Overdose ASD fraction 2: symptoms, treatment

ASD faction 2 is a drug that was developed to treat most pathologies in humans. He is now registered as a veterinary medicine. Many people use it at your own risk for treatment, lay great hopes on him. In this article we have considered overdose of ASD, its symptoms and treatment, and the indications and considerations about using this drugs.

The description of the drug

Preparation ASD was developed by the researcher Drogowym in the mid-twentieth century. Then he was positioned as a panacea for all diseases. You can find a lot of interesting facts about this medicine, it is covered with legends, rumors and gossip.

Nowadays it can be found on the shelves of most veterinary pharmacies. It comes in the form of a solution, considered a local antiseptic. The medicine is made from recycled bone meal animals and is completely natural.

Please note that all data on the drug, presented in this article is not taken from official medical sources, as ASD is not registered as a medicinal medicine. Taking him inside, you take full responsibility for the consequences of its use on themselves.

It is believed that the drug has a pronounced immunostimulating ability, able to defeat most human diseases, ranging from diabetes, ending malignancies. Folk healers recommend it for blood pressure, weight loss, infertility and endocrine abnormalities.

At the same time, this medicine has absolutely no evidence, it has not passed any studies, its benefit or harm is not proven by scientists today.

All the information about this drug on the websites of traditional medicine or the forums. According to her, the ASD has no contraindications. To take this drug only in combination with alcoholic beverages.

Inside safe to take only ASD second fraction. Other varieties of this drug is only intended for local use in diseases of the skin.

Preparation ASD is well established in dermatology as a local antiseptic. It is used in veterinary medicine, as well as informally in dermatology for people in the treatment of dermatoses, dermatitis and other skin pathologies.

What could be in overdose

At the moment any information on overdose or poisoning with this drug. It is believed that it is well tolerated, with proper and moderate use not harmful to the body.

After its use inside the development of acute allergic reactions in the form of urticaria or angioneurotic angioedema. Also in the excessive taking this medicine may develop alkalosis. Below, we have considered these pathological state.

Acute allergic reaction

The rash appears red and itchy rash on body which may coalesce, forming large, itchy lesions.

Angioedema has a more severe course. The patient begins to swell the face, neck. The first increase in the size of the lips and eyelids. The neck and the face may appear rash, resembling hives. In this case the skin does not itch, and much bakes. You may receive a cough, the result of laryngeal edema. This condition is dangerous the possible development of asthma.

Remember that with the development of acute allergic reactions should immediately stop taking the drug and call an ambulance. Before their arrival you can enjoy an antihistamine, if it is in the home medicine Cabinet.

Man who had of allergic reaction after using ASD, strictly forbidden ever again to take this medicine. During subsequent use of an allergic reaction may develop more severe and lead to anaphylactic shock.


Alkalosis – a pathological condition in which there is an increase in blood pH, its alkalinity. Such a process leads to disruption of all metabolic reactions in the body and severe complications.

ASD has an alkaline pH. In the case of taking this drug in large quantity may develop alkalosis mild. This condition is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • dizziness;
  • weakness and fatigue;
  • a feeling of numbness of the face, feet and hands;
  • itching;
  • apathy;
  • nausea and vomiting.

To prevent this condition in the admission of ASD recommend that people drink plenty of fluids, at least 2-3 litres. The alkalinity of the blood can lead to an increase in its density and the formation of blood clots.

If the drug ASD you begin to notice the deterioration of health, seek immediate medical help.

The drug ASD – the cure, covered with legends and gossip. About it you can find a lot of good and positive reviews. At the same time there is no officially confirmed data about the use of this drug for the treatment of humans, and also about possible consequences and adverse reactions of this drug. Having made the decision to treatment of ASD, you are putting your life at risk, be responsible for the consequence will be only you. No onecan you guarantee the safety and the effectiveness of such treatment.