number of eutiroks (for each such individual dosage), can cause cardiac arrest.

The effects of an eutirox

Long-term use of eutirox in elevated doses leads to severe hormonal disruptions in the body. The following are possible consequences of taking eutirox in large doses:

  • The menstrual function in women. Due to hormonal failure may develop premature menopause, a woman becomes infertile.
  • Chronic myalgia – pain in the skeletal muscles. Man begins to complain of fatigue, feeling of weakness in the hands and feet, decrease in physical performance. Also perhaps the development of seizures in individual muscle groups.
  • Chronic headaches resembling migraine attacks. The pain may encompass the entire head or localized in one half, spread on the skin. This pain is provoked by increased intracranial pressure.
  • Ischemicheart disease in the form of angina. During exercise, a person begins to feel a crushing pain behind the breastbone.

First aid if poisoning eutirox

In the case of acute poisoning eutirox should call an ambulance, transferring the Manager of the symptoms of a poisoned person and calling them your exact address.

Remember that to self-medicate poisoning eutirox prohibited. This drug in large doses can cause severe abnormalities in the cardiovascular system. Intoxicated people in need of medical care.

After calling the doctors should begin to make a poisoned person first aid. It consists of:

  1. Gastric lavage with plain water. To do this, gulp drink a liter of room temperature water and cause vomiting. The cleansing of the stomach will help in removing the last traces of the drug, which had not yet been absorbed into the bloodstream and act.
  2. A cleansing enema of plain water at room temperature. The enema should be repeated several times before the advent of clean wash water intestinal.
  3. Sorbents (e.g., POLYSORB, APSCO, smectite, activated charcoal, enterosgel, sorbex). Drugs in this group will help to inactivate the effects of the tablets and bring their remains from the intestine. Before receiving the sorbents you need to read the rules for dispensing and to check the expiration date of the medication.
  4. Copious drinking. You can drink regular water or mineral water. The liquid will accelerate the process of drug excretion, eliminate dehydration. It is best to drink little and often.

Medical treatment

First aid is the medical team that arrived on a call. Tell them about what happened, what are the approximate dose of consumed drug, list the support you've given before their arrival.

Doctors will check pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, saturation and provide first aid, which consists of IV fluids, drugs to regulate heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. Then the patient hospitalitynet division of toxicology, where he will undergo further treatment.

The treatment of the patient is conducted jointly with the endocrinologist. Patient details examined determine the condition of his thyroid gland, internal organs, doing ECG. If necessary, adjust the dose of eutirox and paint additional medication.

The duration of stay in hospital depends on the severity of the condition of the poisoned person. Usually 2-3 days, it is discharged by assigning outpatient continuation therapy.

Poisoning eutirox most often develops when self-treatment with this drug. Only the doctor can choose the right dose of eutirox, after conducting laboratory tests. First aid is before the arrival of the SMP. It consists of gastric lavage, cleansing enema, sorbents and drink. Treatment of poisoning is in toxicology. Its duration depends on the severity of the disease. When taking eutiroks, side effects can occur even with normal dosage. In such cases, the endocrinologist reviews the treatment, appoints other drugs.